ROCKSTAR Disavows Michael Savage, Asserts LGBT Support

SafariScreenSnapz001 After netroots and community action, ROCKSTAR Energy Drink (the company accused of an affiliation with hatemonger Michael Savage, the father of ROCKSTAR's founder) is addressing LGBT concerns by releasing a statement affirming its support for gay rights, is expanding its LGBT-friendly policies and will donate $100,000 to various LGBT organizations.

ROCKSTAR's CEO Russell Weiner says, "It has recently come to ROCKSTAR's attention that there might be a misconception about our company's policy and my personal support for LGBT rights. We apologize for that misunderstanding, and want to make clear today that our company fully supports our LGBT employees and our LGBT customers." first posted concerns about ROCKSTAR in April, and has been instrumental in making this come about, with assistance from The Bilerico Project, The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, The Trevor Project and PageOneQ.

I'll drink to that.


  1. Gregus says

    Very nice, but still stinks to me.Reading the press release…CEO Russell Weiner is Michael Savage’s son. Janet Weiner (CFO)is Michael Savage’s wife. Russell Weiner ran as a republican in 1998, and apparently founded the Paul Revere Society with his father.

    Seems like a token gesture to salvage falling sales and bad PR.

    Good on the people that made this happen, but I’d still not come within a mile of this brand. Aside from the fact that it’s unhealthy crap, their business still clearly is linked to this hate-monger.

  2. Jim in MN says

    Does this mean that Michael Savage will not benefit financially from the success of Rockstar or that he has suddenly changed his views on the LGBT community?

    Nope. Didn’t think so. I have no intention of supporting anyone that does that damage that Michael Savage does. WORDS and a token $100,000 do not change the fact that he seriously disparages and damages our community on a daily basis.

  3. peterparker says


    You appear to be endorsing Rockstar by ending this post with the sentence “I’ll drink to that.” I wish you had done a little more research on Rockstar and the CEO of the company, Russell Weiner.

    At a 2004 concert event sponsored by Rockstar, Russell Weiner reportedly warmed up the crowd by asking “Who is heterosexual and proud? If you aren’t now, hopefully you will be soon.”

    Russell Weiner, along with his hatemonger father “Michael Savage”, co-founded a non-profit organization called The Paul Revere Society. The goals of the organization are 1) deportation of all illegal immigrants and closing of the borders, 2) eliminating bilingual education, 3) ending affirmative action and 4) support for ‘traditional’ marriage.

    Weiner’s father, Michael Savage, makes millions and millions of dollars off of saying that gay men are all sodomites who deserve to get AIDS and by making on air statements like “…children’s minds are being raped by the homosexual mafia…”. It is widely believed that Michael Savage owns some portion of Rockstar, so buying the drink puts money in his pocket. Michael Savage’s wife holds a key position within the organization.

    I don’t care if they do donate a token $100,000 or even $1,000,000 to LGBT organizations. I will *never* drink Rockstar.

    I’ve really enjoyed your presence here on towleroad this week, Matthew. I’m afraid this post giving support to Rockstar sours all your other posts this week.


  4. says

    Peter Parker: Sorry you feel this way. I am aware that Mr. Big Weiner is Mr. Little Weiner’s father, but I believe that this connection is one that is obvious from the link I provided. But I do drink to the LGBT organizations who brokered this deal, which I think is different from saying I will be buying and guzzling ROCKSTAR every chance I get. (Truth be told, I am on nothing but Caffeine Free Diet Coke. The company that was so unhelpful with apartheid back in the day.)

  5. alex in boston says

    I am all for continuing and if possible expanding this boycott by getting the word out to the community through all the various blogs and websites! I would not touch this product solely because of the affiliation with the savage family PERIOD!!!!!

  6. peterparker says


    I fail to see how a hollow statement such as “…our company fully supports our LGBT employees and our LGBT customers” along with a token $100,000 donation to a few LGBT organizations makes up for the CEO and co-founder’s involvement with The Paul Revere Society, the insulting things he has reportedly said about us, or the *horrible* things said on-air about our community by radio ‘personality’ Michael Savage, the husband of Rockstar’s CFO, Janet Weiner and father of Rockstar’s founder Russell Weiner.

    Now, if Rockstar issued a statement announcing that they were extending health care benefits to partners of all LGBT employees, incorporating sexual orientation into a non-discrimination policy for their employees and introducing a mandatory diversity training program that included sensitivity to GLBT issues AND publicly repudiated the statements made about the GLBT community by the aforementioned Michael Savage, husband of the Rockstar CFO and father of the Rockstar CEO, *then* I would agree that the pressure from our community had resulted in some degree of success. As it stands now, it just seems like empty words and a token monetary incentive to continue to spend our money with these hatemongers.

    Sorry, Rockstar…I’m just really not that thirsty.

  7. ZnSD says

    I still cringe when I realize that I put money in Michael Weiner’s pocket when I used to drink that dreck. Regardless of what they do or say, I will never purchase their product again since it make the ‘Savages’ richer and that is something to which I will not contribute. He needs to be muzzled and medicated.

  8. jm1977 says

    Actually, inside the release it says that the company is establishing (or reaffirming) a number of LGBT policies including domestic partnership benefits, anti-discrimination policies, and the like. The release also says that Russ Weiner and Janet Weiner both disavow the rhetoric that comes out of Michael Savage’s mouth.

    I can see why people are skeptical, but this does seem like (at least initially) a good first step. I agree that we should keep the pressure on, but we should also recognize progress when it happens.

  9. Huh says

    Junior should repudiate Senior’s statements very explicitly — statement by statement — and explain how and why they are egregiously offensive.

    Children of L. Ron Hubbard and Fred Phelps have very explicitly and repeatedly repudiated their parents, as they should have. Russ Weiner needs to do the same before I’d spend a penny on that beverage.

  10. paul c says

    I would never buy something called “Rockstar” no matter who was selling it. Isn’t this product aimed at the Brooke Hogan/Aaron Carter/Nebraska crystal meth user/13-year-old-emo-skateboarder market? I only fit two of those demos.

    I’ll stick with my sugar-free Redbull. Til it’s revealed that they got their startup funds from their Austrian Nazi grandparents.

    Russell Weiner’s a hot piece of ass, btw. I’d totally hit it.

  11. FunMe says

    I used to drink it.

    NO LONGER. I stopped last Fall (only drank for 3 months).

    $100k will not sway me to come back at all!
    This ain’t no cheap gay!

  12. Keith says

    I wouldn’t touch this stuff with a 10 foot pole. Galling that they think they can buy off a whole community with a measly $100k.

    The father and son duo founded a hate organization and our leaders are codling them for a little green. Shame on you and shame on the gay bars that serve this product.

  13. Aaron E. Baldwin says


    As both one of the individuals behind the Rockstar Boycott, and one who was served a C&D letter by Rockstar’s attorneys let me just say this is NOT the end, it is the beginning!!

    I have been left to wonder, did Rockstar actually consult an attorney before this HUGE admission of guilt on their part?

    1. Rockstar now claims that “Michael Savage, who is not and has never been a shareholder or officer of ROCKSTAR Energy Drink” as opposed to in my C&D letter which says “No affiliation and not the cofounder.”

    2. No mention of the commingled assets of Rockstar Energy & Savage Productions, which in my C&D they claim does not exist…but I have proof that at least jointly owned one piece of property together (Rockstar & Savage Productions)

    3. Mention nothing about the Facebook censorship, by removing Facebook members and our Boycott Group

    4. Nothing about the abusive of the US legal system, by threatening individuals with C&D letters and trying to strip me (and others) of our right to FREE SPEECH

    5. Nothing about their (CEO & CFO) prior affiliation in the founding of the ultra-conservative Paul Revere Society

    6. Nothing about Janet Weiner serving as the CFO of Rockstar Energy Drink, Savage Productions and Treasurer of the Paul Revere Society

  14. paul c says

    I’m really a meth-using 14 year old emo lover, but I lie to seem younger. 13 just sounds cooler, doesn’t it?

  15. Josh S says

    Hatemonger? Just because someone thinks homosexuality is wrong doesnt make them a hatemonger. The PC in this country is getting disgusting.

  16. asfsaf says

    we gays are sooooo easly manipulated. The Savage family gets richer if we drink the shit.

  17. mike shackleford says

    So Weiner makes a tax deductable contribution to a few gay organizations, writes it off as a business expence & all is well?
    If Towleroad has any conviction, it will post a banner to boycott RockStar Drink 4 ever. In addition Americablog should do the same.

  18. says

    “Who is heterosexual and proud? If you aren’t now, hopefully you will be soon.”

    So it’s ok to be “gay and proud” but not “straight and proud”?! Hypocrite.