Adam Lambert’s Debut Album Rockets to #2 on Amazon


Adam Lambert's debut album, with the placeholder title of New Release 2009, hit #2 in Amazon's music sales shortly after being offered this week. The album is scheduled for release on November 24.

The NY Post notes: "That put Lambert ahead of Madonna, The Beatles and world-wide sensation Susan Boyle…Remarkably, Lambert's record company, RCA, did not announce that it was
taking pre-release orders. The sales were all propelled by word of
mouth…Fans, left without their daily fix, have been scouring the Internet for news of their "Idol" favorites. It was during one of these searches, early Sunday morning, when a Lambert fan discovered that Adam's album was available. Within hours, word of the album's availability on Amazon spread across
the Internet. The online social networking site, Twitter, lit up with
the news. Fans traveled from "Idol" blogs to Lambert fanboards to
spread the word to other fans. Soon, the album, which has yet to be
named, began climbing up the Amazon Bestsellers List. By late Sunday afternoon, it hit No. 4. Later that evening, it peaked at No. 2."

Lambert has been tweeting about the album, MTV reports, and has been working with producers Rob Cavallo, Ryan Tedder, Dr. Luke, and Claude Kelly.


  1. Max F. Grump says

    Yes, you mention Adam is at #2 ahead of Madonna, the Beatles and Susan Boyle. However you failed to mention that the #1 CD on Amazon at the moment is Barbra Streisand and her Diana Krall produced Love is the Answer” set that is her best work in two decades. Looks like that you left that our intentionally and I think Streisand’s success would be of interest to your readers.

  2. crispy says

    I don’t know which is more disappointing… that the fantard phenomenon usually resigned to milquetoast idols like Gayken and Archie seems to be following Glambert too. Or that list of producers.

    My interest in him has plummeted faster than Paula Abdul’s career.

  3. Keith says

    The Amazon best sellers list is misleading in that it is updated hourly and what was hot five minutes ago could be cold tomorrow.

    Additionally, the top selling album from all Internet retailers — those selling physical CDs like and — usually only sells between 5,000 – 10,000 in a week.’s best seller list can give a good indication of the anticipation for an album, but it shouldn’t be the only gauge used.

  4. crispy says

    “Why is it disappointing that an openly young gay singer is getting lots of love from mainstream America?”

    Clearly you’ve never engaged in a conversation with an Archuleta fantard. They are cuh-razy.

    As for Linda Perry? Jeezus, could it get any worse?! That is some gawd-awful dreck.

  5. miaedu says

    @ gene,

    who cares what mainstream america thinks about him. he should be judged on his musical merit. i personally don’t like the screeching and his look is tired specially for someone his age. and that list of collaborators is dull.

    i can’t wait til this is released so he can sell a shit load of cds and is never heard from again.

  6. ABC says

    @MIAEDU – “i can’t wait til this is released so he can sell a shit load of cds and is never heard from again.”
    Yes, I can’t wait till it is released so you and your cohorts are all proven wrong! You think you know better than Simon, Brian May etc. LOL! Laughing all the way to the bank!

  7. Gene says


    Lots of stars have fanatic fans. What makes you think Archuleta fans are crazier than fans of other pop stars such as the Jones Brothers?


    >who cares what mainstream america thinks about him.

    Who cares what you think about him. He won’t quit what he wants to do just because you don’t like his style. You’re not the center of everybody’s universe.

  8. audrieg0 says

    Adam Lambert’s stardom is a sure thing. He has gained this acclaim the old-fashioned way by paying his dues and hard work. Why anyone would wish ill will on this incredibly talented and charitable young man is completely beyond me.

  9. Gene says


    Actually, Archuleta has many young fans. Why do you even care so much about what his fans say/do unless you are one of f’ning lowlife idoits at Vote for the worst?

  10. kat says

    … haven’t any of you, complaining about Adam’s overzealous fans, watched the old Beatles or Elvis footage? Same thing, only I don’t think they blogs back then.

  11. Kate says

    I love Babs. I’d like to see Babs and Adam do a duet. Now that would be interesting! Two mega voices together. NYT just did an interview with her and said she can no longer hit her top notes. So sad, I loved those top notes!

    Adam has the top notes covered. In fact, he has all the notes covered in his amazing voice as well as some octaves that are rarely heard because so few singers have them.

    Seriously, who cares who produces him? It won’t rest on those producers in this singers case, it will rest on Adam’s voice and ability to deliver a song. He has already proved he can sing anything and turn a concert stage song like “Starlight” into a sweet acoustic version on a dime.

    Unless there is a huge snafu in this thing, I feel that his new CD’s success-even tho he is taking the electric-pop-Gaga-Gaga direction, will rest on his voice not the choice of music.

    His voice above all else is what drives us crazy–um, and then there’s his oo-la-la dancing which isn’t bad either!

  12. Obsessed says

    Crispy why are you, you so goddamned fixated on Archuleta? It borderline psychotic, and obsessive. This thread is about Adam Lambert, but you are determined to insert Archuleta in at all costs. Do you have a hard on for the guy? If so, just admit it – you are not the only one here who may find him fascinating, but damn – just own your obsession, move on, and stay on fucking topic.

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