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David Archuleta Takes on Latin Ballad, Delivers


David Archuleta delivered a stunning rendition of the Luis Miguel track "Contigo En La Distancia" at the ALMA awards, which aired on Friday night.

Said Archuleta: "It was my first performance on an awards ceremony, and my first time performing on TV in Spanish! I have to say I was pretty stinkin’ nervous. I sang ‘Contigo en la Distancia,’ which is one of my favorite songs to sing so I’m really glad I got to sing it. I was so happy to be able to do it for all the Latin people too! I owe so much to the Hispanic culture since my mom and all of her family are Hispanic, and it’s definitely had a huge impact on the way I am."


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  1. Wow. I didn't understand a word he was singing but lord is was beautiful. Voice of an angel.

    Posted by: daws | Sep 22, 2009 7:21:53 AM

  2. He's a good singer, the only problem is any money he gains is going right to the mormon church. He's their mainstream pop superstar plant.

    Call me paranoid if you want, but you know he's giving them millions.

    Posted by: Nathan | Sep 22, 2009 7:47:11 AM

  3. Hear, hear! "Recognize"! Also, whoever wrote that comment separated into 3 parts? You rock!! That's one of the best write-ups that I have ever read, about what musical genius, real artistry and ultimately David himself is all about! KUDOS! <333

    Posted by: Annie | Sep 22, 2009 7:56:05 AM

  4. david has matured as a singer as proven by this performance. he is an amazingly talented singer. i have watched this performance a countless times and still get chills. love it!

    Posted by: joyacht | Sep 22, 2009 8:32:56 AM

  5. Yes, you are wayyyy too paranoid Nathan. All this talk of plants is just ridiculous, ridiculous. I mean really. He's a hell of a great singer, who happens to be Mormon. His religion, his politics, what he does with his earnings is his business. I just want him to entertain me. He hasn't given any indication of being anything other than a young man trying to make a career, using his god given abilities. Who are we to judge him. Or his religion. His money, as far as i know, doesn't find it's way into his veins, into his nose, into guns and bombs... He is not to be blamed for prop 8, or held up as a scapegoat for it... I'm black, and a large percentage of my people also were against the bill... Are you going to stop listening and supporting black artists, athletes, politicians, ordinary citizens because your paranoia may cause you to think that all of them are against the bill? Same shit was said and inferred about jfk being catholic, and we know that his religion had no affect on his ability to lead and govern this nation.

    Take off your tin foil hat Nathan, and just enjoy witnessing the evolution of one of the best male pop singers we've seen in a generation.

    Posted by: yes, you're too paranoid | Sep 22, 2009 8:34:30 AM

  6. Tin foil hat's off, "yes."

    I didn't say I wasn't listening to him. But every time I do, I think about his connections to mormonism and wonder how his tithe is spent. How he spends his money is his business, but I'm curious about what happens with that money as it leaves his hand. I have nothing against the guy, he's never publicly shown one way or another how he feels about his gay fans. I was questioning the mormon establishment, not mormons in general.

    As for the blaming and scapegoating, I don't believe black people were to blame for prop 8. I don't lump people together like that. I wasn't talking about race either. I was specifically talking about an organized church that funds and runs many organizations that spread disinformation and hate speech against gay people.

    Look to my post above and see where I scapegoat him or say I'm not going to listen to him. It's not there. He's probably not a "mormon plant," that's just for shock value. I have nothing against the guy, just the church.

    Posted by: Nathan | Sep 22, 2009 8:55:27 AM

  7. Great three part post at 5:00:55 AM!! I couldn't agree more with you.

    Why the hell people want to find a negative remark to say about Archuleta's performance is freaking ridiculous and obnoxious. Why should he close his eyes? Doesn't enunciate properly? What the hell? This young artist is the best thing to happen to the music industry in decades. The crap that pollutes the airwaves today is beyond sickening to me and it is my wish to have David Archuleta be recognized for the superior talent that he is and wake up these so-called music industry geniuses to understand what real music is all about.

    Posted by: Griff | Sep 22, 2009 8:59:24 AM

  8. David Archuleta fans are the new Clay Aiken fans.

    Posted by: crispy | Sep 22, 2009 9:12:05 AM

  9. I'm not turning it into a race thing,or a big political discussion either Nathan but let's get real here... how many organizations, churches, news outlets and seats of power in government still use their funds and their power to discriminate against people of color, and continue to demonize and spread dis and misinformation about anyone deemed ''different''? Does that cause you angst, or heartburn? By rights,I and my people should really continue to be hella paranoid about how these orgs, and the people in them, how they're spending their money, because it's still happening. I refuse to let my thoughts on the matter dictate how I choose to live my life, or cause me to lose sleep over those who are for or against me. I've learned how to pick my battles, and the ones that are worth fighting for... I've supported and liked the music of many artist's who's religious and political views and affiliations were wayy different than mine, and those who professed no affiliation, and those who worshipped nature, and trees, and cows... there is a separation of church and state in our schools... I practice the separation of church and artist in my musical tastes... music should be the one area where this bs needs to talk to the hand...


    Posted by: yes... | Sep 22, 2009 9:27:41 AM

  10. Thank you for sharing this Andy

    Posted by: anon | Sep 22, 2009 9:33:06 AM

  11. was wondering when the tired and trite aiken card was going to be played. tsk, tsk, so predictable... when no other reason can be found to cast shade on archuleta, the ignorati fall back on this... naw sweetie - ain't no shame liking someone with real talent, who has real potential to be big in the industry. please find a new tack to bandy about, cause that schtick is played out.

    Posted by: find a new schtick | Sep 22, 2009 9:36:46 AM

  12. Did anyone else notice that most of these positive comments are all from the same person? It's made apparent by their neglecting to use proper sentence-case in every comment and their overuse of phrases like "recognize" and "cast shade."

    I think it's safe to assume it's a black drag queen from 1997.

    Posted by: crispy | Sep 22, 2009 10:48:54 AM

  13. Oh, Crispy. You're like the wingnuts who can't accept that Obama is president. Coming up with any and every ludicrous theory to dismiss the obvious. It is your right (and, I may add, your funeral) to fail to understand Archudomination, but you're pissing into the wind if you think you're gonna convince anyone who gets it to come to the dark side.

    David's technique here is flawless, but the deep satisfaction so many are feeling from this is possible only when technique doesn’t get in the way. And that’s a critical factor. Beyond his gorgeous instrument and god-given talent, David’s genius is his unerring sense of taste. One of the things that makes this performance so riveting is not what David does, but what he doesn’t do. That kind of power -- beauty rather than bombast -- is just lost on certain people. For those who need to be hit over the head, or who can assess quality using only the bluntest of measurements, David’s appeal will forever remain a mystery.

    Posted by: Rascal | Sep 22, 2009 11:13:38 AM

  14. His unerring sense of taste? You mean like when his father walked into an Asian massage parlor and asked an undercover cop to blow him.

    Posted by: crispy | Sep 22, 2009 11:20:02 AM

  15. Dude needs to open his eyes when he sings. His version of the song was beautiful, but I remember one of the guest star coaches on Idol told David to open his eyes when he sings,,,,guess old habits die hard. He leaves the audience left out when he closes his eyes like that, like he's singing to himself.

    Posted by: Bill | Sep 22, 2009 11:28:03 AM

  16. David is so talented. What a voice. I am so happy for his success.

    Posted by: Chuck Lampman | Sep 22, 2009 11:34:33 AM

  17. What a tool and a fool you are Crispy - does your name infer the condition of your brain? You were pwned by Rascal. It'll be alright honey, happens to the best of us. Call out the right person and direct your bitter queen and childish vile in their direction. His dad and his actions have nothing to do with him. We don't get to pick our parents or our families. Betcha you have some real winners climbing up your family tree.

    Posted by: Attila | Sep 22, 2009 11:53:27 AM

  18. Attila is it now? At least you've learned to capitalize the start of a sentence.

    And sweetie, there was no pwnage. The only thing that someone who uses the phrase "Archudomination" will ever pwn is their own miniature cock.

    Posted by: crispy | Sep 22, 2009 12:13:21 PM

  19. Such a paranoid, crude little cretin aren't we Crispy? ''Pats Crispy on their pointy little head''... There, there now, hee hee. Why, how will the rest of us be able to hold up under such a powerful gift of insight,of observation and scrutiny, such as you possess? Skills of your magnitude must be shared with the world! Get thee out of thy mom's basement, and apply for a position with... hmmm...the CIA or NASA. Why give it away for free, honey - so run off and do your duty...the safety and security of the free world is counting on you!

    Posted by: Attila | Sep 22, 2009 12:59:09 PM

  20. Really, that's all you got? Mom's basement? Honestly, that's about as cliche as Archuleta's singing.

    I guess I shouldn't expect much from the last 2 remaining Archuleta fans. At least the rest of 'em had the good sense to know a dudd when they saw it and move on to Gokey.

    You and Rascal enjoy fellating each other.

    Posted by: crispy | Sep 22, 2009 1:12:19 PM

  21. Crispy, you are one vile individual....just sayin'.

    Posted by: yuck | Sep 22, 2009 1:36:24 PM

  22. OK, that boy needs to get a record contract with a spanish label!

    Posted by: FunMe | Sep 22, 2009 2:03:43 PM

  23. crispy seems to have an ax to grind against Arculeta's father or the young man.

    You are accomplishing NOTHING here.

    So go outside and take your petty problems somewhere else.

    Posted by: FunMe | Sep 22, 2009 2:10:59 PM

  24. Accomplishing nothing? I'm having a blast! Being ganged up on by Archie fans is every bit as amusing as you'd think it would be. It's like being mugged by special ed kids.

    Posted by: crispy | Sep 22, 2009 2:22:59 PM

  25. Crispy can you count? Calculators are very cheap. Gokey who?

    Posted by: BUY | Sep 22, 2009 2:43:34 PM

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