Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes to Make Debut in ‘Celebration’ Video


Lourdes Leon will make her on-screen debut in the video for Madonna's new track "Celebration" according to Madonnatribe:

"The remixes for the first single off the package, Celebration, are signed by Benny Benassi, Chris Lake, Felguk, Johnny Vicious and of course the producer of the original track Paul Oakenfold. As for the special guest of the video we mentioned a few days ago, we can now report it's the lovely Lourdes Leon herself…
We have also been told that Warner and Madonna's camp are very happy with the positive buzz surrounding Celebration and planning the release of the second single off the GH. Revolver, the second new song contained in the new compilation, will be released as the second single sometime in September 2009." (via boy culture)

Meanwhile, folks seem to be up in arms about this recent photo of Madonna, which reveals the sinewy state her constant workouts have left her appendages in.


Emily Nussbaum writes (in an article about her various phases and personas) of Madonna in New York magazine:

"Maybe it’s because I’m getting older along with her, but
watching Madonna strut past 50—hips grinding in high heels, posing legs
spread—brings out anxious, contradictory emotions. It’s become taboo to
criticize stars for plastic surgery—both because it is their choice and
because they have no choice—but each time I glimpse that grinning mask,
I wonder why it’s impossible for Madonna, with all her power, her will
to shock, to ever stop 'giving good face'? I try to persuade myself to
admire her most New York qualities (ambition, workaholism); I tell
myself she’s a dancer, and this is what dancers do. But I feel
exhausted just witnessing the effort it must take to maintain this
vision of eternal youth. This didactically selfless Madonna is less
inspiring than the selfish one in so many ways."

And, "If she’s hardened in the process, maybe that’s because she was the
first to step up and take it; she was a shield. Now she’s catalyzing a
new set of insults, that cougar-MILF catcall, with its attendant
put-downs—she’s 'desperate,' 'pathetic,' 'trying too hard.' And maybe
she is. Sometimes I think she is. But while other female icons fade,
fold, or fossilize into camp, for better or worse, Madonna seems
determined to do something unsettling and new: spin to the center of
the dance floor, till the end."


  1. AsherStClaire says

    It’s so nice to see that the incredible hulk finally coming to terms and undergoing the gender reassignment surgery. I wonder what her new name will be…wait, what? Really?…damn girl, isn’t that a bit much?

  2. RB says

    I love Madonna as much as anyone but she really needs to eat something. God she looks awful! However, she finally separated Lourdes’ eyebrows so thats a plus right?

  3. Jeff says

    Nussbaum is amazing. She found a way to address the actual disturbing nature of Madonna’s appearance without just sounding like a hater. She makes a good point too. WHY is Madonna trying so hard? She could sit in a wheelchair for the next 40 years (ala Elizabeth Taylor) and she wouldn’t lose a fan.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    50 is not the end of life by any means, but really Miss. Madonna, one must move through time with grace and style. You’re not. Looking like you are underfed, unhealthy, and ill is just as bad as looking overfed, unhealthy obese, and ill.

  5. Emily Justified My Love says

    I encourage everyone to read Emily Nussbaum’s piece at It’s so well-written and explores the conflicting love/hate that Madonna inspires among us all, especially for fans who totally grooved on the in-your-face bad-girl boy-toy ’80s Madonna (where’s that girl today???).

    Another interesting topic in the article is comparing Madonna and Michael Jackson, saying Madonna never played the victim, was always in charge and represented Woman. Michael was forever the victim and never a Man (or even Woman for that matter). A must read.

    Plus: there’s a fun collection of 75 madonna magazine covers. You can feel yourself age 30 years as you click through them.

  6. says

    I loved the Nussbaum piece. It captured everything I feel about Madonna–and all the frustration I feel when I hear people bash her (which I have noticed it on the upswing lately).

  7. Dback says

    Madonna will still be argued about 100 years from now. That’s an artist with impact. Bless her, in all her Leo glory. (Those of you who’ve grown up with a Leo woman in the house know what I mean.)

  8. Denis says

    Madonna hasn’t been photoshopped, but she doesn’t look like that in real life either. A photo of her looking bad is worth far more than one where she looks great.

    As for the prop 8 stuff… Yes, it’s a major oversight on her part, and it’s hard to excuse. However, I think she’s been a little divorced from reality recently. Her failed marriage, her constant touring, her obsession with Kabbalah, her increasingly controversial adoptions, the plastic surgery – Her increasing disconnect from the real world was probably inevitable. Let’s hope she moves back to New York and figures it out what’s really important to her…

  9. says

    Re: Prop 8 – Madonna out grew her gays. Every hagfag does. Now, when will the Gays outgrow madonna?

    These arms are not as scary as the American Life promo pics. She isn’t so much ‘over-rated’ as she is just – over.

  10. Felix says

    I will always love how Madonna can bring out the best and the worst in almost every gay man.

    About Prop 8: will you ever get over it? Stop blaming Madonna fo losing that battle in CA. If any, take responsibility for the terrible visibility we are having these days. (browse Manhunt profiles if you need some examples)

  11. Madonna & Prop 8??? says

    What is up with the continuing threads bashing Madonna because she didn’t do something about Prop 8? She doesn’t even live in Calif. And HELLO–hundreds of thousands of GAY people who do live there did NOTHING, not even vote! Let alone the millions of LGBT Americans who continue to do nothing for gay causes.

    Listing Prop 8 support as a litmus test for a celebrity is insane.

    And one more rant: Gay men don’t own Madonna. They never constituted 99 percent of her fan base. If they did, she wouldn’t be the mega-icon she is today. How self-centered and egotistical on our part. Go to one of her concerts and you will find tons of gay people but not even a close majority of the crowd.

    I never understood these self-important queens who think the whole world revolves around gays.

    And PS: Madonna did tons of gay stuff in the 80s and early 90s, before having a bff (best friend fag) was trendy.

  12. Paul R says

    I have trouble believing those are her arms (or the arms of any human being), but if they are then the woman has a terrible health disorder. I’m not being catty; just honest.

  13. FunMe says

    I agree: stop bashing Madonna for not doing anything for Prop 8. I knew long time ago that she was a “soft” supporter when the only one time she did something for the gays was when she did a surprise performance at an AIDS DanceAThon. She likes the gays … likes us to buy her records, that’s all. I doubt she has contributed much to our causes, but that’s OK. I’m way over her thinking she is a gay icon that does for us.

    What is sad is how you would have thought that after having Lourdes and getting married and getting “spiritual” (or so I thought with that Kabalah pom pom) that we would see a softer, nicer, and happier Madonna.

    Nope, that’s not what we are witnessing.

    Instead, we see a pathetic individual who continues to be the same person she always was: childish, selfish, insulting to others like her ex husband, etc.

    Really, she lost me as a fan in the mid 90s.

    I will stick to any of her music before that, that’s it.

  14. Paul R says

    That’s not what 50 looks like, that’s not working out, and calling it out isn’t misogyny. I have female friends in their 60s who work out every day (strength training) and could kick most men’s asses, and their arms looks nothing like that.

    Clue: the skin tone of her arms bears no resemblance to the rest of her body, and the variation can’t be accounted for by the lighting.

    For that matter, I doubt that she would go out in public with her left eyebrow looking so unmatched to the right. Michael Jackson died at 50, and now someone is trying to make money off making Madge looking unhealthy (“Pop stars of the 80s are all at death’s door!”). If her arms really looked like that, she’d be wearing longer sleeves.

  15. TylerAnthony says

    I don’t know why Gay (MEN) think they made Madonna, black radio was rocking Madonna early on in her career, and pop life in general made Madonna big, Madonna still has gay friends, and she has a life, too many comments here sound like people who are engrossed in their gayness that they don’t see themselves has people, but gay people
    Prop 8 Prop 8 but I wonder how many of you will get married how many of you actually put your best foot forward in support of it

  16. CKNJ says

    Come on guys, get real! Do you REALLY think those are her arms? It’s just some mean-spirited MF who does not like her that decided to make up an extremely unflattering composed pic of her to make her look bad and spread toxic gossip.

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