Gay Man Brutally Beaten by Gang of Men in Thunder Bay, Canada

Jake Raynard is in the hospital undergoing surgery following a brutal homophobic attack by a gang of men early Saturday in which he suffered15 cheekbone fractures, and a broken jaw, eye socket, and upper palate, tbnewswatch reports:

Raynard "Raynard, 30, and two friends were smoking outside of a bar after
last call when a man approached them for a cigarette. The three friends
walked away from the man after he became aggressive. Raynard said as
they walked toward the Water Street Bus Terminal a group of males
followed them shouting derogatory comments about their sexual
orientation. 'It was like they were waiting in the
woodwork,' said Raynard, who is gay, from his hospital bed. 'The crowd
just seemed to get bigger.' One of the men grabbed Raynard's
friend and started choking him. Raynard said he struck the man that was
assaulting his friend and then began yelling at the group to try and
scare them away. 'I managed to fend off six to eight people
by yelling long enough to get them (Raynard's two friends) into a cab,'
said Raynard. Once his friends were in the cab, Raynard said
the group surrounded the taxi, preventing him from getting in. He
decided to run through a nearby alley towards a local restaurant
instead, grabbing a brick for self-defense as the men chased him. 'I was screaming loud enough to wake up six blocks,' said Raynard. 'How did nobody hear me?'  He
said the last thing he remembers is banging on the window of a nearby
fast-food restaurant for help before waking up in the emergency room of
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre on Saturday afternoon."

Thunder Bay is the largest city in northwest Ontario.

Man in Hospital After Vicious Brick Attack [tbnewswatch]


  1. robert says

    I sincerely hope they arrest these thugs and prosecute them to the full extent of the law! I’m glad to see attention given to incidents like this-so that people are made aware that intolerance is alive and well. Clearly, we need to do more to insure the safety of men and women in our community.

  2. Nathan says

    “It was like they were waiting in the woodwork”

    Yes. I’ve noticed they are doing this around my town too. Groups of guys scoping out the area, watching the gay bar. Seems like the more visible we become, the more gang-like the bullying becomes.

    His friends and the taxi driver should have done something. This one might have been avoided, or at least lessened. Poor guy, my thoughts are with him.

  3. Bill says

    I feel sorry for Jake at the same time I must remind every gay person that safety should be your number one priority and you should do everything you can to ensure it.

  4. CJ says

    Angers and saddens me. We need more street presence, take by the night, groups trained to walk the neighborhoods to make it safer for EVERYONE as it seems the police are too busy to protect its citizens. My heart goes out to Jake Raynard and all the other victims of hate.

  5. John says

    Canada has a better government than ours. It is more progressive. It is more efficient. It is less corrupt.

    But that doesn’t mean the country itself is some sort of paradise. Only a few months ago, a gang of white men attacked an African immigrant on Vancouver Island. They got their comeuppance. Four against one and the thugs still got bloodied. But the whole incident was caught on video. And it caused quite an uproar in the Canadian media.

    There are ongoing problems with discriminatory profiling – including against gays and lesbians – by the provincial government of Alberta as well. It grabs the attention of the national media every few years, fades away after the federal Parliament promises “action,” and then pops up again when a new incident arises.

  6. Mark says

    A lof of us own guns, train in MMA and don’t take shit. One day some fuckwad is gonna mess the wrong damn fag. Notice how they’re always going to Urban Gay Ghettos to attack faggots? They won’t try that shit in another place.

  7. says

    It’s really terrible to hear something like this happened. I live in London, Ontario which is a few hours drive away. It still feels too very close to home. Best wished to him and I hope the people that did this are found and prosecuted.

  8. Badly Drawn Boston Boy says

    Andrew – you’re an idiot. London is not a few hours away. It’s an 18 hour drive… maybe 15 if you cut through another COUNTRY.

    While I feel bad for him and his injuries, I don’t always believe the way these things go down. We all hear Matthew Sheppard wasn’t the angel his mother and the media makes him out to be, makes me wonder if there is a similar story here.

  9. tikihead says

    BDBB: Yeeeeah. Not being an angel oughta get you fucked up anywhere if you’re dumb enough to walk outside, in a just world. You viciously stupid troll-twat.

  10. Jim from Iowa says

    This kind of shit pisses me off. We’ve got to fight back and defend ourselves. We can’t count on the cops or the courts. Let these scumbags know that they’re going to get fucked up real bad if they come into our neighborhoods looking to beat up some gay guys. It’s up to us to save ourselves.

  11. mike says

    Gee, BDBB, shouldn’t you be watching Hannity & Beck right now? Or better yet, shouldn’t you be in bed by now? What a dumb-ass thing to say. Well, obviously you ARE a dumb-ass, so what can be expected? I guess free speech means that even trollish straight boys with no class can post on Towleroad also.

  12. Friend says

    I know Jake and he is a great guy and would bdo anthin for a friend! No one no matter twhat should have to go through anyhthing like this! I hope they find the people that did this and they go to jail and get what they deserve!!

  13. John in Boston says

    That’s what I call A Beating. I hope the guy recovers ok.

    Where were his ‘friends’? Police? This is probably a know trouble spot for them, especially on peak club nights.

    And puhleeze! There’s plenty of corruption and inefficiency to be found in Canadian gubmint(s) at federal, provincial, and local levels, trust me, LOL! Just because the Canadian courts passed gay marriage doesn’t mean you gotta kiss their ass.

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