1. Derrick from Philly says

    You’d think her husband would have the decency to be there with her. The poster, Bill, is right about those haterosexuals. Irresponsible! Gay men would be there for each other.

  2. Derrick from Philly says


    “….her husband was hiking the Appalachian Trail.”

    …with another male (on the “down low” no doubt). Females surely see a hard time in this misogynistic world. Well, atleast she has her new baby to keep her happy…till they sell the little one to another zoo.

  3. Jerry says

    I heart panda babies!

    *panda dance*

    I get the sarcasm, really, but male pandas play no actual role (beyond insemination) in the birth or raising of offspring. In fact, the female generally doesn’t want a lot of companionship while she’s pregnant.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “…play no actual role (beyond insemination) in the birth or raising of offspring.”

    OK, JERRY, now let’s get back to talking about Pandas, not the behavior of American professional athletes.

  5. says

    Every time one is born and I see the video, it scares me. The Panda’s are so big and the babies so tiny, one wrong move and……

    Another video from the San Diego Zoo can be seen on YouTube @

    You can also watch the Panda Video Cam LIVE from the zoo @ as Bai Yun doddles over her youngun.

    The father plays no part in the Panda’s birth…he only inseminates the mother. After that, he is done until it is time to do it again next year.

  6. L says

    God, gays are so ignorant. Anything and everything has to be about men. It’s too sad that you can’t see the beauty of female power here. All you see is an opportunity to insult heteros and to say how much better men are? No wonder you jerks aren’t allowed to marry.

  7. Lukas says

    L I assume you’re a woman because you talk about female power. You rant against gays because it’s all about men for them, and you go on being so predictably ignorant when talking about female empowerment in something like Nature. There’s plenty of cases in nature in which the male looks after the newborns or even the eggs (e.g. penguins). Some people here were just being lighhearted, but I suppose you don’t understand that. I guess you also let you armpit hair grow and don’t shave your legs as a demonstration of your female power. As for women and make up, they’re all submitting to male power, right? I happen to be gay, don’t always like towleroad for its content and to be honest don’t quite understand it’s editorial choices, but then we all have the chance of not reading it. I don’t think everything is about men, but then not everything is about female power either. Most of my friends are actually heterosexual, I happen to love and have a lot of respect for women and am very appreciative of female accomplishments, but at the end of the days we’re all human beings, all with flaws. As for Bai Yun she cold have eaten her baby or ignored like a lot of female lions and tigers in captivity do and then you woldn’t be tlking about female power. And finally, I am married to my partner of ten years, whether you like it or not. What about you? Any prospective husband or you think you can dispense of men at all with your female power?

  8. cmh says

    yeah L what a kill joy! Pandas have such a fragile reproductive cycle anyway in captivity it is even more difficult. Frequently the males will not mate and the females will not care for the babies. Females have only three days a year in which they can conceive.

    Bai Yun has amazing mothering instincts and it is no small thing that she has managed this many successful births in captivity. I lived in san diego for her first and got to see Hua mei. (who has since had 3 sets of twins since returning to china) Excellent!

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