1. Chad says

    I like it, but it sounds like music that’s been done before. Haven’t we all been here before? Circa mid 90’s. Nice memories, big circuit parties, but nothing I’d like to relive again.

  2. Mike says

    Nothing new but definitely classic Madonna lyrics (or shld I say old/used M lyrics?) Like it but hate that she uses the word party over and over. It is an overused and generic word for a song.

    I think that it will get radio play. Remember that she signed a big deal w/ Clear Channel or is this still on the Warner label?

  3. Scott says

    I just thought of what it reminded me of.

    Recycled Madonna lyrics +
    that euro-dance remake of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” +
    a dash of “Blue Monday” chord progression.

  4. rock says

    I think its great! Its dance music what are you all expecting? A revelation? Remember her audience now is the younger set, not the people who grew up with her. If it motivates her audience then she has done her job. She is no fool she does what she is best at.
    I’ll buy it as soon as I have the chance.

  5. Bosie says

    OK! OLD CIRCUIT QUEENS…1st of all you can’t complain when your idea of a good tracvk is Whitney or Mariah…that means you have no good taste for real pop music….2nd GET OVER YOURSELF!

    THIS IS A FANTASTIC TRACK …and I’m sure the same people on here complaining will be dancing their ass off ….SHE IS THE QUEEN OF POP…MJ might be gone BUT SHE REMAINS ON TOP….ON TOP, I repeat!~ :) SMILE*

  6. ty says

    Attn: Bosie , you will be an OLD QUEEN in no time. And your generation is supposed to find fresh stuff to listen to, all we’re hearing is old samples from OUR heyday.
    GET TO WORK, YOUNG QUEEN, so far we are not impressed!!

  7. brian says

    uff-da. charmless and bruised. as fresh as a spread in HX. composed while waiting in line for another intercontinental child to complete the full accessory set.
    as far as OLD queens? honey, you are f#&$*$ listening to MADONNA and you’re calling ME old? put on the Britney/Katy/Kelli or whatever and don’t backtalk your momma.

  8. Chris in Kansas says

    It’s not bad. But when I heard the new songs were going to be more pop, I was excited. But this is just a dance song. An average dance song, really. Sad that no one writes good pop songs anymore. Not even Madonna.

  9. paul c says

    Remember when Madonna used to be sort of cutting edge and would find new producers with fresh sounds? She’s shockingly out of touch over the last several years.

    And they can deny that those are her real arms, but I’m not buying what they’re selling. Filling the emptiness in her soul through overtraining is just making her grossly haggard. Sister needs to eat a hoagie. Fill in those wrinkles with salami and bologna.

  10. sebastien says

    Awful!…utter rubbish!!!…Having so many millions, so many opportunities and come up with something like that!!!I always loathed Oakenfold and , though I’m into house music, always loathed cheap dance . That’s what it is ….the cheapest dance track I ‘ve ever heard. And how dare she lighting up a cigarettes and play the “libertine” when she doesn’t even let her own kids watching TV or eat what they want. What an hypocritical cow!!!

    OOOOh , I can’t stand her anymore!

  11. Matt says

    ehh video was down, but I heard it on Radio1 last weekend and it wasn’t bad. Wasn’t Confessions on a Dancefloor or anything, but hey =] Would like to see her pair up with Mark Ronson or A-trak or do some kind of disco queen revival.

    Also, this is pop music. If you try to make it something it isn’t and set the bar high, you will be disappointed. I don’t think most americans would know good music if it sat on their face and queefed. case in point- why is Taylor Swift popular.

  12. says

    It’s Funny as always Gagdonna appears ugly and fugly out and about, her publicist insists and denies that her arms are grosse like that and the pic is altered….Yeah Right!
    And lets celebrate the end of her career, the end of a false untalented whore whose only talent is copy everybody’s stuff claiming she is the queen of re-invention.

  13. Marko says

    If she’s doing what makes her happy then that’s fine by me. I won’t be buying it – there’s a ton of current and past dance music that’s miles better than this. Far as I’m concerned, Madonna’s best music is long behind her. As for the candid party shots from Brazil – b*tch please – like Miss M would ever unclench her ass long enough to smoke a cigarette and stay up late.

  14. ken says

    “Remember her audience now is the younger set, not the people who grew up with her”

    The young people laugh at her. They despise her. Anyone under 30 will tell you that.

    You want to hear new? Listen to Kap Bambino and then listen to “celebration” OK get it?

    Madonna is a travelling museum, it’s always fun to see, but the classics on the wall are still classics.

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