Daniel Radcliffe Helps Save Gay Youth, Offers Major Donation to Suicide-Prevention Group The Trevor Project

Harry Potter and Equus star Daniel Radcliffe has made a major donation to The Trevor Project, the non-profit organization that operates the only nationwide suicide-prevention helpline for LGBTQ youth, the group announced today:

Radcliffe "The 20-year-old actor joined The Trevor Project’s Circle of Hope, a community of major donors which plays an essential role in providing the financial leadership that makes the organization’s lifesaving work possible."

Said Radcliffe: “I am very pleased to begin my support of The Trevor Project, which saves lives every day through its critical work. It's extremely distressing to consider that in 2009 suicide is a top three killer of young people, and it's truly devastating to learn that LGBTQ youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. I deeply hope my support can raise the organization's visibility so even more despondent youth become aware of The Trevor Helpline's highly trained counselors and Trevor’s many other resources. It's vitally important that young people understand they are not alone and, perhaps even more important, that their young lives have real value.”

Said Charles Robbins, executive director and CEO of The Trevor Project: "We’re incredibly grateful to Daniel for his truly inspiring and historic generosity and support. He is setting a meaningful example for millions of young people around the world by embracing diversity and demonstrating that he cares deeply about the well-being of LGBTQ youth."

The Trevor Project [official site]


  1. Strepsi says

    Thanks Daniel Radcliffe. He is probably the most important role model in the world on this issue, as he is speaking to his peers in age and plays the most recognizable character in decades. He has matured into a really powerful young actor and an even more powerful role model for level-headedness, maturity, and passion. Plus good humour! CHEERS.

  2. Bob R says

    Can this young man get to be any more adorable? Oh, if only I were 40 years younger. But, in all honesty I probably still wouldn’t have a shot. The world needs more Daniels.

  3. Jack says

    What an angel. It doesn’t sound like he’s let the money or the fame go to his head one bit. Unlike many celebrities that do charitable work for the publicity, he seems truly dedicated to use his good fortune for the betterment of society. People like that are really one in a million.

  4. clint says

    There are a lot of people who do a lot of good, but rarely someone so young, so talented and so famous among all demographics as he is. For him to highlight the suffering and anguish of gay youth in such a high-profile, committed, and frankly brave manner, he really is doing us a favor, and one that we must not forget. Thank you so much Daniel, and though you’ve said we have been since you were a baby, the Friends of Dorothy are your friends too.

  5. sparks says

    There he goes again! It has been an absolute pleasure watching him grow from a cute kid into a fine, intelligent, generous, caring, charming gentleman. And lovely on the outside, too.

  6. candideinnc says

    Great actors depend on an abundant supply of empathy to help them understand the characters they portray. This very talented young man is demonstrating the best of his profession, and is acting like a truly admirable human being at the same time. Nice work!

  7. says

    I so appreciate what he and the Trevor Project are doing. It can be painful to grow up gay in this world, more attention needs to be paid to this cause.

    I do not understand why anyone would want to put him down, in any way. Can’t someone just be nice these days?

  8. Nancy Turner says

    I have been fighting Youth and Teen Suicide for fourteen years sometime I feel so alone trying to help young people to live instead of dying, I form a organization that has been a 501 c 3 for fourteen years I have a Celebration Walk/Rally Twice a year to bring awareness and to get funding, I don’t get a lot of support with volunteers and monetary donation, but I will not every stop helping the youth I will continue to counsel, workshops and be there for the youth. Thank you for letting me share my love for youth and teens suicde prevention crusade that I am involve in.

    Nancy Turner/Behavior Specialist
    830-372-5980/210-723-4144 Cell# 830-832-9899

  9. Nancy Turner says

    I want the youth to know the best love is to first love yourselve, because you are one of a kind and the world needs you, you made not feel like it and that is just because you are feeling with your pain and not with your heart, be real to yourself and live for tomorrow and tomorrow and guess what? You will still be here.
    Preciou Life Crusade Teen Suicide Prevention
    Nancy Turner
    Behavior Specialist

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