Emile Hirsch Ate Pig Crap for Ang Lee


Emile Hirsch talks to Parade about his experience playing a Vietnam vet in Taking Woodstock and the scene in which he and other festival-goers take a wild ride on a mud slick:

"I haven't really had my hair cut since I did Milk. It was fine for Woodstock, but I still can't get a trim because my
girlfriend likes it long. I cry myself to sleep every night dreaming of buzz cuts. No, I'm kidding,
I like long hair. I'm trying to bring long hair back. When I was actually doing the sliding scenes it was a lot of fun. It was kind of an
animalistic pleasure, like a dog rolling around in the dirt. But it wasn't real mud — it was movie
mud. And I was like, 'What is this stuff made of?' because some of it ended up in my mouth. And
they said, 'It comes from pig crap. We clean it up and put some vegetable oil in it.'"