1. jack says

    i wish i could give this my unreserved support, but too many such have turned out to be desperate bids for attention. i hate to see genuine public empathy in any way diminished by untrue claims, perhaps lessening the impact of the genuine disgraces that DO occur.

    i am just suggesting folks wait a beat to be certain.

  2. Yeek says

    Jack, I kind of agree with you. There is something about this case that is setting off my spidey-sense. The whole rock-through-the-window thing is a little too…well, corny for me not to be skeptical. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and a big hug for now, but I wouldn’t be stunned if this turns out to be another sad invention by a lonely gay kid desperate for support.

  3. JT says

    I suspect this incident might be a hoax too. Hope not though. Either way, these folks seem to be well-intentioned.

  4. michael says

    Sorry, I don’t understand the skepticism. Desperate for attention? Have you been to Greesnboro? This is not generally the kind of attention you want, which I assume is why he is laying low in face of the publicity. It gives me great hope to see a large number and a large cross-section of the the school taking it seriously and saying “We do not accept this!”

    Let’s follow the less skeptical side of Yeek and give this guy a hug. If it turns out a hoax (and I am not recalling a lot of college students in conservative areas pulling something like this), then we can deal with it. In the meantime, let’s not let Matthew Shepard be forgotten and rally to protect our brothers and sisters from insidious hatred and violence.