1. Windy says

    I’m used to viewing headshots for actors…and sorry to say, there is no life behind the eyes in these photos….love the cleft chin, but he looks very mannequin-ish in these photos.

  2. says

    Ih I had represented him back in my model agent days, I’m sure I would have heard constantly, “he’s only got one look.”

    What is the obsession with straight White guys day after day? And while it’s cool to be of whatever political affiliation you want, why not at least find straight white guys who support us? Are there no straight guys of color to post about?

    Of course I love the blog, but, even a loyal reader can get a little frustrated.

  3. Jeff NYC says

    Tom Brady on how he plays with Matt Cassell:

    “Matt and I fight like teenage girls,” said Tom Brady, speaking of backup QB Matt Cassel. “We are always slapping each other around and wrestling and slap boxing and [messing] around with each other in the weight room. And so I decided to take that to the next level. And we were messing around in the quarterback room one day and he walked in with a milkshake, and I kind of put my foot by the door, and I kicked the door and the milkshake splashed up and went all over him. So he sat down, and I was laughing. So I said give me the towel, because I wanted to clean up the wall. So I threw the towel at his face, and it had shake all over it. He had a little shake in his mouth and he spit it all over me.”

  4. another matt says

    You guys are getting him mixed up with Brady Quinn, who campaigned for McCain. And kind of sucks as a QB.

    Tom Brady was a guest at one of Bush’s State of the Union addresses a couple weeks after the Patriots won one of their Superbowls a few years ago, but that’s it as far as political appearances go.

    I agree with someone else here, he’s a handsome guy, but he doesn’t really do anything for me.

  5. says

    meanwhile, Details needs to go thru a font-change… looks like a derivative from the same camp as Men’s Health and DNA. In these dinosaur days of magazines they really need to notch it up abit visually to compensate for the vacuous content.

  6. says

    Don’t care if he’s a rock head (which he probably is), or if he went to one state of the union address with a Republican years and years ago (kind of meaningless). He’s pretty to look at and uber talented. What else matters?

  7. JT says

    Derek Washington : Let’s not forget that this is no more than Andy Towle’s personal blog. Towleroad isn’t put out by some greater gay entity. Although he tries to cover a lot of news stories important to gay interests overall, he makes choices to his own taste. I don’t want to read about Lady Gaga or see his one-sided reporting on those he personally hates, etc., but he has every right to do so.

  8. richard s says

    and Plueeeze bitches, if he was your next door neighbor neighbor you would think of little else except the quickest route to the disrobing of said neighbor.

  9. Paul R says

    @NSFW, of course Details looks like Men’s Health and DNA. It’s a magazine read by closet cases and gay men. What the hell does the headline “(No, he’s not into wife swapping)” even mean? Oh right, it’s supposed to be edgy and hilarious. Fail.

    Toss me in with the “he does nothing for me” group, which I’m surprised to find is so large.

  10. rayy says

    I think the airbrushing makes him look ridiculous–like they’re trying to make him 21 again.

    Kinda hot touchin’ hisself, but that’s probly more the power of the imagination!

  11. Mr. Kraft says

    Dave, if anyone is being bitchy here, it’s you. How brave and noble of you to verbally malign other gay men to defend a straight guy who doesn’t even know you’re alive. Give me a group of bitchy queens any old day over self-hating, grumpy old closet cases! And it’s offensive and vulgar of you to throw the “c-word” around. Why, Tom Brady would be insulted for his wife if he knew you used that word!

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