1. says

    This is good to hear. It seems many of the Middle Eastern Nations are not what their leaders have them appear to be on the surface. People will live and be who they are regardless of the actions and policies of their government.

  2. Paul R says

    It’s a very cosmopolitan city, but it’s not the “only place in the region” gays can be out. Despite the recent shooting, Tel Aviv is also extremely tolerant and has an active gay scene.

    But neither is like Provincetown, which is the gayest place I’ve ever been (certainly beats Key West, Palm Springs, and SF as a whole; I’ve never been to Fire Island).

  3. DaveO says

    While progress in Lebanon is certainly encouraging, the “gay oasis” in the Middle East would be Israel, despite the recent incident.

    However, Lebanon is not a harbinger for the greater Middle East. Although it does have a Muslim majority these days, it has a rather large Christian population, about 40%, especially in Beirut.

  4. Koko says

    I think Beirut is a fantastic city gay or not. By far it’s the most beautiful, tolerant and charming in the Middle East! While Homosexuality is legal in Jordan and some other Arabic countries, the freedom and tolerance in Lebanon is incomparable. Oh by the way, There hasn’t been gat bashing by religious figures in Beirut if you catch my drift.

  5. Lebanese says

    Dear All,

    you are all focusing on an idea that Lebanon & Israel are really 2 different worlds, 2 REAL revivals (tourism wise & economical)!

    Lebanon represent the Arabian community and among these countries Lebanon remain the OASIS!

    never forget that most of the Arab Countries are not in good terms with Israel, so no Arab Tourists will go there!!

    besides, I don’t see at all Tolerance as you claim in Israel! starting from the harassments from doing the World gay pride in Jerusalem in 2006 – 2007 and the final shootings last week in one of the gay bars in Tel Aviv!
    so come on guys! nothing from this happen in Beirut!

    long life guys! enjoy our capital!