1. Kyle Sullivan says

    Sick, mother-f**king SOB. And people think this is acceptable. America is en route to cliff, all right, and scum like Glenn Beck will happily lead us straight over it, like lemmings.

  2. CKNJ says

    Only losers here, David C are the ones defending sacks of shit like Beck… yes, he may use humor (if that is what passes humor these days) but the narrowminded, empty skulled, pinheads that slavishly follow him, do not SEE or HEAR the humor, they take him verbatim. And THAT is how people get assassinated, assaulted etc… through the constant SHIT that vile assholes like Beck spew, that pinheads pick up on… he and his other right wing-nuts are treading on VERY thin ice!

  3. Tony says

    There are limits to banter. Talking, or joking, about poisoning someone is out of line. I would have said the same if Keith Olbermann said it about Former President W. Bush. It’s just tasteless… And obscene.

  4. paul c says

    The outraged folks around here have a lot in common with Sean Hannity, who didn’t like John Kerry’s joke about killing Bush:

    But on the other hand, it’s not just Senator Kerry who likes to joke, our newest Senator thought killing Bush was funny too, hope you’re not mad at him as well:

    Something all three of them have in common is that they’re neither funny, nor are they being serious…but if you’re really outraged, maybe you should call Sean Hannity and see if he wants to report everyone involved to the authorities at the same time as you to create more of an impact.

    (I suspect Andy really just posted this to balance out the two other favorable/neutral posts he had today about other Mormons.)

  5. says

    Wow. If he was 14 yrs old and *joked* about blowing up his school on the internet he would be arrested adn forced into intensive therapy.
    This Douche sells airtime.

    The irony to me is that (white) America is finally waking up to the very real concept of The Two Americas. An idea that those in communities of color have known about for a century. Beck is a great example of the ‘it’s ok when one of ours does it’ system of justice in America. Its’ not a white/black/latino/etc. thing – it’s a class and status thing and it’s appalling.

  6. NoCaDrummer says

    Did anyone else notice how “fey” he was trying to act when he describes Nancy & her husband’s vineyard? Sort of like Homer Simpson incarnate.

  7. JT says

    I know she’s supposed to be the “victim” of the joke, but that pic of her (along with the Italian name, I suppose) made Lucrezia Borgia flash across my mind.

  8. JT says

    (King Of Comedy- great flick). I hate Pelosi (and I still see her as L. Borgia), but Beck really just isn’t funny. But at least it’s a wee bit less offensive than those guys who hung the Palin dummy from a noose last Halloween.

  9. says

    JT, the people who hanged Palin outside their house were not national reporters. Let’s also not forget the wacko right-wing drooling losers who have been hanging DEM congressman dummies at the town hall meetings. These people are seriously dangerous and scary.

  10. RB says

    “I would have said the same if Keith Olbermann said it about Former President W. Bush”

    Tony, Really, was anything that Olbermann didn’t say about Bush? Bad analogy. Had W. been killed he would have been the number one suspect.

    And in regards to Olbermann, he is just as bat-shit crazy as Beck! Just because you agree with one more than the other does not mean that they are sane! Merely mirror images of one another. Unfortunately more people listen to Beck, he fits middle America and makes more money that Olbermann will ever see. Personally, I am not a fan of either of them.

  11. BC says

    did any of you actually see the whole show or just this clip? and I seem to remember “jokes” about the murder of prominent republicans and sexual assault of a former VP candidate. Yeah, those comments were all made here last year.

    And Beck is NOT a reporter. He says it himself. He is an entertainer. Wanda Sykes is an entertainer and she hopes Limbaugh’s kidneys fail. Olbermann, who considers himself a journalist, called for assassinations all the time. But yeah, thats OK b/c he’s a lib.

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