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Tom Brady Lends His 'Molten Stare' to Details


From Details September '09 cover story:

"Few would know [how tough modeling is] better than the Patriots star: he of the molten stare in the Stetson ads, he who flirted last year with becoming the new face and bulge of Calvin Klein's underwear ad campaign (but who eventually declined), he who can be seen hobnobbing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Institute Gala, that beehive of fashionistas, with Gisele on his arm. With his cleft-chinned, lantern-jawed, comic-book-hero face and dandyish flair for style, Brady is no stranger to the modeling life, to the tinsel of high fashion. Sure, Peyton Manning gets his picture snapped once in a while, but God forbid anyone ask him to flash his bedroom eyes. No, Tom Brady owns this particular overlap of football and fashion, of athletics and aesthetics (or co-owns it, anyway, with David Beckham). So we trust him. He knows."

More shots, AFTER THE JUMP...





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  1. @NSFW, of course Details looks like Men's Health and DNA. It's a magazine read by closet cases and gay men. What the hell does the headline "(No, he's not into wife swapping)" even mean? Oh right, it's supposed to be edgy and hilarious. Fail.

    Toss me in with the "he does nothing for me" group, which I'm surprised to find is so large.

    Posted by: Paul R | Aug 11, 2009 9:02:33 PM

  2. I think the airbrushing makes him look ridiculous--like they're trying to make him 21 again.

    Kinda hot touchin' hisself, but that's probly more the power of the imagination!

    Posted by: rayy | Aug 12, 2009 8:08:46 AM

  3. Dave, if anyone is being bitchy here, it's you. How brave and noble of you to verbally malign other gay men to defend a straight guy who doesn't even know you're alive. Give me a group of bitchy queens any old day over self-hating, grumpy old closet cases! And it's offensive and vulgar of you to throw the "c-word" around. Why, Tom Brady would be insulted for his wife if he knew you used that word!

    Posted by: Mr. Kraft | Aug 12, 2009 8:45:12 AM

  4. Brady campaigned for John Kerry in 2004 against Bush.

    Posted by: CJ | Aug 13, 2009 1:25:37 AM

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