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Atlanta Police Chief Says Sexual Activity Prompted Gay Bar Raid

Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington says sexual activity at the Atlanta Eagle prompted last Thursday's bar raid in which 62 patrons were forced to lie on the floor by two dozen police officers for two hours, illegally searched, and subjected to homophobic verbal abuse, the Journal Constitution reports:

Pennington "According to police records, undercover vice officers had been to the club and witnessed men having sex together while other patrons watched. The department received its first complaints about the club in May and sent officers there undercover on two occasions before the Sept. 10 raid, Pennington said...Pennington said no search warrant was served prior to the raid and that patrons were 'frisked' for the officers’ safety. All told, nine undercover officers and a dozen uniformed officers participated in the raid. The team brought three jail vans to the bar and used members of the Red Dog unit to assist with the arrests."

Said Atlanta Eagle lawyer Alan Begner: "What happened to the customers was an assault. They were not free to go. There was no suspicion any of them had committed a crime. This is unbelievable. These customers are on their stomachs facedown in the grime and spilled beer for an hour, two hours, all this done for no apparent reason."

Disgusting. A protest that attracted hundreds was held outside the Atlanta Eagle on Sunday — I posted video from it here this morning.

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  1. Filed under "If you're not COP, you're little people".

    Just Say No To Thugs,

    Stinking Crock

    Posted by: Stinking Crock | Sep 15, 2009 2:08:04 PM

  2. Darren, very well said.

    Posted by: rafi | Sep 15, 2009 2:58:44 PM

  3. I'm even older than D. Washington, so I have to agree with him that back in the day open or semi-open sex in your average straight bar was unusual and rare, but there were always some "back room" gay places. Sadly, the phenomenon contributed to the plague years of the 80's. It seems from the comments of younger people here that things have changed, at least in some big city str8 places. However, I'm still doubtful that in smaller towns or cities open str8 sex is to be found, though I have no doubt that drugs change hands in the restrooms and dark corners.

    Posted by: Contrarian | Sep 15, 2009 3:49:10 PM

  4. i think we should show them some pleasure... love to use some double ended dildo? try to feel that!

    Posted by: Jackie Sanders | Sep 15, 2009 5:04:30 PM

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