Sarah Palin Resigns


Sarah Palin has announced not only that she will not seek re-election as Alaska's governor but that she is resigning. Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will be sworn in at the Governor's Picnic in Fairbanks on July 25. Alaskans redeclare their independence.

Let the theories begin: Fresh scandal brewing involving her fast-and-loose approach to state funds? Grandstanding ahead of a run for the Senate and/or White House? FOX's newest talking empty head? Anything, but please don't pin this on David Letterman.

So much for a slow news holiday weekend.

UPDATE: Palin, recently alleged to have forced a public health official out of office for being "out of step on social issues", says she wants to leave the government in order to "affect [sic] positive change" from the outside. "We know we can affect [sic] positive change outside government at this moment in time on another scale and actually make a difference." Politics? For her, it's just a "superficial, wasteful bloodsport." Superficial…like this photo from her Runner's World profile:

All shoed up and nowhere to run.


  1. peterparker says

    The only thing that makes sense is that she has been implicated in some scandal and threatened with exposure unless she resigns. Let’s all hope we find out what it is!

  2. gayalltheway says

    Could it be an extramarital affair? It seems to be going around in the Republican party.

    Maybe she had an affair with Sanford. She’s one of the “few women” that Sanford did and did not “cross the sex line” with.

  3. sugarrhill says

    WTF? Is she running for something else? This doesn’t make any sense. She’s an opportunist. This is political suicide if she wants to run for President or senator. What scandal is about to break?

  4. peterparker says

    @NSFW: Never fear. There is no way she is heading for the White House after this. Resigning during your first term as Governor is NOT a resume builder for the highest office in government.

    There *has* to be some scandal causing this. She is announcing this at the end of the news day on the Friday before July 4th! I do not for one second believe her resignation is voluntary.

  5. robertmalcolm says

    Agree with SUGARRHILL. I can’t imagine quitting is going to do anything but damage her political image. Wonder if there is a scandal about ready to break … either that or maybe she’s just a quitter. Color me shocked.

  6. says

    Hmmm…for someone who describes herself as a pitbull, this is a pretty wimpy and flippant thing to do! Obviously, she WAS full of hot air when running for VP; thank god she (and JM) did not win the election! Perhaps she should consider doing a reality TV show: “The train wreck that IS Sarah Palin.”

  7. tominsf says

    Doubtless she means to say that she wants to “effect” change, not affect it. But we haven’t seen much evidence of literacy from her in the past.

    Unless… she means she wants to pretend change! That’s it!

    I’m hoping for a really juicy and so-far-undreamed-of scandal being behind her resignation, though.

  8. paul c says

    Bad decision. Who the fuck wants a President that is likely to quit mid-term so they can travel more? She did her self in. So weird.

    Maybe she was dating Sanford.

    Maybe she wants to get out of Alaska before North Korea nukes it.

  9. jimmyboyo says

    The rumor is a HUGE financial scandal about to break about abuse of a federally guaranteed trust fund for a large amount of $………..FBI…………IRS involved


    Andrea Mitchell over at MSNBC says her sources say “…she is tired of national politics and will NOT run for POTUS…”


    Quitters never win

    MSNBC already saying “….would she quite half way through a presidency term?”

    Bye bye backwoods bible thumper palin

  10. says

    HEY, BC!…perhaps YOU shouldn’t peruse the internet and post inane commets like: “…ignore it and let it go.” People post comments for mannny reasons (to vent, to agree, to disagree, to enlighten, to debate, etc…). Why don’t YOU ignore it and let it go…buh BYE!

  11. Freddy says


    How do you know she wasn’t saying “EFFECT positive change,” which is correct usage? Unless the error is in a printed statement, the blame lies with the reporter, not her.

  12. tominsf says

    Freddy – Both MSNBC and the NYT quote her as saying ‘affect’ – the Times then itself says “Sarah Palin said she will leave office before the end of the month, citing a desire to effect change outside of government,” so I doubt it’s a reporter’s mistake.

    But I have no idea if Palin or her people wrote “affect” down anywhere, and I haven’t the heart to listen to the speech.

    I’m being slightly anal compulsive here, I know. Sorry.

  13. Ron says

    More information on “grassroots” supporters gathering across the nation to support Sarah Palin for President in 2012 can be found online at

    Note, the website is in danger of crashing due to the flood of readers and supporters signing up to show their interest in a Palin Candidacy. The GOP establishment had better watch out, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul combined with the power of the internet will remove the stranglehold of GOP special interests and the elites who have brought the party to its knees in defeat in the 2008 elections.

  14. Andy says

    Dream on, Ron, dream on. All I hear at the grassroots level is the sound of hoots of laughter at this career-suicide move by the esteemed governor.

  15. jimmyboyo says


    Mitch has a crush on palin




    Repub consultants that actually got repub presidents elected like Ford, reagan, and Bush sr are all saying


    “put a gun to her own head”

    “its over”

    Oh, and ron paul didn’t even win 1 primary

    ron paul and sarah crazy palin are only putting a scare into cockroaches

    Bye bye now

  16. tominsf says

    Well, Mitch, educate me; I’m always eager to learn. “Pretend change” doesn’t count, though – it’s just as grammatical as “simulate change.” Yes, pretend can take an object, as in “pretend illness.”

    Tool seems a little extreme. But I’ll apologize again for taking this a little too seriously.

  17. Matt says

    I’m pretty sure that “affect change” is not an error. When used as verbs, “effect” means “have an effect on”, while “affect” means “cause, bring about” (it took me forever to get this straight in school…). It seems more likely that she meant “bring about change” rather than “have an effect on change”–although with Palin, of course, you never know for sure exactly WHAT she means when she says anything.

  18. Roger Ramjet says

    Didn’t she realize she was totally disrespecting the American Flag – that good republican straights have bled and died for – when they snapped that pic?????

    …you think she would have stopped it before the pic was taken, or anyone on her staff.

    What an idiot this woman is.

    Good riddence to Bad Trash.

  19. Benito says

    When she accepted the VP nomination, she knew she needed to bring her professional game up to another level, she never did. She knew that her family would get attacked as did Hilary and Chelsea before her (by even her twin maverick brother McCain in 1998), let face it she knew her family affairs would come out. But now she plays the victim card again, a card she played after those comical first extended interviews that we all enjoyed and SNL immortalized. But for the icing on the cake, she quits, because she does not want to be a lame duck governor, because the lawsuits keep coming, because it was the media’s fault, because seeing Russia from her house finally got to her, because its not fair that Alaskan’s paid her salary while she was running for the VP position, take your pick. So what does she tells us? Dear Mr. President, when things get tough, quit. Dear military men and women, if you are not having fun, quit. Dear son or daughter, if things are not going your way, quit. Sure, I agree when she first was introduced and gave a descent speech, sure the polls went up, but after the extended interviews, they went where they ended, down. She showed her true character, I real hope the book deal, Radio/ TV shows and the lecture circuits make up for what her party has lost by her actions. She may go down in history as the quitter that twittered.

  20. Paul says

    Can anyone real tell me that you were impressed by her exit speech? You can’t real believe that she is the only person that can win in 2012. You know, if she can’t take a joke, don’t get in the game, its politics, they all get kicked around. Let me paint you a picture, in my opinion, for the last eight years where the mantra was no regulation and no oversight and spread to all federal agencies and the justice department was filled by unqualified religious types and the dullard (ex-drunk) religious president started two wars of choice with extreme tax dollar spending, is anyone surprised with our current economic situation because of those choices. Sure “W” sucker the religious right to vote for him and that’s why he placed unqualified people in positions of responsibility and they failed (almost a “plan to fail”), do you forget Katrina, where the Director of FEMA Michael D. Brown, was relieved of his duties because of incompetence? Or can you forget disgraced White House correspondent James Guckert, AKA Jeff Gannon, the male escort, why was a male escort getting into the Whitehouse, hmmm? I know it was Barney Frank’s fault, he controls the county and republicans had their hands tied (even though 7 of the last 8 years they had the majority and the presidency to do something (fact or fiction?), but not the will to act). Oh, by the way I read that God blog, very funny, it reminds me of those TV evangelists who claim the talk to God and want so and so foreign country leader to be killed or such and such a us state to be punished by God for a court ruling that intelligent design is just another word for religion. We had enough of religious dullards in our government. If you believe that the USA has strayed from God then go out to your communities and preach to your neighbors, the sick, the shut ins, the poor and invite them to take part in your church, build a community. But I know that’s hard work we want a government official to do that for us, well they tried that and look where it left us, in the gutter, but our country does not quit and we will rise again. Do you remember how Ronald Reagan got us out of a recession? By spending and we will do the same. But she is just another “W” in heels and she is stringing the religious right along, she will sell you her books, her radio/TV shows and speaking engagements. Lastly, I do not want you to believe what I believe, so please keep writing, feel free, I am starting to enjoy this.

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