Towleroad Guide to the Tube #527

BILL O'REILLY: Jon Stewart has gone off the rails.

THE COVE: A new documentary about dolphin killing in Japan.

FRANK BRUNI: The former NYT restaurant critic discusses his aliases.

BRUNI II: Salon's Kerry Lauerman interviews Bruni about his anonymity and weight loss.

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  1. cd says

    is there anyone alive who thinks Pancho Bruni looks better now than when he was fat? When he released his book on W, he was fat and happy and now after 5 and one quarter years of wreaking havoc on NYC eateries, he looks like just another queen.

  2. AERES says

    Funny O’Reilly cries “my words were taken out of context” and then proceeds to do the exact same thing to Stewart.

    For example, Stewart’s bit about Fox “News” crying victim had at least 6 or so clips – O’Reilly shows just two (Santorum and blonde stereotype affirming lady) then proceeds to reveal the the full “context” of just one of many examples Stewart aired – and which in the process doesnt even really demonstrate anything.

    Keep up the good work Jon Stewart! The more people willing to call Fox “News” out on its bullsh*t the better we all are.

  3. olsens says

    @CD – Of course Bruni looks better now. Fat people are gross and ugly. They should be rounded up, put on trains, and shipped to some kind of camp where they can be separated from normal people.

  4. Mike says

    Also note that I’m sure Bill knows that The Daily Show is going on a three-week break… Perfect time to say something like this and then say, “See? They didn’t respond! They KNOW they’re wrong!”

  5. Bart says

    Bill, Bill, Bill…note to you and your producer. If you’re going to do a segment whining about being taken out of context, DO NOT then use clips that only bolster the other side’s arguments. That’s sort of stupid. Oh, never mind…you work for Fox News, enough said.

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