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    Such a sad story, but I think we are still going to see more.

    As more and more LGBT communities around the globe push for acceptance, there will different levels of extremists that will push back.

    Hopefully this latest attack will send a message to the world that while keep fighting, we’re not using semi-automatic weapons to do it.

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    That’s a very sad story. It’s unfortunate that even in areas generally considered safe, acts like these continue. I think Kevin is right and more such events should be expected.

  3. mikel says

    I wonder if the people at NOM (that would be you, Maggie) and similar organizations realize they perpetuate these types of tragedies. If they do, I suspect they don’t care. Very, very sad.

  4. Avi says

    The extremist religious people in our society, especially those like NOM and other anti-gay religious organizations (Pat Robertson, et al) are the cause of this kind of violence against the GLBT community. Members of these organizations spew their hatred on television and in their churches, and the weak-minded grab hold of their hateful words and act on them. I’m a Jew and I’m also against religious Judaism for this same reason. I’m anti-religion, period. Religion has been the catalyst for so much violence, death and destruction in the world, and continues to be the leading cause of pain and anguish (and suicide) for many in the GLBT community.

  5. Elcamino says

    Shooting teenagers to demonstrate your moral superiority. Embracing the far right-ideology that sent your own people to their doom.

    It’s so sad, this action beggars belief. The man who did it is a disgrace to humanity.

  6. Dak says

    “According to Israeli media, the police were following two main lines of enquiry for the killer’s motives including homophobia as well as a possible act of revenge for a romantic affair gone wrong.”

    If it’s a ex-lover than it’s even more twisted. Why target innocent people at the centre?

  7. The One says

    Bottom line C It was an attack against Gay and Lesbian Youths.

    And it’s sad we now are really realizing that HOMOPHOBIA is a universal hatred against us!

  8. Rhea says


    It’s a community center type place…not a dance club. Every reference that I found to it in the US media EXCEPT the LA Times referred to it as a ‘gay club’…I think that they were just trying to sensationalise what happened.

  9. JT says

    I’m glad to see Israelis are properly outraged. But I wouldn’t have expected any less from them. But let’s also be careful about assigning blame here until we know the full story. Don’t forget how the vandalizing of that Long Island Gay Youth center turned out to be disgruntled former members.

  10. Scott says

    While I appreciate and support the planned vigils for the three people killed in Tel Aviv, how come our domestic GLBT community didn’t hold vigils for seaman August Provost when he was killed at Camp Pendleton?

  11. JohninBoston says

    What is going on with Driton Nicaj? The justice system moves SLOWLY…..real life isn’t like NCIS or Law&Order, where everything is tied up in roughly 45 minutes. There’s little to report until and if a trial of guilty plea occurs. Right now either he’s out on bail or sitting in lock up awaiting his fate.

  12. JT says

    Yes, JohninBoston, I know television is television. But were there any more arrests re. Driton Nicaj? He was only one of a whole group of bashers right in Manhattan. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for such basic info.

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