1. White Label says

    I’m still not thrilled about the “i used to be a stand-up guy” until he realized he was gay.

  2. paul c says

    Jim Carrey is so incredibly creepy that I can’t stand to look at him, much less pay to stare at him for an hour and a half. Pass.

  3. john says

    some ideas should not make it to the screen. In a time when gay people just want to be taken seriously instead of seen as a bad joke, here comes a gay character who is a conman and a bad joke. EEEE-NUFF!

  4. Max F. Grump says

    Was this film made in 2008 or 1962? How pathetic that times have not changed a bit and there are so many ignorant filmmakers still spewing such vile product and backward images.

  5. Angela Channing says

    Wow…that was not what I was expecting. I was thinking something a little more indy and artsy. Yet another bombastic Jim Carrey character. Meh.

  6. sugarrhill says

    Wow. There really is no pleasing some queens. Who wants to watch a boring fag on screen?

  7. Joblo says

    I have seen the movie, and as a gay man, I am telling you that it is AMAZING. An incredible love story, brilliantly funny, painfully sad, and just- well, amazing. Do not judge it before you see it. The trailers haven’t done it justice so far. It is incredible. Can’t stop thinking about it. Not a better gay film since Brokeback Mountain…

  8. whoadoggie says

    Ah darn it! They messed up the book! The book was awesome and I was looking forward to this movie. Damn it!

  9. says

    It’s not as bad as you’d think. The main problem is that it’s trying to hard. Brokeback Mountain meets Catch me if you can meets the Mask. Still the first part is funny and endearing.

  10. Domo says

    Gosh, I can’t wait for the day when my self esteem is no longer hostage to the 1 minute, fifty-nine second movie trailer. Ah, how I long to be less shallow. Ho hum…

  11. Qjersey says

    Before people start bitching about “pathetic gay characters” and “poor representation” lets remember the film is based on a true story.

  12. Max F. Grump says

    OK it may be based on a true story but why must the motion picture and media scales of gay justice constantly tip so heavily toward unflattering stereo typical weirdos and oddballs that repulse most people? This has been going on in Hollywood for decades and decades.

  13. sydneyrules says

    blah, blah, blah, its just a fucking movie. and i think it could work, these two dudes are fine actors.

    i have no problem laughing at myself. bruno is fine as well. its a stereotype not necessarily a fact.

  14. gr8guyca says

    JoBlo is the only one who has written a worthwhile comment. He is the only person who has actually seen the movie and is, therefore, the only one who has an accurate opinion. Everyone else is simply speculating and pre-judging. Guys, it might not be any good, but at least wait until you’ve seen it to have an opinion.

  15. Dave says

    I’m not going to judge it until I see it, but, he “became” gay after being in a car accident? How is that based on a true story?

  16. Mike says

    I have not seen this film. But the purpose of a trailer is supposed to be to make you want to see a film. This trailer makes me feel I am being ridiculed, and that gay relationships are presented as parodies of “real’ relationships. If the film is so great, why is the trailer so offensive?

  17. Kyle Sullivan says

    I seem to recall a lot of the queens on this board having no problem with the homophobic and despicable aspects of “300” ’cause it had lots of pretty pecs and painted on abs to ogle.

    My feeling is, if it’s got Ewan MacGreggor in it, I’m on board. Jim Carrey — meh. Rodrigo Santorro — was in “300” and should be ashamed of himself. But Ewan’s a true “I don’t give a shit” kind of guy who walks on water as an actor, so far as I’m concerned. I’ll see it for him and THEN decide if it warrants a negative reaction.

    And if it does…THEN I’ll start ripping the movie.

  18. scomc says

    In every other movie that Jim Carrey has been in, he has played a straight man. Almost all of those straight characters were stupid, over-the-top and played for laughs. So why should he play a gay man any different? Does every gay guy on screen have to be a sensible, serious, average kind of guy? OK, so it would be nice to have a few more leads who were a bit like that, but I don’t know why we can’t be a part of comedy too. The thing that would annoy me is if he played a neutered gay man who didn’t kiss or have sex. From the looks of the trailer, that isn’t the case.

  19. Dback says

    Can’t get the piece-of-crap player to go past the 48 second mark. Do they still end with the chase and Johnny Mathis singing “Chances Are?” I thought that was so blissfully whacked-out on the original, I didn’t find it homophobic at all–as Alan B said, just very John Waters. I’m not going to definitely pre-judge, but it looks like a blast.