1. Dback says

    You know, with a male performer doing this, the lyrics take on a whole new spin. Clever, and cute. (Boy’s probably an animal in the sack, based on his dancing.)

  2. john says

    words are difficult for this one, on one hand a person wants to be supportive of others and on the other hand it’s just freaking horrible and embarassing on so many levels, yet one wants to be supportive…so I can say that the sets and the plastic wallpaper all looked first rate. Wait was this a joke? maybe it was a joke and I’m not getting it yet..I’ll give it 10 minutes and see how I feel after that.

  3. Billy says

    God, is there ever any in-between with the commenters on this site? Everything is always simultaneously amazing and awful!


    Okay, it’s just amazing. Once again, the bitter queens here show much they hate fun.

  4. wizard says

    Adorable kid, with a natural – if untrained – grace and an upbeat/benevolent sense of humor. Sweetest moment of my day! More like ‘He Puppy.’

  5. richard says

    hey andy…..
    it’s so funny to witness the devolution of your site over the years….yet, when i recognize how many gay men embrace bigoted/homophobic productions for vanity ventures like this cheap distraction — everything is true in a lie — much like the source of 9/11. bravo.

  6. MitchNYC says

    ‘He puppy’ captures it; I do love the Benji substitute for the wolf.

    The original is a basically a straight man cock tease; how many times can one illustrate ‘flexibility.’ Somehow he doesn’t quite capture the gay man’s cock tease. But it’s cute.

  7. Jason Young says

    Bitter old queens coming in to gun down fun at 4 o’clock. What is it with you people? How does some young guy dancing around having fun set the clock back ten years? Wasn’t liberation supposed to be about being liberated? Attitudes like this is why I hate going out to gay bars. If you don’t act like the coolest, hippest whatever the other queens want to kill your good time. This kid is awesome and I hope he makes any other videos he wants.

  8. Matt says

    Uhh, he can’t even extend his leg completely let alone dance. The fact that he built that… “set” is both sad and weird.

  9. Brad says

    wow. I must say, you lost a lot of points with this post. Especially since there are so many openly gay artists that are trying to make a little noise and get some support from within their own community and you won’t even pay them any mind. I’ve tried via a number of routes with different artists and fundraising events. This is what you post instead.

    Sad. Truly.

  10. says

    This kid is what is good and brave and out and open and why I have hope for our future. Yes, it’s a silly song, but the fact that he had the nerve to put himself out there is all that matters here. It speaks volumes of how in his skin he is and that the world he lives in gives him the room to act out.

  11. lessthan says

    wtf? especially Brad. This a cute video and the guy was fun to watch and obviously having fun. Why are there so many negative comments? Brad, I don’t know what site you are reading, but there are gay and gay-friendly artists featured here all the time. Stop grinding your personal axe.

  12. Davey says

    The guy is not good looking by anyone’s standards. The video is mildly entertaining for about 5 minutes.

  13. nic says

    somewhere along the line we lost our ability to have fun. modern li’l bitches think it is hip to trash everything, as if that makes them intelligent. old sanctimonious bitches want to trash everything that is not politically relevant. then, there are those malcontent bitches that will never be happy even if you serve them up brad pitt, james franco, rafa nadal, george clooney, NPH, ellen degeneres, james blake, rachel maddow, and on and on, on a silver platter. “oh, but he’s too old, but he’s too brown, but she’s not gay enough, but she’s too shrill, but he misses class, but he’s too short, and his legs are too short or too fat, and i didn’t like the jacket he wore, and he’s too black or not black enough.”

    there is something i did or help do along my personal journey to allow this kid the freedom and courage to express himself in this frank and honest way, and i must add, a courageous way. i am proud of that.

    to burden his slim shoulders with setting the gay movement 10 years back? wtf? whom do you think you little shit-asses are kidding? i don’t know whether the young man in the vid is gay, and i don’t care. but, he exemplifies the near culmination of a struggle, and it is precisely what many of us have fought for: self-expression without fear of condemnation.

    your negative reaction to his act of self-determination is the very definition of irony. and, what is most ironic of all, he apologized beforehand saying that he meant no disrespect to shakira; that it was just him and some friends having fun. but, many of you refuse to have fun with him.

  14. Derek says

    It was funny, made me laugh at that was the point. In bares repeating (again) that some of you nasty cunts need to take the stick out of your asses and seriously lighten the fuck up.

  15. ZnSD says

    wow after reading the comments all I can say is what a bunch of cocksuckers. jeez. it’s just a dumb youtube video. Controversial? uh, no. Funny, I never see all of this type of back and forth on postings that ARE related to politics: case in point: the post above this one which is about the CENSUS has THREE comments. Talk about stereotypes. What a bunch of bitches. LOL.

  16. Rick says

    “The guy is not good looking by anyone’s standards.”

    Yeesh. If a kid with a body that slim, well-toned, and flexible is “not good looking by anyone’s standards,” then what hope is there for 80% rest of us who fit into the category of “average.” Davey exemplies this sort of inhuman demand for physical perfection as the “standard” in the gay community.

  17. Astounded says

    Rally round, lads. It’s time to call YouTube on the carpet for its homophobic biases. Consider:

    Shakira releases ridiculous “She Wolf” video featuring lots of skin and suggestive dance moves.

    2. Young man releases ridiculous “He Wolf” parody video doing same.

    3. Guess which one gets flagged as inappropriate for young viewers by YouTube, citing “community standards”? You got it. The He Wolf parody, going viral with nearly 100,000 views after just four days on line, just got flagged.

  18. Chris says

    Um, Davey?

    The video’s 3:47 long. How did you watch it for “five minutes,” let alone if you find him “not good looking by anyone’s standards”? You’re a douche.

    He’s hot. Watch the original video; the dancing is exactly this bad in that, and he just copies it. Hilariously. And hotly.

  19. says

    Aw this is too cute, no one can hate it. It’s just too sweet, he’s too cute, and it’s a little bit hot too. Wish i was that flexible.

  20. Mark says

    Astounded… is this even a parody? I don’t see any humour in it. It just looks like the guy trying way too hard to make a remake… and as others have said– fail. This video was like trying to look away from a car accident.

    Don’t pull the “bitter old queen” line on me either, its old and trite and I’m 22. This video is a mess in a bad way.

    And his attempts at sexy eyes are super creepy. If thats what people consider sexy it clearly explains why I’m still single. Holy Moses.

  21. says

    Brad, there isn’t a finite amount of posts on this blog. It’s not like Andy used up one of the few he has left. I do agree with you that there are a lot of gay artists out there that need to be heard, so if you find, or hell, you could create a gay music blog, I’ll be the first one to bookmark it.

    It’s funny. The first 40 comments on He-Wolf’s YouTube page are all positive. And given that this isn’t the only blog who picked up on this video, it’s safe to say that all of those comments aren’t from gay men. While on the other hand, at least half of the comments on this post are just plain nasty. All posted by gay men.

  22. J says

    Um…this is effing hilarious. It’s a very well executed satire.

    Maybe if you all didn’t take yourselves so seriously you might have a more enjoyable existence.

  23. maisey says

    Wait a second. Isn’t this supposed to be comedy? I feel confused. Some of the comments are so serious. I thought he was doing it for fun. To be honest, when I first saw this video I didn’t think he was straight or gay. I actually didn’t think about it till the end and when someone pointed out, that the video was probably rated for a mature YouTube audience (ha!) because he crawls into bed with another man. Um – THIS is what I find disturbing! I think this guy is great, for having fun and not stressing about what he looks like -physically or or in the eyes of a homophobic viewer. I feel like that is a bit of a political statement.

  24. Lubin Odana says

    Well obviously it didn’t have millions of American dollars pumped into it to make it perfect (I don’t follow your pop music much but the only thing I found annoying about it was the fact that Shakira’s voice had been digitally altered a lot so it sounded like she was sining in tune – how humiliating).

    The guy was obviously having a lot of fun, so good on him.

    I always enjoy reading the judgemental bitchy queen-out comments on this site. They make me laugh. And thankful I’m not like that.

  25. maisey says

    I’m completely in shock. Love the video. Laugh my ass off every time I see it. I’m really just surprised that there are so many negative comments over a guy who decided to have some fun with his friends and make a silly parady of an already over the top Shakira video. shit.

  26. Micha says

    You guys are all stupid.

    If you watched the ORIGINAL Shakira video, you would understand why this is funny. Now I happen to know the kid who made this; we’ve been friends since middle school. And trust me, Andrew is in no way trying to “set gays back by a decade.” How the fuck does one even do that? He is simply expressing himself. How is that a setback? If anything it should be celebrated.

    My advice to you? Let your he-wolf out of its closet before it dies and starts smelling the place up.

  27. andrea says

    way better than shakira’s video hahahaha, this is funny as hell, congrats!!! XD i LOLED.

    parodies are awesome!!!