1. Paul R says

    As though we needed more evidence that Repubs are asses. Roberts seemed fairly reasonable for a GOP appointee; Alito was clearly extreme. Politics is getting worse every day.

  2. Gianpiero says

    For all the complaining we do here about the President (however justified), just imagine who we would have gotten on the court had the other side been able to pick…… I hope that Sotomayor proves to be a thorn in Roberts’ side for the rest of his life.

  3. jimmyboyo says

    Paul R

    Roberts has turned out to be less than reasonable. Roberts has voted in every case ,since being raised to the SC, 100% with corporate intrests. Not once has he ruled on the behalf of the government or the average citizen when the other side has been a corporation.

    That is very unreasonable after being on the bench for 2 years. That is a judge who is an activist on the side of corporate masters

    Like you said on Alito, he is an extreme right wing fundie catholic coo coo. When my crazy ass says someone else is crazy then you know they are bonkers.

  4. Paul R says

    Jimmyboyo, I said “seemed fairly reasonable” at the time of his appointment. I agree that his true colors have since shown through.

  5. jimmyboyo says


    did you read the wiki page?

    1st natives of Portugal and or Spain are NOT Latino, they are European

    Cardozo’s ancestors, as pointed out by the wiki link U posted, are SEPHARDIC JEWS on both sides. SEPHARDIC JEWS who were part of the portugese JEWISH community that might very well have had some portugese ancestors mixed in with his SEPHARDIC JEW ancestors but Sephardic Jews from a european country have never been, are not, and never will be classified by others or themselves as Latino

    Sotomayor is the 1st person of latino descent on the US supreme court

  6. anon says

    50% of Supreme Court rulings are on the tax code, and another 40% are on interstate commerce regulation. There are generally only about 10-20 cases a year of “civilian” interest. Hopefully she fully realizes the sheer drudgery that awaits her.

  7. Brett says

    Jimmyboyo, you should tell that to the thousands of Sephardic Jews who live all over Central and South America. My family has Argentinian Jews and we are certainly Latino.

  8. Brian in Texas says

    So I guess the entire media (CNN, New York Times, NBC News, etc) is wrong in stating that Sotomayor is the first hispanic judge?…riiiiight.

    Congratulations Brett on unearthing this great unknown fact that the world and international media failed to discover.

  9. RDUB says

    Congrats to Sonia! As a Portuguese person I will tell you that we are Luso, not Hispanic or Latino. Justice Cardozo was Luso of Sephardic heritage. Love the Hispanos, but we’re different ethnicities. Cheers!

  10. jimmyboyo says


    Portugal is NOT a country in the americas.

    U can very well be latino with some sephardic Jews in u’r ancestry but that does not make u a sephardic jew unless u’r maternal line is sephardic Jew. u could very well convert but that would make u a Latino convert to Judaism and one that would not be accepted by many orthodox and conservative Jews.

    Cardozo per his wiki page info was 100% sephardic Jew on both sides and whose ancestors moved from Europe to North america. There is no mention of his family mixing with the indigenous people of the americas.

    Dude, there is no way a 100% sephardic Jew whose ancestors were part of the Jewish community in Portugal (a european country) and then migrated to north america after living for some time in england can be considered Latino

    Cardozo 100% sephardic Jew

    100% migration of his ancestors from the Levant area through north africa across to spain and from spain to protugal from portugal to england and from england to north america

    Not one mention of Cardozo’s ancestors mixing genetically with spanish and or the portugese. Could very well have had a few ancestors mix with them but no mention. Most likely mixing with north africans as they migrated but no proof

    Cardozo’s ancestors most probably changed their name to Cardozo to blend with the larger populations of Spain and or portugal as Jews throughout time have done during the disporia but that does not mean they mixed with the locals at all

    U’r being latino and having “…My family has Argentinian Jews and we are certainly Latino.” some Jews in U’r family tree doesn’t negate u’r latino ancestors but it also does not make u a Jew. U= latino with Jews in u’r ancestory

    Myself= european mutt with many Ashkenazi Jews in the family tree but not 100% on both sides and not direct maternal line = NOT a Jew unless conversion. European mutt with Jews in ancestry

    Cardozo = 100% sephardic Jew and NOT latino. His ancestors never went into mexico, central america, and or south america and mix with the indigenous tribes thus making themselves Latino

    European 100% sephardic Jew on both sides. Maybe some portugese goy in his family tree somewhere but that is not Latino, that is Portugese EUROPEAN

    cardozo NOT latino in any way shape or form.

    Sotomayor 100% 1st person of Latino descent on the SC

  11. says

    Not one mention of Cardozo’s ancestors mixing genetically with spanish and or the portugese. Could very well have had a few ancestors mix with them but no mention. Most likely mixing with north africans as they migrated but no proof

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  12. Francois says

    That woman is bad news! Bad news, really.

    What Sonia Sotomayor does, is try to search for ways to invent twisted interpretations of the law, to be later able to favor people who belong to ethnic minorities, in the cases brought before her. And she has a tendency to try to make law directly form the bench!

    Well, this is Obama’s America, I guess.

  13. Paul R says

    Wow, the preceding two posts are some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever read on this site. And the one before that is another intellectual stunner.

    So Santomayor is Jewish? Let me guess—she was also born in Kenya?

  14. Paulo says

    Benjamin Cardozo is a Portuguese Jew(very rare by the way). Cardozo is a Portuguese name. How he is even considered of being Hispanic, is beyond me. Portugal and Spain are two totally different countries in every aspect. All these two countries have in common are that of being neighbors. France also neighbors Spain and i doubt people are confusing the French of being Hispanics. Such ignorance! I am Portuguese/American, and would be furious if someone confused me with being Hispanic.