Rupert Everett Rips Michael Jackson: ‘He Was a Freak’

The never-at-a-loss-for-words Rupert Everett has commented on Michael Jackson's death to the UK Mirror:

Everett "I think it was fortuitous that he died…He was supposed to be doing 50 concerts in London. It wouldn’t have mattered how good or bad he was. He wouldn’t have managed to do all of them and the press would have destroyed him. He was a freak. He looked like a character from Shrek. He was a black to white minstrel. He was crucified by that court case when he was accused of child molestation – that killed him. He
personified the pain and anxiety of a black man in a slave country. We
all watched as he changed from black to white. He was living
performance art. You cannot divide the music from the person. I
think his life – and death – is a great lesson. I think we are going to
see the end of celebrity as we know it. Show business is not an honest
profession. It’s like the last days of Versailles. I do wonder how much more bullsh*t people can take about celebrities. We’re living in very strange times. We have Michael Jackson, a
black man who has gone white, and we have President Barack Obama, who
is a half white man gone black. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch."

In related news, the DEA has raided the office of Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray, looking for evidence of manslaughter.


  1. paul c says

    “He was a freak. He looked like a character from Shrek.:

    LOL…so he was looking in a mirror as he spewed this latest round of attention-seeking shit?

  2. MissNee says

    Michael had vitiligo.

    And Rupert doesn’t seem to understand anything regarding race as his statement about Obama shows.

    For your information Rupert…In America regardless of the specifics, Obama will be looked at as a black man. He will be treated like one. He didn’t “go black”, it was choosen for him. Seeing as Rupert doesn’t have much being raised as a biracial child…he should keep his opinions on it to himself.

  3. DKNATL says

    I understand dealing with vitiligo is extremely demoralizing to aa human, but Michael used that as an excuse for his horrific plastic surgery as well. Michael lost all sense of reality and wasn’t living like a human.

  4. Sean says

    Can we please implement a Rupert-Blackout on Towleroad? He’s groan-worthy at first mention, the very definition of a bitter queen. His opinions aren’t relevant and neither is he.

  5. echovic says

    I think British doesn’t translate that well in the US – he’s completely bonkers and that’s why I love him! I saw him in Blithe Spirit a few weeks ago and he was genius – and he’ll always have a free ride for saying “while I lay unfucked” a few months ago re: graydon carter…

  6. jOHN says

    oh Rupert, you only wish you have the celebrity Michael Jackson has.
    Speaking of freaks…didn’t we get to see the plastic surgery/botox pictures of you a few weeks ago. You obviously know of what you speak when you talk about freaks.
    Fuck you Rupert, take your tired old Z list celebrity ass and fuck off.

  7. jo says

    Seriously, though, can we discuss the hypocrisy? Maybe Rupert himself is in denial about the monstrosity that is his current face. Maybe he sees something different in the mirror that we do. I mean, otherwise, you’d think he wouldn’t even broach the subject of Michael Jackson and plastic surgery.

  8. Darrien says

    Whatever else he is, Everett is a an actor with a frequently excellent body of work behind him – and probably ahead of him, too. No-one has to agree with him, but he says what he thinks and doesn’t back down because of public disapproval. He doesn’t want to be the ‘nice queer’ and is a lousy ambassador for gay rights. But he’s never claimed that position. He is simply what he is and if he’s too strong stuff for the US, at least his impish sense of humour and wit can be appreciated in the UK.

  9. sparks says

    Rupert should start posting comments on Towleroad. Judging by the remarks on this thread alone, he would fit right in. :)

    Simple truth is, we wouldn’t know what he thought of MJ if someone in the media hadn’t asked his opinion. It’s not like he called for a press conference on the Neverland lawn.

    I’m not defending him, mind you. It’s unfortunate that he isn’t more respectful of an entertainer who just died. On the other hand, I’ve read worse about MJ from others… right here.

  10. says

    Michael Jackson was sort of a freak. Then again, so is Mr. Everett.

    And thanks Missnee, you are absolutely correct. If Barack was 1/16 black but had dark skin and coarse hair, he would be labeled black in America.

    Maybe Mr. Everett is simply unfamiliar with American race relations.

  11. Paul R says

    How I wish his interviewers would start editing his comments for brevity and sense. “The end of celebrity”? Yeah, right. I think he’s confusing his stalled career with the bigger picture.

  12. Will says

    Rupert, always quick to blame alleged homophobia for his faltering career, evidently fails to note the irony of racially stereotyping two men whose achievements are rather more impressive than his own.

  13. James Anthony says

    Wow. Gay Rights. Health Care. Economic Collapse. Does ANYONE REALLY give a fuck what Rupert Everett has to say? Unless it’s about his country’s Health Care system? Lame story and lame of this site to give it any fucking coverage.

    First the lady gaga shit, now this. You’re losin me Andy TOWLE. Enjoy Fire Island and NOT focusing on providing anything newsworthy.

  14. A different Andy says

    After seeing that footage from the Pepsi commercial gone wrong, I will never judge MJ harshly again. Growing up in the 80s I knew of the incident, but had no idea how bad it was. His head was scorched to 3rd degree burns in massive areas. I can’t imagine the pain. That kind of pain is enough to trigger a downward spiral.

    This guy needs to just shut up.

  15. Miaulement says

    I think Rupert seems pretty self-aware, his own plastic surgery was likely done with half the spirit of Dolly’s many and the other half just bitterly-aging queen. Nothing the matter with that. I don’t think his comments are inflammatory at all – other than mentioning race and speaking frankly of the deceased… Michael Jackson was reviled and/or merely ridiculed here for the last two decades of his life and then he dies and everybody starts defending him and declaring their sorrow over “their” loss. I never heard Billy Mays’ name aside from him yelling it at me from my TV, but then he dies and I start hearing people at work and the supermarket saying, “Omigah, that is so sad, I can’t believe it. I loved that guy…” like they were talking about a childhood pet hamster. Michael Jackson was a freak and there is NOTHING the matter that, or saying as such.

  16. Mike says

    I am a Michael Jackson fan – but he’s dead and isn’t coming back. Let’s move on – there are plenty of important issues that need resolving… like universal health care, DADT and marriage equality! Yes, gossipy news is fun, but I don’t consider it fun to disparage the dead. What’s the point?

  17. john says

    RE has always been an angry little upstart.Having said that,it’s refreshing to have someone tell it like it is.Celebrity killed MJ,a true talent yes,but in the end a product of of the evil that is celebrity.What he became was not right.As for the President,it baffles me just how much he is being ridiculed.It should be a celebration,a new beginning,but even he cannot escape “celebrity”.Now… what is the first lady wearing today?

  18. BooBoo says

    Does ANYONE respect this guy or follow what he does anymore? Why does he make headlines? Can’t wait for him to fade away and die. And then we can call HIM a freak.

  19. hephaestion says

    Michael had a very difficult life. He made his mistakes, but I feel sorry for Rupert for being so incapable of compassion for Michael Jackson. I believe Jackson was castrated, which explains a lot of his odd ways.

  20. 44Montgomery says

    I agree with Rupert. MJ died a traggic death but, to be ruined by the fall out of the farce of 50 concerts would have been a slow and painful death. MJ has now become the Marlyn Monroe of our time

  21. Rich says

    Jackson definitely was a freak, but Rubert just seems like a whiny old queen. Jackson was a gifted entertainer. He had a “good run”, better than many. His own eccentricities ended it as much as anything. Rupert has had an uneven career and if he’s wanted to be more than just the gay best friend, he doesn’t seem to have really made much of an effort to get there. The “other Rupert” (Rupert Graves), a straight guy often confused with him, has far more talent.

  22. John says

    There is an honest lack of sentimentality to this statement and cold eyed realistic view of the MJ mess IMHO. It is the type of comment an American would not make.
    I do think MJ is probably better off not living the future chapters of his troubled life. I hope he went peacefully.
    Regarding Obama, the fact that he is 50% white is not insignificant yet is never really acknowledged.

  23. Kent says

    I haven’t read his quotes, but why are you giving this guy any attention, Andy? Give us a break. The world has stopped paying attention to him, it’s time you did the same.

  24. Michael says

    Why comment if you don’t even read the quote? Most of what he said makes sense in a matter of fact way. The over-importance we place on celebrities has increasingly taken its toll on the celebrities themselves, with MJ being a leading example. We analyze and criticize every step they take without thinking that they are imperfect humans too. None of us on this site can possibly imagine or relate to the pain that causes. Don’t judge Rupert just because he is more famous than you and can get published. I’m sure we all have friends who have said the same thing.

  25. Shing Shing says

    All of you bitches on here who keep saying YES Michael was a freak. Have any of you DUMB ASS QUEENS thought that’s what the heterosexual american world thinks of us….FREAKS.

    C__KSUCKERS stop calling your kettle!

    As for Ms Everett her career is a done deal in this country and has been for some time.

    But I must ask why are the british such arrogant folks?

  26. Andy says

    Love him or hate him, Rupert is right again (did I just say that?). He has a cute butt too.

    James Anthony: don’t like it, start your own fucking blog.

  27. Mike Pickett says

    Rupert, I pity you….your legacy will prove to be you are a real embarrassment to humanity because of remarks like this and more importantly because you are responsible for hate hubs like Fox News. You will be in the same league as the KKK and Hitler. You have no where near the achievement and contributions to humanity that Michael Jackson has. You are truly pathetic.

  28. says

    There are two ways to get attention in this world. You either build yourself up so people can’t help but notice you above all the rest, or you tear everyone around you down to the ground, revealing yourself in all your naked glory.

    The second option usually occurs when there are no materials available with which to build oneself up and no forethought given to the consequences of this path.

  29. says

    If this is the way Mr. Everett expresses himself in public, I can just imagine what he is like in private or on-the-job. Perhaps the fact that he has not been accorded the work he apparently feels he deserves has less to do with his being openly gay than with the fact that he can’t keep his bloody pie-hole shut.

  30. Justin says

    “But I must ask why are the british such arrogant folks?” – SHING SHING…

    I love the way a comment by ONE British celebrity leads to an entire population being labelled arrogant.

    Nice, balanced response, Mr Shing Shing!

    Strikes me hypocrisy, crass remarks and lack of self-awareness aren’t just Rupert Everett’s faults…

  31. luke says

    A brief comment on Michael Jackson having vitiligo. Vitiligo is where patches of your skin lose pigment. This can become extensive with patchy loss around the hands, face, trunk, legs. Most doctors initially try to repigment the patches but this is often unsuccessful. The patient then considers either living with it or depigmenting. If they choose to depigment, they are basically removing the color from their skin to achieve one uniform color throughout the body. By use of monobenzone cream, the patient begins the long process of depigmentation (a couple of years of daily application of the cream); monobenzone is effective because vitiligo suffers have unstable pigmentary systems. After depgimenting, it is not umcommon for repigmented spots to pop up which must be treated. Depigmenting is a tough decision for vitiligo sufferers and somewhat controversial, and has complications.

  32. razz says

    he brings good point in :

    “We’re living in very strange times. We have Michael Jackson, a black man who has gone white, and we have President Barack Obama, who is a half white man gone black. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch”


  33. jakeinlove says

    Well he does make valid points, but he poorly explaines that he’s using Michael as one of the ‘show businesses’ greatest victims.

    I think Rupert identifies more with Mr. Jackson even if that may not be the complete reality.

  34. patrick nyc says

    Jackson was a talented train wreck. That said, picking on him to get your name in the news is even worse, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    As for the Obama line, he’s so clueless.

    Rupert it’s no wonder you can’t find work or get laid.

  35. freehold says

    I think he is making a lot of sense on a more larger philosophical issue. The media spectacle became an almost living organ where mass amounts of people lived vicariously through a small amount of people. Granted the beauty of art and inspiration is wonderful, but within that media realm it became something else. Did not Michael Jackson, who no one is denying was a good person, obviously conflicted or afflicted by something?

  36. jimjim says

    I enjoyed reading everyones comments a lot more then reading what that fart face had to say… how dare he say something about one of the most amazing artiest performers ever lived. Yes… NEXT!

  37. Lisa says

    Wow, I agree about his statement about the profession of celebrity and that it’s on it’s way out. I think that fifty years from now they may not even make movies in theaters, just for the Internet and cable and with the rise of the global community people no longer care for celebs – they want real people.

  38. anna says

    I agree, michael jackson was a freak! a character from one should look up to him!! he is a deception to the black community! he was so racist that HE TURNED WHITE!! he hated his race so much that he carved his whole nose out to appear white and destroyed his hair and didn”t have biological kids so they would be white!! STOP IDOLIZING HIM!! he isn’t worth it!! a screwed up child molester..belonged in a nut house!

  39. Rupert is an Asswipe says

    you are just mad because when you die nobody will give a fuck and probably just laugh at ur stupid ass. nobody gives a fuck about you and what you have to say. For someone who doesn’t care about Micheal you sure have a lot to say you ball sucker. Kiss my ass, Micheal Jackson is dead and is still making more money then you will ever dream about you blood sucking cockroach.

  40. neena says

    wtf is wrong with Rupert…how dare u comment on MJ…the King of Pop…whats it to you if he was going to do his 50 shows or not, doesn’t mean he’s better off not here, he may have cut back his shows but seeing his last footage tape, he was amazing, dancing and singing…he was so humble and always kind to his fans, that is why he has millions of fans around the WORLD and everyone knows him…he had a skin condition that is why his skin is white, its ignorant bastards like you who have no shame or heart…you are a jealous loser, who are you to speak MJ’s name??

  41. Kellie says

    What does the half white man gone black mean? Obama is Afro-American end of story and we people of colour call ourselves black. Everett is an ignorant freak whose drug usage over the years has mashed up his brain. Instead of making an arsehole of himself I wish to stop him just there and tell him to go and do some research. He does not have the IQ to write about Michael Jackson or President Obama. Everett is an idiotic ignorant fool – lower than vermin. The fact that he was a rent boy and is more at home in mens’ urinals of course speaks for itself. Utter scum. The only freak we know of is you Rupert Everett and we hope your play flops.

  42. jameski says

    “Hello Pot, this is the Kettle. You’re a freak.” I have read ‘Red Carpets and other Banana Peels’, Rupert. As they say in Greater Tuna “Glassss Housessss”. Why live people can’t let dead people just RIP, I just don’t know.

  43. Betty_Cracker says

    Ninety-percent of this quote was stupid, but 10% was brilliant:

    “Show business is not an honest profession. It’s like the last days of Versailles. I do wonder how much more bullsh*t people can take about celebrities.”

    …but nobody paid attention to that part.

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