News: Caster Semenya, Lockerbie, Ted Kennedy, Shark, Marc Jacobs

RoadLockerbie bomber freed

RoadTerminally-ill Ted Kennedy wants his replacement chosen swiftly. Deval Patrick: "It’s typical of Ted Kennedy to be thinking ahead and about the people
of Massachusetts, when the rest of
us are thinking about him."

Castter RoadNew 800m World Champion Caster Semenya asked to take gender test:
"The South African athletics federation insist it is "completely sure"
that the 18-year-old Semenya is a female. 'We would not have entered
her in the female competition if we had any doubts,' said a statement.
Semenya won World Championship gold in impressive fashion on Wednesday."

RoadRevolutionary pair of pants makes your ass wink.

RoadDomestic partner registry in Nevada to begin next week.

RoadTom Ford's A Single Man vies with 13 other films for Queer Lion prize at Venice Film Festival.

RoadGay and lesbian residents of NYC apartment building file discrimination lawsuit: "Tensions boiled over when a flyer Uhrin had
distributed in January 2004 about the repairs was taped to his door
with the word 'fags' written on it, Uhrin said. 'It's
like being raped,' said Uhrin, who claims he's been called homophobic
slurs by former board members and heard his floor referred to as the 'AIDS floor.'"

RoadFirst look at Madonna's "celebration" promo.

RoadOprah to kick off 24th season with Whitney Houston.

Perez RoadFired Miami newsman Charles Perez wins two-year restraining order against ex-partner believed to have leaked an email which was intended to hurt him professionally.

RoadTIME: Why does Obama keep flip-flopping on gay marriage?

RoadRyan Gosling out and about but refuses to show off the guns.

RoadGreat White Shark attack on seal observed by kayakers off Chatham, Cape Cod.

RoadPolice promise to uphold order during Belgrade Pride parade in September: "In this country, no one is allowed to threaten or bother anyone."

Martone_jacobs RoadMarc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone to wed this weekend in Provincetown.

RoadJustin Timberlake refused to be on the D List.

RoadSwimmers to take on 3 1/2 mile bay between Sayville and Fire Island Pines for Stonewall Foundation benefit.

RoadNew app: Browse the photos on your home computer from your iPhone.

RoadThe latest on gay One Life to Live cop Scott Evans.

RoadMichael Moore to the Hollywood Reporter: "I'm still in a stupor of stunned ecstasy that Obama
won. And I approve of most everything he's done, from apologizing
to the Iranians for America overthrowing their democratically
elected president in 1953 to appointing Kumar to a White House position. He is
doing the best he can with the mess he inherited, and I and
millions of others are counting on him never to forget that he came
from the working class and that his people need him now more than
ever. As for the congressional Democrats, what a bunch of losers —
weak, scared, stupid. They had better get a clue pretty quick or
the Dark Forces will return."


  1. says

    A number of comments:
    Semenya: I wish people would use these terms more specifically; she is being subjected to a “sex” test since this is a matter of genetics, physiognomy, and hormones. These have a very fuzzy relationship to gender.

    Winkers: where do I even begin?

    Uhrin: yes, you are involved in an ugly, ugly co-op board dust-up; you were NOT raped.

  2. nic says

    dude looks like a lady; lady looks like a dude. i don’t care, as long as the playing fields are equal….

  3. Paul R says

    The guy who said being called names is like being raped is incredibly, profoundly ignorant.

  4. Blurgle says

    Back in the 50s, an Olympic athlete was found to be chromosomally male despite looking and identifying as female. She was from a very small, poor town in the mountains of (IIRC) Austria that didn’t even have a doctor – she had no clue she was an XY female with androgen resistance. Poor girl had been kept so ignorant of her own body that she didn’t even know that she was supposed to be menstruating.

  5. anon says

    Had Kennedy resigned last year, this election law would be non-issue. Now the 60 votes in the Senate is imperiled, meaning any vote on health care reform can be filibustered.

  6. Bading says

    The brouhaha over the gender of South African athlete Caster Semenya has reminded me of the Mona Sulaiman controversy in the Philippines. Sports Illustrated on January 2, 1967 described Mona Sulaiman as “the most controversial athlete in the Asian Games,” referring to questions about her gender. “The question still left unanswered is whether Mona is a Filipino or Filipina,” wrote Marvin Zim. Sulaiman had refused any gender testing because it went against her Islamic faith which, of course, effectively ended Sulaiman’s athletic career

  7. Joseph says

    I wish I could do more to convince people to give One Life to Live a viewing: this daytime soap opera is not only telling a gay love story convincingly (aided by the terrific acting of Scott Evans and Brett Claywell) but has really been pushing the envelope in terms of dialogue and action; in the past two weeks, characters (including straight characters) have discussed bisexuality, gay 3-ways, backhanded comments about anal sex, has not shied away from showing physical attraction (including kissing) between two men and had one gay man (a third gay character, Nick, played by out actor Nick Rodriguez) strip naked in front of the closeted cop played by Evans.

    I’ve never seen any of this on network TV before, daytime OR primetime, and the writers (headed by the out Ron Carlivati) are doing an amazing job. And the rest of the show is pretty damn good, too!

  8. rovex says

    Are you telling me the iPhone has only just got the ability to do that? Jeeez.. The noise the fanboys makes every time an iPhone app comes out really covers the fact that most of the time the same has been possible on other platforms for years!
    Both Nokia symbian and Windows mobile have done that for ages and both can also watch videos streamed from the home PC.

  9. Shane says

    Why is it that marc jacobs always looks like you would need to burn the skin off any part of your body that touched him? It seems to have spread to his man-toy. Grody!

  10. Blair says

    Isn’t Charles Perez the same person that refused to out himself in the early 90s when he had that horrible talk show? Isn’t he the same guy that dated Norm from the Real World circa 1992?

  11. Mark says

    It’s funny that “Semen” and “men” are in Caster’s last name.

    Has anyone tested Johnny Weir or Scott Hamilton? Drag Kings if I ever saw one.

    And what about Serena and Venus Williams? Those two are a couple of gorilla-men with endorsement contracts.