1. says

    My jaw is still in the agape position – and I can’t close it…

    How is this NEWS worthy, much less blog worthy!? No more stories about Michael Jackson’s moronic family?

  2. Roger Ramjet says

    I was watching. It was hilarious. My husband did not believe me when I mentioned it. Now I have…uh….fuel for the fire.

  3. crispy says

    For Josh G:

    A man was arrested for feeding poop to crows. At the police station, the cops asked him, “Why were you feeding poop to crows?” The man replied, “I asked what they wanted to eat, and they kept saying ‘ca ca!'”

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Funny thing: since childhood I’ve had a difficult time believing that glamourass celebrities break wind. Some muscular jock like Tiger or Kobe or my beloved, Don McNabb, I can easily see it; but exquisite creatures like Angelina Joli or Halle Berry–I have trouble imagining. I know that a lot of “queens” have excessive gas (I’ve heard them), but Elizabeth II? No way.

    If I ever get a man, I’ll have to keep a supply of Beano on hand. I wouldn’t want to wake him up early in the morning with a commotion. Always be considerate, you know.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Ooooops! I meant “Donovan McNabb” never never “Don” That mistake was worse than a fart. Pleae excuse me.

  6. Philip Wester says

    This is ridiculous. The clip was taken down after complaints from “PGA TOUR”. Was the footage actually taken by the PGA TOUR itself (somehow) or their affiliates or did someone tape it themselves and then had it taken down by Youtube because apparently, the PGA TOUR owns anything taped during their tours?!

  7. Steve says

    Oh, come on….lighten up! This is one of the beautiful things about the internet – stuff you’d never see anywhere else. Most men still find farts funny. I hope I never lose my sense of humor in this regard.