1. Dave says

    I loved this… it reminds me of my Pines days where a bunch of us would just up and do something creative and spontaneous and wonderful and fun. You just know it took them all of an hour and it was edited on someone’s mac at work the following Monday… and looks terrific. It’s exactly why I’m glad to be gay…

  2. RW says

    Wow, Crispy, I only made it to 20 seconds before going after my ears with an immersion blender– but how did you gouge out *your* eyes?

    *I* used a melon baller to get mine out.

    Those are the nelliest queens I’ve seen in a long time, and I count drag artistes AND theatre makeup artists as friends.

    Worse crime? They can’t dance or lip-synch. It just proves my point: Twinks aren’t worth the time OR the hair-care product.

  3. Derek says

    And BTW some of you are such typical judgmental ASSHOLES.

    Why is it so hard to not be able to just enjoy it for what it is? A group of guys having campy, queer fun (not hurting anyone) on a beautiful day in a beautiful place.

    And RW get a clue man since I would bet ALL of them are in their late 20s to mid 30s. Twinks? Maybe if you’re 70 you douche.

  4. Joe P. says

    Does anyone find this campy effeminacy attractive? These guys probably go to the gym 3X week and obsessively maintain a fit body and generally masculine appearance. Then they prance around lip-synching to a girl’s voice. Check out the video at 2:23. Is there anyone on this planet that wants to see that?

  5. crispy says

    Ahh, RW, I actually thought the guys were kinda cute… despite their vapid taste in music.

    Call me when they do a video for Muse’s new song “Uprising.”

  6. MikeyDallas says

    Damn, what could possible be so wrong with a bunch of friends making great memories on a summer vacation? I have read some bitter comments on this site about many things, but the posts here are simply confounding.

  7. Derek says

    Sorry Joe. P but I don’t have to find EVERYONE I watch in a video sexually attractive. Rather I take some things exactly how they are intended, to be FUN.

    Maybe you should get your head out of your crotch just a tad and perhaps deal with what appears to be a bit of internalized homophobia.

    I’m just saying…..

  8. brian says

    Obviously, this was a link about Miley Cyrus. if you hate Miley, why click on the link to read it and or watch the video. more importantly, why waste time typing out that you’re too cool to listen to Miley. Haters, get a life. The video was cute. The song is fun. Life’s too short to spend every minute of every day hating and pretending you’re so much cooler than you are.

  9. Jason says

    I don’t understand why everyone on here has to be so nasty all of the time. I think this video is really cute and it shows a bunch of friends having a fun time on their vacation.

    Bravo gents!

  10. Bob says

    Damn bitter old queens. I am 57 and still think it’s fun and campy. The young guys are hot and having fun. I can remember my younger days doing the same things on Gay Beach in Atlantic City (I was too poor for Fire Island…lol).

  11. Derek says

    Marco you too should line up in the douchey judgmental line right behind: Crispy, Name, Clay, Danny, RW, Peter, Patrick, Joe P. and Johnny!!!!!!

    Don’t worry hun there is always room for more nasty queens in that line.

  12. Rocky says

    @ Jason

    The reason why everyone has to be so nasty on here is because they are all jealous old tired worn beatin jacked up rusty old toads who have lost their grip on life and themselves so the ony way to cope is to lash out at the younger group and act totally shitty toward those of us gays who are still enjoying life.While they let life completely consume them.Im sorry,but some of you would be going the gay and lesbian community a favor by standing in front of an on coming amtrak acela.

    Oh by the way NOT everyone who is over 21 but under 35 is a twink.Unless you are and old jacked up bitter queen with a social complex.

    Some of you fags need to get a grip on yourselves

    Maybe a couple of ours a day everyday on a shrinks couch will knock that bitter faggy attitude out of you.Otherwise Im calling the Exorcist.

  13. Matt says

    I enjoyed the video. Then I checked out their blog gays of our lives. I’m so disgusted by these people. They take pics of people who are not “a-list” and make fun of them. I can’t wait until they are old and go to these places and people take pics of how they are.

  14. jack says

    are the bitter bitches that troll QUEERTY relocating here? men have been playing at girly since time immemorial, and i should know, cuz, as my young friends pet it, i’m older than dirt.

    the next time you see this it will likely be marines in afghanistan or sailors on a carrier. if it was good enough for shakespeare, its good enough for me.

    as a bonus, if it lowers barriers with miley’s fan base, that’s one more gain for us.

    go look up supercilious twits in your dictionaries…

  15. crispy says

    “Marco you too should line up in the douchey judgmental line right behind: Crispy, Name, Clay, Danny, RW, Peter, Patrick, Joe P. and Johnny!!!!!!”

    It’s not a line. It’s a cocktail party with good music and compelling conversation.

    And sorry, sweets, you’re not invited.

  16. GJM says

    To clear some things up, i do not believe these gentlemen are not the bloggers of gay of our lives. They have actually been victims of that site and the men who run it.

    The video is just a fun video of thier time on the island. If you dont like it, why watch it? And why waste your time commenting on it.

  17. APPALLED says

    Wow– if assholes flew around here, this website would look like an airport!

    The judgmental douches are the people like Rocky and Derek who think their aesthetic is the only one that counts. And who take things FAR too seriously. Overly-sensitive much?! Cut down on the meth and the Red Bull.

    We can all appreciate these guys that are prancing around like 17-year-old girls are having fun. It is NOT a crime against anyone to say that the song, or the performances in this video, don’t arrive to the level of good camp. It’s a vacation video with some post-production executed in 15 minutes. And once it’s out on the Intertubes, it’s fair game to make fun of it.

    It’s not bitterness, it’s snark.

    OT, I’m seeing a lot of emergency service planes heading up the coast from the West LA area from my office window. Does anyone know if there’s a brush fire north of LA somewhere…?

  18. Derek says

    Crispy would that compelling conversation be about paintball perhaps? LOL

    I’m glad to not be considered-I tend to gravitate towards positive, warm people who see the good in things—and those who can laugh and enjoy the silly.

    Can anyone explain to me what Appalled is blabbering about? I think she needs more meth, red bull and an airline ticket to some fire.

  19. Brian says

    people need to light the f up. this was meant for fun…i know most of these guys, they are in their late 20’s/early 30’s and are all successful, respectable and nice people just having some fun. i’m no miley fan, but just enjoy it for what it is.

  20. David in Houston says

    Every time someone says something critical they’re automatically a hateful old queen lashing out at the young playful gays. Give me a break.

  21. Jon B says

    @DAVENYC: Can something be SO 90’s when it was also SO 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s as well?

    Yes, people still go to Fire Island, and it’s still a lot of fun.

    Some gays really need to read up on their gay history.

  22. paul c says

    Wow, all the twelve year olds in that video must have had really rough lives. Is this a PSA for kids with progeria?

    Also, who the hell is “following” Miley Cyrus and/or Perez Hilton to read their insipid tweets and come up with this little butt nugget?

  23. crispy says

    I was really hoping that Gayz of Our Lives site would be funny… ‘cuz lawd knows I need another site to browse every day instead of working.

    But dayum, was that shit unfunny. I get more laughs out of Sarah Palin’s Down’s Syndrome baby.

  24. tofer david says

    i think that the video is great.

    when given reading these comments or watching these guys laugh and have fun with each other i choose them versus some of the sad people posting here any idea. such a shame how negative people can be.

    way to go guys.

  25. cogster says

    aww…they’re cute, young and having silly fun…some of these bitter queens on here need to check their internalized homophobia meters and relax…

  26. Xoph says

    These guys have nothing to do with the Gayz Of Our Lives crew other than they are both out on Fire Island. This crew is a fun group of guys who are creative and thought it would be fun to make a music video one day while out on Fire Island. I have no idea why some here feel that they have to trash them and make assumptions based on a fun project they did one afternoon.

  27. Matt says

    Too many of you are taking this far too seriously. It’s a few light hearted guys being silly and having fun. As for JoeP… he’s cute and screwing around. Haven’t you heard if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Would you say that to someone’s face on the street?

  28. Derek says

    um Crispy I don’t recall ANYWHERE I said the blog was funny. I said I followed it. And I do because it often does make me laugh because they are fun guys and they enjoy being silly. Something I can appreciate.

    I also laugh at them pointing out other’s attire and fashion “mistakes” but only because it’s done in good fun. There is no cruelty or mean spiritedness to be found. And although I cannot in anyway relate to being a fashionista, I can surely appreciate those that think they are. It is just one of about 30 blogs I check in with weekly-not that anyone cares.

    But more to my POINT, your comments CRISPY, and so many others on this thread, are usually mean spirited, nasty and just unnecessary. I cannot for the life of me understand why people feel the need to be so negative (so critical, so judgmental, so nasty, so cruel, so petty……) sooooooo much of the time here. Is it the anonymity of the internet? Is it how you were raised? Or is it that you’re all just miserable bitches who feel better tearing others down day after day?

    If you cannot laugh at the silly and fun nature of the video that started all of these comments then I feel sorry for you and you deserve to be pitied. I cannot really say much more than that except that you’re just SAD and it aint cute.

    Now go ahead fellas, aim some more negativity at me. It is what some of you do best, it is all some of you can do…….

    I’m just saying

  29. tbone says

    Why are so many of you who comment on this blog so bitter? No sense of humor or love of the campy fun parts of life? This is so cute and fun. They are cute and fun. If it’s not your song choice or cup of tea move on, but seriously is there a need to bash? To judge? No wonder we can’t get anything done for our own community in this country. Bravo boys — I’d love to come frolick with you on Fire Island!

  30. Marco says

    Yes, tbone. We can’t get anything done is this country (whatever the fuck that means) because some of us are bagging on this lame video.

    You and Derek should join Up with People so you can spray rainbows and sunshine out of your assholes all day and night. Jst stop boring the rest of us while you guys do it.

  31. Derek says

    Marco thanks for being a perfect example of just who I was describing and just the type of nasty queen who is at the heart of the matter. I could not have written the script better….

    And I think what Tbone is trying to say is if we can’t be supportive and accepting of each other, how can we expect anyone else to be. Is that clear enough for you?

  32. qjersey says

    “privileged white boys”
    honey half of the crowd at fire island are working stiffs sleeping 2 and 3 to a room or on couches.

    Now if they OWNED the house…now that’s a privileged white boy.

  33. ohyeah says

    I think I’m like N° 70 in the comments so… I haven’t been to Fire Island since, umm, 1987, have lived in Europe since, I wasn’t a hunk, this reminds me of me… this is a lovely and touching memory piece between good friends — they will never forget this — and personally (and it’s my area of professional expertise) this is GREAT.Thank you, guys.

    PS You are all really cute and hunky, in that new 2009 kind of way…

  34. Derek says

    And Paul C. I should apologize to you for offering to buy you and James Tony unlimited tanning memberships when it was announced tanning beds are as deadly as arsenic. It was wrong of me, not very nice and far from positive and warm.

    I’m sure your mother believes you to be a very nice person.

  35. Contrarian says

    The saddest commentary is the number of comments about fluff on this website and the vitriol it produces. Can we all agree that same-sex attraction is not limited to, for lack of a better phrase, “mainstream gays”? If some of you will at least acknowledge that there exists a vast pool of men whose sexuality includes SSA, but does not include your own affinity for camp or effeminacy, we might have a worthwhile discussion. Please stop pulling out the all too predictable (and self-serving) comments about men who prefer a more masculine aesthetic as “self-loathing” or “internalized homophobia” etc. Who are you to draw boundaries on what any person finds either great fun or contra-wise, silly girly and effeminate?

  36. Carl Rivers says

    Cute, dumb, and these are probably the fags that use terms like “A-list Gays”. Sorry, but having lived the alternative life in Provincetown, people like this make me sick.

    And yes, I was young and didn’t know shit about the town when I lived there, except I hung out with Waters, and got kicked out of the biggest fag club there for desecrating July Garland on stage.

    Ugh. But cute :)

  37. RJ says

    Ok, the video is kinda cool and the boys are cute but couldn’t they have found a REAL song from say, Christina, Kelly, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or even friggin’ Britney instead of this melody-free autotuned mess?

  38. matthew deane says

    Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
    The post was labeled quite clearly with both “Miley Cyrus” and “Fire Island” in the title. If you have no interest in either of these topics, the internet (fortunately!!11) makes allowances for this and is equipped with a “do not click things you’ll eventually whine about” feature.

    I think, unintentionally, some of you guys are actually acting like the 13 year old girls who go nuts for Miley… all of the misdirected/irrational teenage angst stirred up by people you do not and most likely will never know.

    And anyone who feels like they have to constantly reaffirm their dislike for Miley’s latest #1 chart topping bathroom singing windows down while driving hit single is probably singing it the loudest when they are alone :)

  39. crispy says

    How do you sing in the bathroom and drive with the windows down at the same time? Do you have a bathroom in your car? Or a car in your bathroom? I don’t get it.

    Anyways, welcome Miley fan club! I knew you guys would get here soon enough.

  40. redbearded says

    Did she just sing about butterflies flying up in the air?!? Um, are you sure these aren’t 12 year old girls whose boobs haven’t started showing yet? Seriously! Are you people who like this crap the same people who actually bought Spice Girls albums and rushed home from the gym to watch Shitney Smears’ reality show, “Chaotic!”???

  41. says

    i’m no big miley fan (in fact, i can’t really stand her) but this was cute. what’s not cute is all the bitter queers with nothing better to do than hate on these boys. joe p. and rw should take a step back and ask themselves what it was about this harmless video that offended them so much that they felt the need to say something negative. for example, do you wish you were at the beach with your queer peers? or maybe you wish you could see your penis without the aid of a mirror?

  42. Scooter says

    So, haven’t we all seen these boiz in every bar?… everywhere? Did I like it?…well it was cute, but not my cup of tea. They were having fun and fun is something we are in short supply of lately. Who cares if they seem effeminate? I am sure each and every one of us has had our moments with a song that brought out that side. Difference is they had the balls to film it and publish it on the web. Kudos to them and boo on you that can’t get past it. Get over it.

  43. Marco says

    Is that clear enough for you?

    Posted by: Derek | Aug 25, 2009 7:28:21 PM

    Yes Derek. Completely clear in its stupidity. Let’s not say anything remotely critical of gay people just in case our straight masters see us do so and learn from us. How horrible it would be if they knew were were thinking beings who care about things other than fashion and the latest crappy pop single sold to us by Disney.

    If this is gay culture in 2009, we’ve got a long way to go.

  44. Derek says

    Um Marco you seriously need to up the dose of whatever mood stabilizer you take or take a hanky to your glasses because who was it that called this gay culture?

    This is a cute, campy video taken by good friends during their weekend in fire island. It wasn’t made for us, they made it for themselves to laugh over and remember the great time they had making it. End of story. It is neither culture or aspiring to be.

    If you didn’t think it was cute or funny or anything but lame – FINE. I feel sorry for you BUT as someone asked and it remains to be answered, if you didn’t like it (for whatever fucking reason) why the need to say something negative about it? Why tear it down?

    Being critical and voicing your opinion has its place for sure. But here, you are not being critical you, and others, are being nasty twats. Maybe you can’t see or understand the difference between necessary criticism and the kind that is totally unnecessary but there is a difference.

    Just like the difference that exists between when you respond critically and I respond critically of you, or Paul C., and others here who do nothing (usually) but use this as an outlet to discharge their negative bile.

    When something so innocent, so fun, so cute, so harmless and good natured takes heat from you cyber trolls, I am going to tell you how it is. Yep a bunch of us like it and it made us smile, We are sorry it made you act like bitches. Something though tells me it aint no act…..

  45. Timothytwister says

    I just got back from Carnival in Ptown last week – this video made me LOL – so cute and fun. I don’t know why people have to be negative or judge a “good time” for more then it is: friends having fun at the beach. If you can’t smile about that, then nothing will make you smile…go lick an electrical socket.

    PLUS, the fellas were cute!

  46. Paul R says

    Really, people, you need to cool the hell out. No one posted this on every street corner in the US and said THIS IS GAY! They’re friends having fun, and it found a wider audience.

    I loathe Miley Cyrus, could never imagine fitting in at Fire Island, and don’t have a bunch of campy gay buddies. But so what? These guys are having a good time. Apparently some of you are not. Look into that, instead of this.

  47. says

    “Derek, I’m a little turned on by your comment. What are you into?

    Posted by: crispy | Aug 25, 2009 7:14:59 PM”

    Ok, that shit was funny. Tee. Hee.

    I’m a little shocked that this bit of flip video fun has cause such an uproar! It’s dumb, but, aren’t these sorta things supposed to be? I do find it odd that it has somehow gotten these boys on Towleroad and into the Advocate. It’s not clever or anything , so, who is fucking or trying to fuck who?

    On to more important things Bitches! LANCE BASS HAS NEW ARM CANDY!

  48. jon says

    people who criticize this video are ridiculous– these guys are amazing.

    has anyone noticed how critical, if not violent, americans are to each other? this is pop culture. where were you people when we went to war?

  49. Edo says

    guys being themselves having stupid silly summer fun with good friends in a beautiful location…building memories..and then sharing the fun with others…THAT’S WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT…I think this video is great.

    i wonder what happened to the haters during their lives to make them so bitter…seems like they got up on the wrong side of the bed today…or the wrong side of life.

  50. Rodney says

    Yes, John. Everyone in the video is gay.


    Five months later, I’ve come to like the song and LOVE the video. Perhaps, in my earlier comments, my green envy was showing. I’m so jealous.

  51. JauntyJohn says

    They’re young and cute, it’s silly fun. (But boys, really, when you move, *commit* to it. Don’t hesitate, quell your self-consciousness and own it like you did after 5 mojitos and you were dancing around the living room.)

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