1. CJ says

    The fact that any one will still defends Sam Adams is bewildering. Putting aside his “relationship”, he’s just another lying politician. Adams has taken a lot down with him and quite frankly needs to mature and own up to what is truth.

  2. Mark in Portland says

    How does a spokesperson’s reputation get ruined by something like this? Ridiculous, and obviously someone who is trying to capitalize on the situation for personal benefit, because 90% of the time, a city would setttle this rather than take it to court.

    A spokesperson can only work with what they are given, and if Adama was lying to him, what other choice does he have? Does anyone think Scott McClellan was an incompetent spokesperson after the Bush Administration? If they do, it would be because he couldn’t think on his feet, or didn’t express himself clearly, not because he ws lied to by the president.

  3. Bill says

    More black drama. Roll eyes.

    Sorry, if Governor Sanford can stay in office so can Sam. What Sam did had nothing to do with his job as mayor because it happened before he was even elected.

  4. CJ says

    Explain what you mean by “black drama” Bill. I’m curious.

    Mark, apples and oranges. Adams’ Lies during his campaign directly tarnish the professional reputation of this man. Others will think twice as this will forever be on his résumé.

  5. says

    I would think filing a lawsuit against your former employer would raise a far bigger red flag for any potential future employers than someone’s off-handed remark that your resignation had anything to do with stress. Wade Nkrumah has just made himself virtually unemployable.

  6. SFshawn says

    So he worked for 2 months in the Mayors office and wants $600,000 because his reputation was “ruined” because he was lied to twice. Jeez people have a lot of time on their hands.

  7. Derrick from Philly says


    just when I’m about to give on race relations in this country….I mean, on this blog. Then you make me laugh.

    I wish we could handcuff the poster BILL to a seat in a movie theater showing Tyler Perry movies non-stop.

    By the time we un-cuff him and haul him off to the state asylum he’ll be jerking off to videos of “Blatino Homo Thugs, Part VI”

  8. exo says

    “So he worked for 2 months in the Mayors office and wants $600,000 because his reputation was ‘ruined’ because he was lied to twice. Jeez people have a lot of time on their hands.”

    He’s claiming that his reputation was tarnished because Adams portrayed him as being unable to handle the stress of the job, not because Adams lied to. Whether you believe him or not, those are to very different things. I don’t have an opinion about whether this particular situation warrants a lawsuit, but I do see the logic in a political spokesperson not wanting to be seen as unable to deal with stress of his job, and I can see how being seen as such could be damaging to his professional reputation.

  9. alex in boston says

    “”He began working for Adams on Nov. 2, 2008, and he resigned on Jan. 26 of this year ” if this is in fact true, i doubt he has a case! The fact is HE RESIGNED he did not get fired he was not laid off – HE CHOSE TO RESIGN!!Case closed! Now if Sam fired him because he felt the spokesperson was over their head in handling this case then that might be another issue – choosing to leave because you feel your boss (sam adams) is lying is absolutely no basis for suing the city!!! I’d love to know who is advising this spokesperson on this issue!

  10. Bill says

    What I meant by black drama is a black person causing drama. The spokesperson resigned on his own accord. Now he is suing the city because the mayor lied to him. Drama much? If that’s the standard then every political spokesperson has a lawsuit.

  11. says

    Yeah, I was wanting to defend him and give him the benefit of the doubt, but Adams has really made himself and anyone associated with him look really bad. He needs to be fired.

  12. Paul R says

    Wow, Bill, thanks for explaining yourself. Because white people never cause drama.

    It’s true, though. He resigned. He might get some money for what Adams said about him, especially if he can prove they had an agreement, but it won’t be $600K. And I don’t think that a comment from Adams is going to ruin anyone’s career, since he’s a proven liar.

  13. Chitown Kev says

    “Black drama?” That’s racist, Bill, but kinda funny…especially since it was Sam Adams being a drama queen that started all this shit.

    Anywho, I think that this lawsuit is kinda bogus especially after seeing all of the presidential press secretary drama for…oh, the past 12 or so years. Compared to Mike McCurry’s antics, this was nothing. Unless Adams is actively doing something to prevent Nkrumah from getting another job, Nkrumah needs to let it go.

  14. Bud says

    Did you people read the article?! He’s suing because Adams lied about the reason he left. Not because Adams lied to him about doing a teenager. They had a verbal agreement to respond to reporters with a “no comment” answer. Adams screwed that up too to protect his own sorry ass. Stupid bitch needs to go.

  15. Shing Shing says

    And Kevin, How would you know that Adams would’nt do that? It’s politics HUN. He is just setting himself up an insurance policy and I have no problem with that.

    Unless it’s bogus and truly bogus I would say to him stop it. Until then go for yours Nkrumah.

    And Bill THAKS for the correction! LUV BOO!

  16. Chitown Kev says

    Actually, I don’t know that, Shing, and I wouldn’t put it past Adams, to be perfectly honest. My question has more to do with whether the lie made Nkkrumah unemployable. If that is the case then I could understand it.

    And I ain’t your Hun

    And Bill, thanks for the correction although (and I might get slapped upside the head for saying this) I still find the phrase “black drama” funny as hell. I mean, compared to the former mayor of Detroit or Marion Barry, this is nothing. Now THAT would be some “black drama.”

    Then again, it’s hard to top Mark Sanford and Sarah Palin in the drama categoreies so…

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