Lady Gaga to Kanye: ‘My Show is Gay. And it’s Going to Remain Gay’


From OUT's cover story on Lady Gaga in the magazine's September issue:

Gaga-kanye "Before agreeing to tour with Kanye West this fall, Gaga told the
rapper, 'I just want to be clear before we decide to do this together:
I’m gay. My music is gay. My show is gay. And I love that it’s gay. And I love my gay fans and they’re all going to be coming to our show. And it’s going to remain
gay.' That’s another clause in the Gagaland constitution: Gay culture
shall gush undiluted into the rapids of society. It shall not be
co-opted, fancified, dolled up, or Uncle Tommed. 'I very much want to
inject gay culture into the mainstream,' she says, 'It’s not an
underground tool for me. It’s my whole life. So I always sort of joke
the real motivation is to just turn the world gay.'"


  1. crispy says

    Re: “35 Pages of This Season’s New Looks”

    Based on the cover, one of the new looks is retarded pill-popper in first-class applies makeup during a bird strike.

  2. Jersey says

    Wow, what a great statement. That’s pretty awesome. I’m gonna have to add the girl to my list of celebs worthy of some real respect (Margaret Cho, Cyndi Lauper, Brad and Angelina, Kathy G, Catherine Hiegl and Charlize).

  3. Jack says

    Kanye seems to, on the whole, be relatively gay-friends, especially for a rapper. It doesn’t surprise me that he was fine with that.

  4. Pee Town says

    Well we’re all rooting for Out but it doesn’t look good. The September issue of Advocate had a sparse 20-ish pages of ads, or one third of what it would take to break even in the rag trade. Hopefully September’s Out will fare better. Its a tough tough time to be in the Magazine business, and I wouldn’t count on Lady Gaga’s back draft to generate much lift.

  5. rovex says

    Not that i approve of the usage, but im pretty sure when she says ‘gay’ she actually means ‘ghey’, for that ‘it’ (i choke when i try to say she)is.

  6. says

    If OUT would keep up stories like this they might actually become relevant to younge readers. AND ANOTHER thing, maybe the next OUT 100 list could include more people of color and less straight celebrities? Might help a bit as well.

    OUT, like so much Gay media has got to move out of the Ghettos and into the world where the vast majority of Gays live. If the don’t, they are doomed. And rightly so.

  7. Gary says

    I must be in my second childhood because my adolescent sense of injustice just fired up. Seeing bigoted comments on a gay blog always amazes me. ‘Persons’ such as Rovex would hate on gays if they weren’t themselves gay.

    Calling a person ‘it’ is a traditional bigot’s tactic to make a targeted group seem less than human, and easier to vilify and persecute. Think of the 3/5’s status of American slaves.

    Ironic that the bigot displays a less than fully developed humanity.

  8. rovex says

    Excuse me gary, but what ‘targeted group’ is she in exactly? Making assumptions are you??

  9. alfredo says

    Based on the cover, one of the new looks is retarded pill-popper in first-class applies makeup during a bird strike.

    I prefer to think of her “having just pulled away from the most passionate kiss ever” less bitchy that way.

  10. Zazu says

    Well, I find her “I love the gays” statement rather rich when she thinks feminism is not being allowed to “celebrate male culture”. What is “gay culture” to her? It seems to be Perez Hilton. She is shallow, tedious and nauseatingly overfunded. She could care less about “the gays”……they are just a target demographic. As for Kayne……..I doubt he has any issues with this, so again her Narcissism disgusts me.
    She looks kind of Courtney Loveish on this cover (LG is NEVER original), but I think Courtney has more of a relationship with gay culture and is a million times more intelligent, she’s just tres, tres wacky.

    I like wacky, and I would like a real female artist. Go home little girl.

  11. rovex says

    Im still hoping she is the ultimate record company manufactured piss take. They took the dorkiest looking gimp possible amd made it the worst of all manufactured crap to see just how bad it has to be before the public rejects it. Seems its still not bad enough.. amazingly..

  12. Derrick from Philly says


    do you know you are the namesake of one of the greatest talents of the silent era? Zazu Pitts was a great screen comedianne. (You’ll have to excuse me, I’m in my Norma Desmond mode this afternoon).

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    Zazu/Zasu…oh, well, an “z” here, a “s” there….it doesn’t matter, she was great. We had faces back then!

  14. Zazu says

    Derrick, you are a perceptive one. Indeed, my screen name is from the great Zasu Pitts, and I vamped it a little with the “z” instead of an “s”. You are the first person to ask me that! I also love Mae Murray and Colleen Moore……they had faces and talent back then indeed, Norma 😉

    Rovex: I thought the same thing, and still wonder if this all encompassing record company (UMG) is trying to see if they can pass this very mediocre girl with a very mediocre team off as a phenomenon. She doesn’t seem to have the substance for long term usage, but…she doesn’t know that. I guess we all get out the popcorn and watch the show (metaphorically speaking). I would never see that girl, and my gawd, Grace Jones is doin’ her thing and David Bowie is currently in a movie. Neither one has made a move to befriend her publically. That tells me something. They actually contributed something to the gay community back in the day, and are loved today for it. Grace Jones doesn’t have to do press interviews that say “I wuv my widdle gays”. It is because alot of us love her, and can trace her incredible history. Lady Gaga is a hieress whose only claim to knowing anyone gay is that “maybe one of her piano teachers was gay”….yes, I skimmed the story…and the photos….my gawd. No one rips off Diamanda Galas. What a fool/tool. And remember those leaked photos with Madonna for the “Hard Candy” shoot? Someone liked them. Arggh!

  15. madam ex says

    I can NOT stand her, of course she has to fan the flames (no pun intended) to the gays, thats a huge fan base of hers, even if she was a homophobe, she’d still lie and say she loves the gays. Since Kanye is supposed to be so anti-gay, they needed to do this for publicity, nothing more and nothing less. They both suck.

  16. Paul R says

    Why in the world is she going on tour with him? They don’t share the same fan base, and she could make just as much money and probably get more attention as a headliner with elaborate staging. Opening acts just don’t get much attention, especially if the audience isn’t receptive and the performer is wearing dismembered Kermit heads.

  17. steve says

    Madam Ex, please don’t make stuff up. Kanye West is not anti-gay. He’s been very outspoken against homophobia.

  18. greg says

    She’s the John Waters version of Madonna. I love her. She’s not pretty, and it’s brave to be tacky when you’re not pretty like Madonna is. She’s calling her own shots, and the only reason she gets advertising is because she was _already_ selling records.
    I doubt she’s actually pussy-loving gay, and the people who buy her records are gay men and girls who think they’re fun, so this statement is no risk, really. That said, I think even if she’s taking a gayish sensibility to the masses, she’s going to continue to be honest about what she’s doing. Any dialog that says “this is what the gays do, if you’re hip you’ll do it to” is ultimately positive.

  19. greg says

    And re: Kanye, is is indeed very outspoken and positive and considering the people who listen to him, incredibly brave.

  20. Zazu says

    Oh Greg, Cyndi Lauper is the John Waters’ version of Madge 😉 Cyndi has a sense of humour! She’s funny and adorable and kooky and I get the warm fuzzies when I think of her…..LG, not at all, and I don’t think she is bright enough to be trying to do a Warhol, even though she name checks him. She hangs with Perez Hilton for God’s sake, poor dear. She is the typical pop tart, and those photos from “Out” are altered proof she can look quite attractive…she has said so herself. She is not quirky or even androgynous.

    You think she has the ability to call her own shots now? I think I must have read that wrong. She is signed with a major label. She just started selling her own records, and wrote very poor excuses for songs for people like the “Pussycat 😉 Dolls”. Think Bowie and Jones would be on speed dial if she was so talented….compare his version of “Fame” to her version….if you dare…do dum do!!!!!!

    Finally, I have an issue with your statement that if she is spreading a message of “this is what gays do, you’ll be hip if you do it too”. This is not an empowering statement coming from LG. She seems to think being gay is mindless hedonism with a chaser of self loathing. This is not gay. This is feeding into a stereotype that a real artist would kick in the ass while winking fetchingly at the audience.

  21. Jason says

    madam ex, just because he is black and a rapper doesn’t mean he’s anti-gay if you had done some research instead of generalizing you would find he has said positive things about homosexuality.

  22. ty says

    Zazu- did you miss the point that LG has a better voice than Madonna, Brittney, and even the incredible Cydni ?? She is a hermaphrodite which puts her in our camp, and she is a bit crazy and pisses off the right wingers, which is why we should all embrace her wholeheartedly !

  23. Zazu says

    Ty, sweetheart, have you heard of someone called Marianne Faithful? I was introduced to her at 18, so I don’t think there is an age barrier. Marianne’s range is limited, and I don’t really care about technical proficiency. I care about the heart I hear in the music. That is what Lady Gaga lacks, even boasts about…..but dare I say even a vampire needs a heart in order to live and die. I just see a hollow pretty shell on media life support. Also, genitalia status is ridiculous as a point of defense. I don’t care if she’s packing or not. Not my brand…..haaa

    Saying you are “not gay” but the “world should be gay” shows covert homophobia. Donkey dick or not, the Lady just wants to maintain the weak fan base she has….I don’t know any gay men (she always ignores lesbian culture, natch) who don’t roll their eyes at this one. I look forward to the Lady Gaga brand of eyelashes on QVC next summer.

    And Eric, that is a freaking mantra we should all be saying to this product. That IS what she is, a product selling TIRED STEREOTYPES. Interesting discussion!


  24. says

    @Eric @ Zazu… yes yes and yes! Thank you so much. I watched an interview of her on and I though, wow, maybe she has more depth than I thought when I heard her wax poetic over Rilke and Warhol. I went back to her music because I thought maybe there was something I was missing. But I couldn’t find anything there that I would equate to good art. I could not find one iota of depth or vulnerability. I thought then about Warhol, I thought maybe this was her way of turning commercial art into fine art. But that analysis is a stretch. I thought then about Rilke and I realized that anyone who went to college probably read Letter’s To A Young Poet. It seems her “inspirations” are just pop culture references from a person who is always performing but never offering anything real. And as much as she champions all things “gay” (which in LG terms is being sexually indiscriminate, messy and flamboyantly fashionable) I find it both ironic and offensive that she ignores lesbian culture. She mentions of having boyfriends and “hooking up” with women. Why the separate context? Why are men boyfriends and women just hookups? It’s very Katy Perry, very “I kissed a girl and I liked it” which I can’t help but find offensive. I guess I’m still ambivalent about this one, I think she has it, but I’m waiting for her to get over the fame addiction and create something meaningful.

  25. Zazu says

    @Reva, she’s out the gate and trying to find groups who appreciate. You need to buy her stuff!;00 I wanted to deck her when I saw that “speech” she gave about the March in DC. “Wear something fabulous?” Yeah, she is our new ambassador! It seems her ONLY paradigm for “gay” is Perez Hilton.

    Just so sad. She even had a little fit when asked if she was a feminist, and said, and I quote: “I hail male culture, like muscle cars”. So she just objectifies women as objects for sex, nothing more, nothing less. As long as she has our money, honey, she doesn’t care. She can go fog herself.

    I had to laugh with a depressed feeling in my heart when she got the tattoo of Rilke’s quote, because it is taken entirely out of context. Rilke was talking about keeping those thoughts to yourself and letting them grow, not throwing them out there, like putting them on your skin for the world to see! And she literally gets HIS words tattoed on her. A prodigy, oui.

    But as a good friend says, “you can’t turn away from a train wreck”. But now, especially since she has decided to explicitly embrace the regressive belief that women are not capable of partnerships or emotional connections with each other, she is painful to watch.