1. says

    Republicans can pitch fits all they want – they know their friend was in the wrong for throwing a temper tantrum and yelling at the president. I taught 4th graders and when someone interrupted me there were consequences.

  2. willie says

    again they show they are Republicans first and Americans second — 166 would not even reprimand one of their own for this live offense that was broadcast around the world during 2 wars

    not shocking any more — but yet another reason Republicans are not welcome in my home and told so … and why I would never even consider sleeping with one … ever

  3. willie says

    JT …. hopefully someday you will learn the very real differences between those who support the Republican Party and those who support the Democratic Party…. it is not anywhere near the same …. and I dont sit by and let that lie of “sameness” be spread

  4. Roralot says

    Someone from the House of Commons in England said that if that would have happened in England, security guards would have escorted Wilson out. [Even though they yell and argue a lot.]

  5. John says


    Yes. Because the yelling takes place within the rules not outside of them. They’re allowed to do that.

    The Republicans try to muddy the waters by invoking PMQ. But a State of the Union address – either official or otherwise – is hardly the same type of event.

    In fact, what American presidents do is more like the Speech from the Throne than anything else. It is pomp and pagentry chereographed to the last second. The president always travels the same route down Pennsylvania Avenue. The military band outside always plays the same song. The generals, judges, and cabinet members enter the House by order of precedence. Even the standing ovations and applause are regulated.

    You can heckle the Prime Minister during question time because he or she is an MP. As a member of the House, the Prime Minister does not enjoy the special privileges normally associated with a Head of State. But nobody heckles the Queen.

    In fact, when some dared to jeer her during a speech announcing the abolishment of hereditary peers, the response was immediate and harsh. Loud echos of “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME” drowned them out. They were then escorted out the chamber by Black Rod. The following week they were expelled.

    Even though all of the Queen’s official speeches are written by “her government” (i.e. expressing the opinion of the Prime Minister and not her personal view), it is considered the ultimate faux pas to interrupt the monarch during a policy address. You just don’t do it.

  6. cd_2186 says

    The one thing that I find interesting is that Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) made his criticisms of the president during debate on the house floor, not during a joint session of congress Presidential speech. The only similarity between these two situations are both people, Wilson and Stark, called the President a liar. The only thing is, Stark was right and Wilson was in fact the liar.

  7. JIM says

    I think Mr Wilson was right to voice his opinion. Furthermore, who in their right mind would equate Uncle Obie with any kind of monarch? I bet the queen would never have bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia!

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