1. zeddt says

    While this is just on the edge of the gayest neighborhood in Paris, it is, well, a mall in France. Les Halles is not the most sophisticated crowd in the city (which is a polite way of saying the bottom of the barrel).

  2. henry says

    Awww….this makes me think of all the Queer Nation activities in the early 90s. Those were fun. (I’m old).

  3. Asher says

    Les Halles may be steps from the Marais, but the typical patrons at this mall are very different–urban, non-white, less affluent, less educated. As a result, I think it was the PERFECT place for an action like this.

  4. Hmmm says

    Asher I understood what you meant but still…”urban, non-white, less affluent, less educated?”

    1) The use of the term ‘non-white’ implies ‘other’ as in if you’re not white you’re something else. A better term would have been something like “racially-diverse.”

    2) Urban doesn’t necessarily = “no whites,” doesn’t = less affluent, doesn’t = less educated. It just means urban where people of all walks of life can be found.

  5. Asher says

    Derek, you’re right. In truth, “Urban” was really code for “ghetto”, and “non-white” was really code for “immigrant”. Now at least my comment sounds overtly racist and xenophobic!