1. says

    Hopefully he will take his message to Maine. I’m glad he is speaking in favor of gay marriage. This is very important – the first president (former or current) to support gay marriage. ever.

  2. redbearded says

    Well that’s just f%@&ing great. Thanks Billy Boy! That whole “hindsight’s 20/20″ thing sure does apply here. Don’t it?

  3. SC Guy says

    The Ole Deluder Clinton Act! Every time this man opens his mouth, lies pour out. He opposed gay marriage in 1996 because it was the only thing he could do in an election year and get away with it. The only problem for the Dems is that they don’t realize just how popular this law still is in America and opposing it only keeps evangelicals and Christian conservatives with the GOP.

  4. says

    Obviously it’s easier for him to say this now, when he’s not still President. BUT people do evolve, and that’s a good thing. His admission that he was wrong allows other people to admit the same thing. And it goes to show that the fact that several states now have marriage equality–and the world hasn’t come to an end–also forces people like Clinton to reexamine their thinking on the issue. I hope he will continue to speak out.

    SC GUY–enticing Christian conservatives into the Democratic party would require making the Democratic party as anti-gay as the Republicans. They’re never going to be on our side.

  5. RB says

    “The Ole Deluder Clinton Act! Every time this man opens his mouth, lies pour out”

    That’s right SC Guy, Obama has NEVER lied to us. Clinton was the most up front president we have ever had. Obama is one of the “Dems is that they don’t realize just how popular this law still is in America”. However I would venture a guess that is because Obama just doesn’t give a damn about anything other than our vote. And that we give blindly demanding very little in return.

    Clinton did what he would say he would do plain and simple which is far more than one can say about our current one term wonder!

  6. Tyler Rosenbaum says

    I’m not sure why everyone gives Clinton such a hard time about DOMA. Yeah, he signed it. But it’s not like vetoing it would have done ANY good. It passed the Senate with approximately 20 more votes than needed to override a veto, and almost 100 more than necessary in the House. So if he vetoed it, not only would it have become law anyway, but the Dems probably would have been stomped in the Congressional election, making even more bad laws likely.

  7. MackMike says

    Sorry, not a bad president, but I really don’t need an adulterer to define for me what a marriage is, nor deny me the rights I should share with my husband (whom I’ve never cheated on) that he enjoys with his wife. Again, not a bad president, but in terms of my relationship and what rights I should be granted, a guy who didn’t live up to what the federal gov’t supposes to be a marriage vow has nothing to say about marriage to me. Sorry, I’m still bitter.

  8. Jeff Atwood says

    So, Clinton was “hung up about the word marriage”? Apparently, the word “marriage” didn’t stop him from committing adultery with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton just uses it to rationalize his denial of civil rights to others.

  9. David says

    Time for the Democratic Rhetoric on gay rights/marriage to begin. Must be hurting for money. Elections are coming up next year. Lets dangle a carrot and watch them there homos jump into action.

    Action not words! I will not give one dollar to advocating any agenda for any group that does not ACT on my interest.

    Just how long has the Mathew Sheppard bill been sitting in congress?

    Just how long have we been waiting for action on the DADT?

    Just how long have we been waiting for action on DOMA?

    Billy – STFU! At least Bush looked us in the eye when he fucked us.

  10. peterparker says

    I’m so sick of politician who should know better wading into this debate saying that marriage is a religious institution. I’m glad that Bill Clinton goes on to then say he supports our right to marry…but he begins by muddying the waters between civil marriage and religious marriage.

    I wish some politician would stand up and say “I’m for allowing gay people to obtain a civil marriage because there is a difference between a civil marriage, which is nothing more than a legal contract recognized by the state, and a religious marriage, which is a ceremony recognized by a religious body. Any religious body should have the right to decide who they will and will not marry. But to disallow the civil, legal benefits of marriage to one group of people while allowing another group to participate is fundamentally unfair, unconstitutional and un-American.”???!!! Simple as that, President Clinton (and the rest of you wankers)!!!

  11. David in Houston says

    I am sick of this “Marriage is a state’s rights issue” bullshit. Civil rights should NOT depend on which state you live in. When straight couples get married, their marriage is valid in EVERY state. Your freedom of speech doesn’t end when you drive from California into Nevada.

    Anderson Cooper should have asked Mr. Clinton why interracial marriages are not done on a state-by-state basis? I’m sure some of those southern hick states would still love to outlaw interracial marriage.

  12. John says

    At least Clinton has developed enough humility in his old age to admit he was wrong.

    When was the last time a Republican dinosaur expressed regret for something that didn’t come out as:

    “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

  13. John says


    You think?

    I think 2008 was her only real shot at the White House. The Democrats seem to be particularly harsh on primary candidates that don’t make it. They haven’t nominated a loser since Stevenson in 1956.

    Not to mention the fact that Hillary will be 69 years old in November 2016. That’s more than enough aging for McCain style jokes. And given his chronic bad health and heart condition, in all likelihood Bill Clinton won’t be in any shape to help her.

  14. Zach says

    BULL with a capital B. Too little too late Mr. President. You passed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the hateful DOMA because you didn’t have the courage to do what was right. Too little too late

  15. Mark says


    I’m just so incredibly glad civil marriage will always be an option for people like you and Monica Lewinsky.

    HOW, Bill Clinton, is CIVIL marriage an issue for “states and religious institutions”?!

    WHAT DO RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS HAVE TO WITH CIVIL MARRIAGE??!!! How is CIVIL marriage for ALL Americans an issue for individual “states” to decide??!!!


    Anderson Cooper and Terry Moran, recent examples of how the term “journalist” is an epithet.

  16. Mark says

    Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton should make a few public appearances in Maine supporting CIVIL marriage for ALL Americans.

    Will Clinton speak at the National Equality March in favor of Gay marriage?

  17. Beefandfur says

    And yet we are still told that civil and human rights are something that can be determined by the will (vote) of the people.


  18. nic says

    bill clintin haters make me vomit. he is easily one of the most effectual ex-presidents ever. were it not for the repug hate groups, he might have been the most effectual sitting pres since FDR. he and hillary introduced universal health care coverage 16 fucking years ago. and we are still debating this!?!? do we have to wait another generation (20 yrs) to do something about helping the poor? i can put off my marriage plans, but sick people cannot wait for years to get medical coverage.

  19. k says

    AC: What made you change your mind? Was it one thing?

    BC: The fact that you, Anderson, can’t marry your partner and have to stay in the closet. Ooops, have I said too much? Oh my…

  20. rich says

    In basic sales training they teach you the “feel, felt, found” close. When the customer raises an objection, say, that the customer doesn’t like the product’s color, the sales person responds with:

    “I understand how you feel, I felt that way myself, but what I’ve found is I get lots of compliments on it and have grown to love it.”

    Bill is using BASIC sales techniques to sell middle America on marriage equality and he’s doing it subtly and masterfully and all you people seem to be able to do is dis him.

    Clinton still has a lot of supports, many his age, who will share his views. Any chance to have this message reach those men and women and make them even think about rethinking their position should be greeted as fantastic news. You can’t buy this kind of marketing.

    When ever I wonder about how backward our rights are, I think about the comments section on this blog and understand. We don’t know a friend when we’ve got one and we constantly in-fight.

    It’s amazing we’ve come this far.

  21. John says

    Clinton was merely stating a legal fact.

    Unfortunately, that’s the system we have. According to the Kangaroo Supreme Court, the people are “sovereign” and can vote to deny civil rights to you or anyone else as they see fit.

    Until we get an entirely new judiciary or amend the constitution to disallow these awful voter ballot initiatives, that’s the way it is going to be. Though given the masses’ love to screw everything up with stupid referendums AND conservative domination of the legal profession in this country, I wouldn’t count on any real changes anytime soon.

  22. InExile says

    I would prefer to have Bill or Hillary in the White House right now! Our new “leader” is, was, and always will be all talk, no action. This man never cared about the gays, he just used us for votes and money. Well, come election day 2012, he will not get my vote! I will not vote for a Repug unless they are pro-equality, most likely I will stay home.

  23. GRivera says

    Hey guy with the “sin” comment – GO TO YOUR OWN HELL!


    Besides, real living beings believe in separation of church and state.

    Come to my door preaching your crap and watch your foot get cut off from my door slamming on it!


  24. says

    I think he was a good president and I like him, but I think it’s transparent that he never, ever had any hang-ups about the word “marriage.” He—like Obama is doing now—did what he felt he had to do, politically, to survive and stay in power so he could govern the way he saw fit. The commenter who said Bill Clinton was our most “upfront” president ever is delusional to the max, lol. Clinton is not and certainly was not upfront. He was very political and strategic; nothing wrong with that. And the person saying he’s setting up Hillary for round 2 is I think engaging in some wishful thinking. Hillary would not benefit from being seen as pro-gay marriage in 2012 or probably not even 2016 because she already has the support of Dems and being pro-gay marriage isn’t going to win her more Dems or any Republicans. If anything, take this as a sign that she isn’t running again ever, or at least doesn’t see it happening.

    All that said, I’m glad he’s saying this and I hope it makes the political atmosphere that much more accepting of this POV. I was annoyed Obama and Hillary both had to lie through their teeth about how they feel regarding marriage equality. There is not a shred of evidence in their histories to make me believe either of them has a problem with gay people or gay people marrying.

  25. Jeff Dunivant says

    My response is for Burke; there are only a handful of passages on the Bible that can be remotely twisted to match your hateful rhetoric. Put your Bible where it belongs; up your narrow minded ass.

  26. Bayley says

    I will FOREVER believe had Hilary Clinton been elected our President, gay marriage would be of no question. I know gays believe Obama is their BFF and will eventually open a gay bar in their honor adjacent to Pennsylvania avenue…but for the more REALIST in us, we got it wrong. We really, really, reallyyyy got it wrong, and now we’re paying the price.

  27. Christophe says

    Gay is SIN in the Bible how can you Support it ??????/

    Posted by: Burke | Sep 25, 2009 8:11:58 PM

    No, Sir. The “SIN” – is you, judging others, exactly as your bible commanded you not to do. See how simple that is? Go and sin no more.

  28. Bill says

    Bill Clinton will be remembered for signing a document called DOMA, not for his eventual realization that is is immoral to treat a human being as something less than a human being.

  29. Ben DC says

    Bill Clinton says civil marriage is an issue for “states and religious institutions”.

    I have 3 questions:

    1) How, Bill Clinton, is CIVIL marriage for ALL Americans an issue for individual “states” to decide?

    Would you agree anti-miscegenation laws should have been left to “states and religious institutions”? Would you feel fine if anti-miscegenation laws were still the law in certain states? Is the unanimous 1967 Supreme Court ruling abolishing states anti-miscegenation laws suddenly unconstitutional? Should people of color only recognized as full citizens in some states but not others?

    So, Bill Clinton, please explain why you believe some Americans can get married but others cannot? Because Anderson Cooper did not ask you that question.

    2) What, Bill Clinton, do religious institutions have to do with CIVIL marriage?

    How does a former President of the United States suggest violating the separation of church & State as supposedly set forth in the Constitution? While Congress ignores “Jesus” regarding the Wall Street and banking industry mess, or universal healthcare, it conveniently trots out the Bible if The Gays want civil marriage.

    A lack of religion is a committed “belief system” and, therefore, protected by the Constitution. Per Justice David Souter (in an opinion joined by the majority of the Supreme Court Justices in 1994), “government should not prefer one religion to another, or religion to irreligion.”

    So, Bill Clinton, please explain why religious institutions can control civil marriage? Because Anderson Cooper did not ask you that question.

    3) Why, Anderson Cooper, did you ask neither of these two questions?

  30. says

    “I will FOREVER believe had Hilary Clinton been elected our President, gay marriage would be of no question. . . . We really, really, reallyyyy got it wrong, and now we’re paying the price.”

    Hillary wasn’t elected President, so we will never know for sure, but there is no reason to believe her positions or actions on gay rights issues–including marriage–would be any more progressive than Obama’s. And, if Bill Clinton were in office now, who knows what his position would be. Again, I salute him for admitting he was wrong and for speaking out now–even if, as others have pointed out, he’s doing it clumsily by not distinguishing adequately between religious and civil marriage–but let’s not fool ourselves into pretending that the Clintons in office would be waving any magic marriage wands. Lastly, it’s not all about the presidency i.e. Obama; we need to be lobbying Congress, continue Court cases, and continue working in the states. Our rights shouldn’t hinge on one person.

  31. says

    Interesting how people are twisting what are very supportive statements into something problematic.

    The fact is, states are important in the marriage battle because it is states that issue marriage licenses. Even at straight marriages, the line reads “by the authority vested in my BY THE STATE OF X” — NOT “by the authority vested in me by the federal government of the US” or by the President or by Congress. States control marriage, which is why several have now allowed marriage, which is a good thing.

    And re religion, what he’s actually talking about is that if a religious body wants to celebrate same sex unions, then the state shouldn’t interfere with that. He does NOT say that the church owns marriage, which is how many people here seem to be spinning it. He’s right to address religion, because it is a very popular debate point for the anti-gay folks, but he spins it exactly the opposite way. He doesn’t defend the right of religious bodies NOT to marry gay people, he defends their right to celebrate marriages for same sex couples. Please do not put words in the man’s mouth. He’s speaking carefully.

    And so what if he got a BJ from Monica Lewinsky? Marriage is not ONLY about monogamy, it’s about commitment and long term. Whatever Hillary & Bill agreed on, that’s their business. They are still together.

  32. Chris says

    Oh I’m loving some of these comments. But anytime Bill says anything the kids just goes Lady GaGa…..You know “Just Dance It will be okay da da doo..Just Dance”

    Okay kids keep dancin’ Matthew hit it spot on. Bill is trying to set her up for 2012. Strange to say I was talking to a friend and we said the same thing. He’s talking and she’s keeping quiet. HMMMMMMMMMMMM

    And Ernie if you really think Hillary would have had you married by now…CHILD GET A GRIP. Didn’t you watch the Logo debates when she said out of her DAMN MOUTH “I believe Marriage is between a Man and a Woman” But I guess you and alot of other kids bypassed her but not Barack…..

    Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

    In 2012 you can vote rethugfooligan or whatever. Because Politics rule. Then again if Hillary challenges him for the nomination and win and she wins the Presidency that will be good because then you can see your VERY OWN QUEEN MOTHER fuck us royally and you still won’t have marriage equality. I would love to see the Obama anger be directed at her.

    Child please the Hillaryites will be upset and keep on keeping on loving St Hillary she may have not given me marriage rights but we’re both _____ and that’s fine with us!


  33. peterparker says

    @KEVININVT: I completely disagree with your opinion that Clinton is ‘speaking carefully’ when it comes to religion and marriage.

    He begins by saying “I believe historically, for two hundred and something years, marriage has been a question left to the states and the religious institutions. I still think that’s where it belongs.” Clinton’s opening statement does nothing to disabuse the ignorant of the widely held, though incorrect, belief that marriage is a singular, monolithic institution that is religious in nature. Nowhere in the transcript that Andy has provided does Clinton state that civil marriage is nothing more than a legal contract between a couple and the state having nothing to do with religion.

    I think he then goes on to step in even more ca-ca when he says: “…our society has an interest in coherence and strength and commitment and mutually reinforcing loyalties, then if gay couples want to call their union marriage and a state agrees, and several have now, or a religious body will sanction it, and I don’t think a state should be able to stop a religious body from saying it, I don’t think the rest of us should get in the way of it.”

    I’ve been to anti-marriage equality protests/rallies. I’ve talked to the religious fundie crowd (some of whom are, regrettably, my family members) about this issue. They are terrified–irrationally so but terrified nonetheless–that the government is going to force them to marry gay couples in their churches. These folks truly believe that marriage equality will mean that thousands of Adams and Steves are going to sully their houses of worship by planting big gay kisses on each other right in front of the alters of their churches/temples/mosques and they won’t have any say in it because the government won’t allow them to refuse marriage rites to gay couples. Some of them even think the government will force them to stop preaching that homosexuality is a sin. So when Clinton talks about how the government shouldn’t interfere if a religious body wants to celebrate marriage between two people of the same gender, all they hear is “government, church, same-sex marriage”. And it blows their bigoted little minds.

    The politicians who are on our side–and clearly this includes Bill Clinton–must emphasize that a civil marriage is a legal contract that has nothing to do with religion and that refusing access to it based on gender/sexual orientation is discrimination and therefore unconstitutional while at the same time driving home the point that the government will never force any religious body to perform the religious rites of a marriage ceremony for any couple–gay or straight.

  34. Mark says

    @ KevinVT

    1. States do not “control marriage” they regulate marriage in the same way they regulate other federal laws. Many federally granted rights, like the right to public education, are also federally mandated but locally regulated. What is your point? That states should “control marriage”?

    2. “…re religion, what he’s actually talking about is that if a religious body wants to celebrate same sex unions, then the state shouldn’t interfere with that.” He never said any such thing Kevin. Why? Because religious institutions ALREADY have that option Kevin. Why would the State interfere with a church that wants to perform same-sex unions? What are you talking about? You seem to be the one doing the “spinning” in here. Go back and use his actual words instead of inventing and “spinning” stuff.

    3. “And so what if he got a BJ from Monica Lewinsky? Marriage is not ONLY about monogamy, it’s about commitment and long term.” The point is, Kevin, that Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Britney Spears, Phillip & Nancy Garrido et al have the RIGHT to flaunt and denigrate civil marrriage while The Gays do not.

  35. An says

    @BEN DC He seems to be talking about civil marriage but also marriage as in both civil and religious marriage, that’s why he brings up the religious institutions, is how I understood it. He never says CIVIL marriage should be decided by religious institutions.

  36. hinbww says

    Gay is not a sin in the Bible you need to read “THE CHILDREN ARE FREE” and maybe some people will wake up. Even JESUS said in the Bible gay’s are from GOD.

  37. says

    “And Ernie if you really think Hillary would have had you married by now…CHILD GET A GRIP.”

    Um, CHRIS, please read or sober up before commenting. I was not the one who said Hillary would have us married by now. I quoted another comment (that’s what those little ” are) and said there is no indication that, had Hillary won, she would have been any more progressive than Obama on gay rights. So you need to advise someone else to GET A GRIP or perhaps get one yourself, child.

    P.S. Hillary in 2012–highly unlikely.

  38. says

    @Mark, in case you haven’t noticed, when churches celebrate same-sex unions in states that don’t have marriage equality, they are not allowed to make them marriages legally. The state, in other words, interferes with those many religious denominations that perform marriages, or want to, for same sex couples.

    “…re religion, what he’s actually talking about is that if a religious body wants to celebrate same sex unions, then the state shouldn’t interfere with that.” He never said any such thing Kevin.”

    What he said was “then if gay couples want to call their union marriage and a state agrees, and several have now, or a religious body will sanction it, and I don’t think a state should be able to stop a religious body from saying it, I don’t think the rest of us should get in the way of it.” What part of “if a religious body will sanction it I don’t think a state should be able to stop a religious body from saying it” do you not understand?

    @Peterparker: I’m from Vermont. If you think I haven’t heard all the arguments against marriage in the last 15 years or so of the marriage struggle in Vermont, you’re wrong. We started in 1996 or so. I know exactly what they think, and the point is that Clinton, just as our VT Freedom to Marry people did, points out that some churches DO in fact approve of marriage equality. Of course we ALSO argue all the time that we’re talking about civil marriage, and I have written many an editorial letter about early Christian history for over ten years now, but at the same time the argument that SOME churches DO approve of marriage equality has its place too.

    We had many clergy people testify at the marriage hearings in 2000.

    It makes the same point in a different way.

    Just because he doesn’t say exactly what you would say, doesn’t mean he’s not helping the cause.

  39. nic says

    i get so put out by queers who keep bringing up the chestnuts of DOMA and DADT as if clinton was an avatar who could just snap his fingers and make bigots in his own party, notably, sam nunn comply. these are the queers who cannot contextualize history. these are the queers who are now hammering obama for not snapping his fingers and making all things gay become reality. the clintons and the obamas are the brightest, smartest people to come down the pike since jfk, lbj, rfk and mlk. it is counterproductive to kick our friends in their asses.

  40. Mark says

    @ KevinVT

    Gee Kevin what part of Clintons comments do YOU not understand?

    Let’s look at that illogical quote again,

    “…IF gay couples want to call their union marriage AND a state agrees…or a religious body will sanction it…I don’t think a state should be able to stop a religious body from saying it, I don’t think the rest of us should get in the way of it.”

    This makes no sense and Bill Clinton knows it. All he said (IN EXTREMELY VAGUE LANGUAGE) was the state should not be able to stop a religious institution from performing Gay marriages…as if it could or would (?!). Any church can perform as many same-sex marriages as it wants. The marriages won’t be legal and that is the point. Notice Clinton did not also say it the other way around – that (tax exempt) religious institutions should not be able to interfere with the state when it makes same-sex civil marriages legal.

    Bill Clinton is unbelievably intelligent and knows exactly what he is doing and how he is saying these things. He also knows how dumb his audience is. This man does not talk that inarticulately unless he’s doing it on purpose.

    “…in case you haven’t noticed, when churches celebrate same-sex unions in states that don’t have marriage equality, they are not allowed to make them marriages legally.”

    Which is why religious marriage is irrelevant and CIVIL marriage is the point.

  41. says


    Well, I speak English, and I understand what he said.
    You go ahead and twist it every which way you like so it makes no sense.

    Clinton is indeed smart, but I guess some folks wilfully misunderstand him.

    He’s changed his mind, he’s in favor of marriage equality. Why twist his words to make him an enemy?

  42. AM says

    Principles only mean something if you stick by them when they’re INCONVENIENT. When it was politically inconvenient for Bill (i.e., when he was President) he was no friend to gays and was responsible for two heinous homophobic decisions: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell & The Defense of Marriage Act.

    So he gets no love from this fag just because he’s decided to say the right thing at a time when he has nothing left to lose and when his celebrity clock is firmly at 15:01.

  43. says

    It’s the STATE that legalizes marriage NOT THE CHURCH!!!!!

    You people have been SO FUCKING BRAINWASHED BY THE CHURCH’S LIES!!!!!!!

    Marraige is a legal document issued by the state. Marriages MAY be performed in churches synagogues or whatever BY DULY LICENSED PRIESTS, MIINSTERS RABBIS et al.

    They can also be legally performed by Elvis impersonators in Vegas.

    GET A FUCKING CLUE!!!!!!!!!!

  44. sam says

    I respect everyones personal opinion on same sex marriage. However, Billy Boy, you were a great President, but your MORALS need to file for bankruptsy! cheater, lier, fornicator. We are suposed to be suprized that you support sodomey?

  45. says

    It matters little what human being endorses sodomite marriage. God Almighty calls it vile, reprobate, and an abomination.

    When God accepts murder he will accept sodomy. The fruit of homosexuality is extinction. All men are created equal, all sex acts are not. The Bible is very clear,
    all practicing unrepentant sodomites will be cast into the lake of fire.

    Same sex is perverted and in God’s eyes always will be. Bill Clinton is simply wrong and a fool! Read your Bible and weep sodomites and lesbians. The wages of sin is death and sodomy is sin, YOU FIGURE IT OUT!

    America is quickly becoming a cesspool of filth. Read Genesis Chapter 19, Judges Chapter 19, and Romans chapter 1. The verdict is in sodomy is sin!

    In Christ Who Is My Life,

    Gary Lee Myers – TPOT

  46. nic says

    @gary lee myers.

    eat shit and die. (i wonder why so many demented people have “lee” as a midle name.)

  47. John says

    Kevin is right.

    Remember, this is Bill Clinton we’re talking about. You have to read between the lines with him.

    Clinton says marriage is a state level matter and not for the federal government to decide. That has been the excuse used by the federal courts to not get involved. Of course, it is nonsense given what the Supreme Court did in Loving. But it is also the law of the land. And the former president knows this because he is a lawyer.

    But then, only a few moments later, he says that the states should *not* interfere with any marriage sanctioned by a religion. Note that he didn’t say HIS religion. He said any religion. He’s implying that it is a First Amendment issue.

    Since many religions already allow same-sex marriage. Ergo, Bill Clinton is for same-sex marriage nationwide. He’s just saying it in his round about “Clintonian” way.

  48. Devon says

    Why is it soo hard for people on this site, to just accept support for what is it.

    “It’s better late than never”, sure he was wrong in the past, but he had no problem admitting to it and speaking up about it now. He has NO REASON to speak up now, none at all, and yet he has..

    I thank him for his support, we need all the support we can get.

  49. Mike says


    What you aren’t seeing is that for some people the repeal of DOMA is a health insurance question, since there are plenty of people that would be covered by their partner’s health insurance, as well as be better able to afford decent coverage, if they had the rights afforded to straight couples by marriage.

  50. Forrest says

    Nice how Clinton, Gore et al, “evolve” on gay marriage after they are done in political life. How convenient. Let me guess when Obama is out of office he will suddenly “evolve” too. Worthless cowards.

  51. Chris says

    Ernie calm down child. I’m only commenting to what you said. It’s a fair debate so we’re keeping it cool. I responded to what YOU said about Hillary. The Hillaryites comment wasn’t directed at only YOU!

    Okay Buddy?

  52. says

    If your ideal is a President who was faithful to his wife, look no further than Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter (even though the latter lusted in his heart).

    Clinton made his mistakes, and he is as calculating a politician as any, but I’ve never doubted he was more comfortable with gay people than any president (with the possible exception of James Buchanan) up to that time. He didn’t achieve much substantively for gays – any more than FDR accomplished for Jews or JFK did for African-Americans. But his attitude was more welcoming, and it helped change attitudes in in many Americans.

    Clinton is introspective enough to rethink his positions and has admitted he was wrong on gay marriage. It’s not easy to admit when you’re wrong, especially when you pass a certain age. I credit him for his change of heart.

  53. says

    Chris, child, I’m quite calm, but thanks for your concern. (Your comment used the agitated caps-lock key, not mine.) If you were commenting on what I said, rather than what I was quoting, then your comment made no sense. Call me crazy, but I don’t like being ranted against for something I never said. LIke you, I was criticizing the “Hillaryites” for buying into the idea that she’d be our marriage equality queen with no evidence to support their claim. Get it now, Buddy?

    I’ll repeat, however, that, like Hank and others, I give Bill credit for his evolution. I’ll give him more credit if he continues to speak out about his change of heart.

  54. Daniel says

    I don’t leave many comments on this website as the tone usually seems to be so negative. Again today’s comments for the most part seem to as well. But I would like to add my comments to the mix today.
    I think Bill Clinton is human, and he says he was wrong. I think that’s great and I for one am glad he has said he was wrong. That might lead others to look differently on this issue.

  55. says

    Wow…it’s really interesting to read everyone’s comments…the ones that resonate with me personally are…and this one is good…

    1. Will he speak at the National Equality March in favor of Gay marriage?…now that’s putting your money where your mouth is…Let’s hear him continue to say this

    2. the post about the debate on interracial marriage was illuminating. While I’m happy there is no debate (anymore)…It does lend itself to the ignorance of earlier unenlightened era…

    3. and finally…my personal view reitterated up above in someones post…”I’m for allowing gay people to obtain a civil marriage because a civil marriage is nothing more than a legal contract recognized by the state.

    The bottom line is that evolution takes time…and is painful unfortunately.

    And I believe…one day…very soon…all states will honor civil marriage between all people regardless of sex, race or religion.

    Now if we can only get Obama stand up for WHAT IS RIGHT & JUST…that we should all be free to marry who we want to marry.

    Then…and only then…will we have obtained the true essence of Thomas Jeffersons words in the Declaration of Independance…(the 14th ammendment)

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    From Cornell Law School…to Websters dictionary…to the online encyclopedia…the definition of marriage is this:

    The legal union of a couple as spouses

    Marriage is a social union or legal contract between individuals that creates kinship

    A general definition of marriage is that it is a social contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically and emotionally.

    Again…to use the words of our founding fathers…

    No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges (or immunities) of citizens of the United States.

    Every US citizen has the right to marry regardless of others prejudices!!!

  56. D says

    Gay marriage is the most rediculous conversation. I don’t believe in a country that supports gay marriage. if you are gay, there is something wrong with you. i don’t want a gay to talk to talk to me unless there is a fire. they are manipulators. gay is not great. it is evil. gays in fact, ruin any chance of successful ‘real’ marriages. more than that, they ruin lives, they destroy two people of the opposite sex in love – the long run. they are evil.