Canadian Football ‘Hero’ Wanted in Attack on Ontario Gay Man

Alex Myros, former football player for the London Silverbacks, who three months ago received a Red Cross Rescuer Award for assisting two other players in pulling two children from a burning car wreck in northern Indiana, is now wanted for aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, forcible confinement, and two counts of uttering death threats in the anti-gay assault on Brandon Wright in early September.

Myros_wright On Monday I posted about how Wright had leapt from a moving truck to escape the assault, as reported by Xtra:

"Brandon Wright, an event manager and modelling agent, says a man who
called himself Alex approached him online via instant messenger. The
man told Wright he was an aspiring model looking for work. Wright
arranged to meet Alex near a variety store on Kipps Ln near Adelaide St
in London. After meeting, Wright told the man that he wouldn’t be able
to help him find a modelling job.  'He just didn’t have the looks for
it,' says Wright.  The man then told Wright that he wanted to show him
something in his
truck. When Wright climbed into the passenger side he says the man
said, 'Because you’re gay you need to be punished. I’m going to fucking
kill you and you’re a faggot.' The man then drove off with Wright still
in the passenger seat. 'He started hitting me with a big, black, heavy
object,' says Wright. 'He kept repeating, 'I’m going to fucking kill
you faggot.'' Wright says the attack continued even while the man was
driving. Wright jumped out of the moving truck to escape."

Bus-crash CNews reports: "On June 21, the Silverbacks were returning home from a game in
Indianapolis and were travelling on Interstate 69 in northern Indiana,
just south of the Michigan border, when a southbound SUV, driven by the
16-year-old daughter of PGA tour player Chris Smith, blew a tire and
slammed into the team's Greyhound bus. The SUV exploded in flames and Myros and two other members of
the team were hailed as heroes
— they received the Red Cross Rescuer
Award — for pulling the girl and her 12-year-old brother out of the
burning SUV. The children's mother, Beth Smith, died at the scene. Silverbacks owner Al Lazar said Myros, who'd suffered a few
injuries, was cut from the team Sept. 1, the deadline for teams to
reduce their roster. Lazar was shocked by the news. 'He's always been a good member of the team and we were
certainly proud of what he did in the crash,' said Lazar. 'But this
comes as a shock. Alex isn't that kind of person.'"

Wright sustained a dislocated shoulder, deep gashes to his scalp and check, ruptured blood
vessels in his left eye and severe bruising on his left side in the attack.


  1. John says

    Whenever I hear about a chase of this nature, is it morally wrong that a part of me – a small part – hopes the perpetrator has the decency to spare us the sad details and jump in front of a hail of police bullets?

    Maybe I’ve been going to China too often. But I don’t see too many downsides to that outcome.

    It’ll save the taxpayers lots of money. It’ll save the court lots of time. And it’ll save us from having to hear that tired, old, and disgusting “I killed him because he came onto to me” panic defense anymore. And I suppose even the gay-basher himself will feel very happy about the fact that he died like a “real” man.

  2. Jon B says

    A lot about this story seems really weird. Either they were meeting for anonymous sex gone wrong, or Wright is lying about everything. There is no way that you go to a variety store to assess a potential model. Also, who says “I want to show you something in my truck?” and furthermore, who hops into said truck after telling someone they aren’t very goodlooking. Sorry, I know it’s not okay to question the victim’s story, but nothing here sits well with me. I’m not saying that Wright wasn’t beaten or battered, but it didn’t happen the way he’s telling it.

  3. says

    @Jon B , yeah, something aint right with the story. I was a model agent many moons ago and I can’t even imagine that scenario going down. On several occasions I went to a models home, usually when they were minors so the parents could look me over or even sometimes I would meet them at work if soemone had given me a lead on a non model who really should be one. But NEVER in a parking lot and the whole “I wanna show you something…” thing is way fishy.

    Of course the wingnuts will say that’s what the victim gets for “coming on to a straight hero.”

  4. griffin1573 says

    I’m probably going to get flamed for this…and I hate to doubt a fellow country man and a gay man at that.
    However…I’m having a hard time with this one.
    The facts don’t add up.
    Lets pass over the dubious thought that London Ontario,of all places, has any “modelling” industry to speak of.
    Not the place where you would be looking for work in that industry.

    First,who meets a potential clinent on the street near a variety store.
    What office?

    secondly,Alex Myros is an athelete of note.
    Not just some farm boy from the sticks.
    If he wanted a career jump,which is completly possible,I would think it would be his agent that would be finding him a suitable modeling spread.
    Not some random guy in a chat room.

    Thirdly,”get in my truck…I have something to show you”.
    Right…Like that sounds reasonable after turning down a guy for work.
    ‘Instead of hitting you and beatting you up right hear,in this variety store parking lot,I’ll get you in my truck.’

    This smells more like a computor sex hook up gone wrong.

    This account isn’t adding up for me.
    Not everthing is as straight forward as this young man would lead us to believe.

  5. Gry says

    Exactly. Legit business would be conducted in an office and the guy would need a portfolio, a resume, etc. The guy likely lured him there under a pretext of sex, which is a clear indication of intent, so that quashes any claim of gay panic on the part of the attacker.

  6. griffin1573 says

    Don’t get me wrong.
    I think the young man was assalted.
    But I have my doubts as to how it went down.
    More than likely,through computor chat or just by the chance of being at the same place at the same time, he mistakenly cruised this straight jock and got in the truck thinking he was going to get himself some.
    And got the crap beaten out of him.
    Just to embarrased to admit to it.
    Discusting and chargeable yes.

    Just not the way it was related to the police.

  7. david says

    I agree with some of you that the story seems a little fishy. The dialogue that he reportedly told Wright “you’re gay and you need to be punished” just seems so contrived. I wonder if it was a hook-up. But then the question is why wouldn’t Wright (who is openly gay) just admit that?

  8. Chris says

    The account in the local paper looks far more believable and certainly reinforces the hate crime aspect. I do not hope Myros dies in a hail of police bullets or by his own hand; I do hope he is convicted and sentenced appropriately. A trial of a prominent figure can show the community the ugliest side of homophobia and reinforce why it needs to be opposed at any an all levels.

  9. kayla says

    I am completely shocked about this news.
    I went to highschool with Alex he is two yesrs older then me. But when he was in school he was always on sport teams. And well liked by pretty much everyone in the school. Our highschool was a close knit group of students. I have never seen or heard of him fighting others.Hearing this seems really out of character for the guy, just remember.There are TWO SIDES to every story and people shouldnt be judging unless they have heard both sides. either way any crime is wrong. But you cant go jumping the gun because theres different articles on different sites that say the total opposite.

  10. bree says

    Last Tuesday around 11:30 p.m., Wright was outside a convenience store near his home when a man of a similar age said he recognized him from high school.

    Wright said the man looked “vaguely” familiar and the two chatted for a short time until the man asked if Wright needed a ride.
    That is from an article posted above.
    i know alex, and he went to school in THUNDER BAY. So how is it that he would say to this guy oh hey i think i remember you from highschool. Did this so called modeling agent to go school in thunder bay? I didnt think so. Sure because hes gay people are gonna pipe up and say its a hate crime. That may not be the case though. Im sorry that this guy got some bruises on his face and then he has a horrible experience and feels like he has to ” hide inside”.Look at what happened to jake in thunder bay i would call that a SAVAGE attack.Hes face is completely broken on one side of his face. Yes wright was ATTACK. but your walking away from it with some brusies. Alls im saying is wait until Alex’s side comes out. Cause what football player wants to be a model. And what ” modeling agent” meets clients at a variety store parking lot. And are you STUPID for getting in a vehicle with someone you dont even know. YA YOU ARE.Im sure he didnt force you into a vehicle you went willingly.And also on other sites it says that Wright would lead people on saying they were gonna get big money for signing with his company, and that he would take money from the clients and SCAM them. Getting beaten up isnt right. But lets just wait and see what happens. because every website is stating completely differnt things ” like oh alex approached him saying he remembered him from highschool- thats Bullshit.” And “oh it was a model agency meeting-bullshit”. Theres so many holes in this guys story it actually makes me laugh. And its sad for the fact if wright gets witnesses and they back his story up the cops will go with that. And Alexs story wont matter. This is kind of a slap in the face of people who are gay and have actually experienced a hate crime with a story that actually makes sense AKA jake from thunder bay.

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