1. damien says

    Wow, that video is amazing! And his interpretation of the song’s lyrics are cool too. I honestly never read that deeply into the song other than “Yes, like it.” Perhaps I’ll give the album another spin.

  2. brian says

    took one of the top songs of the year and made the video of the year. added sweetness w/ the fact that it was a labor of love from the slowdown in this profession. great talent finds its passion!

  3. Semangelof says

    first impressions: wow…just wow. that video is absolutely breathtaking in scope, originality, and imagination. words don’t really do it justice.

    other thoughts: i find it so wonderful that a straight man made this touching video. wish more straight people were as able to connect to gay stories as this man.

    confession: i have to admit i know nothing about this band. are any of the members of the band lgbt? i’d absolutely snag their LPs on amazon if this were true. i really enjoy music/literature/movies with gay content, made my gay people.

  4. says

    another thing… it kinda sucks for the creators of the official “Two Weeks” video to be so upstaged by this

    i mean the official vid is *ok* but it has no emotional resonance

    this version takes the song to a new level

    hard to believe it’s fan made

  5. nic says

    i had to watch the video several times to appreciate all that was going on in there. simply terrific. plus the vid and music complement each other so well. simply magical, mr. askew. thanks for the shout out to gay commitments, too.

  6. GM says

    This video is a stunner! And I think it’s really amazing that a straight man took into consideration the sexuality of the man singing the song when creating the video. Such progress we have made. We have a long way to go, but I think we can appreciate the change in prevailing attitudes toward gay men as loving, living human beings.

  7. smacr says

    miaedu, I think that SEMANGELOF was only expressing that he’d like to support gay musicians and artists, not that he supports only gay musicians and artists.

  8. Semangelof says

    Smacr is correct in his assessment. I just love to support gay artists when I learn about them. I purchase and enjoy all types of music by musicians gay and straight. :)

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