1. billy says

    Fuck her…Srsly.

    She was nowhere to be found in the weeks leading up to Election Day. All of a sudden she’s an advocate?

    I find her babble insulting.

  2. Sam says

    Actually, Jake I’m fairly sure she did advocate against proposition 8. She was also pretty active in the days before the last election particularly she was critical of John McCain and Palin.

  3. Billy says

    Oh shut up, you tired, ignorant queens. While enormous stars like Madonna and Ellen and Oprah sat on their hands, Kathy (despite having FAR less star power) personally brought HOMELESS GAY YOUTHS to parades and spoke out against Prop 8 at rallies. Photos and videos from these events even appeared on this site. She is, and always will be, one of our strongest allies. Even to bitter gays who are too lazy to check up on these facts themselves.

  4. peterparker says

    I’ve seen Kathy Griffin at No On 8 rallies in West Hollywood. So all you tired queens who are bitching about her lack of involvement should shut the fuck up.

  5. TheNiebur says

    I live in Denmark, and even I remember seeing her during the No On Prop 8 campaigns! And she always includes her stand (No pun intended) in her stand-ups. How can anyone following her just a lil, be in total oblivion about this?

  6. Keith says

    I agree that we have to work harder to prove ourselves. I work two jobs (70- 80 hrs per week), volunteer at a hospital, and attend college. Many of us feel that we must work harder to disprove the republican rhetoric.

  7. says

    kathy griffin is one of the largest “friends of dorothy” around. she has been, and will continue to be, a huge supporter of gay causes. and now that she agrees with me that hetero marriage ought to be stopped, i love her even more! ; ) thank you Ms Griffin! i’m going to go put on my Tshirt from your Foxwood’s gig right now!

  8. phillip says

    Wow…hard to believe the negative comments about Kathy G. What makes someone so bitter towards someone who obviously supports us, I will never understand. You J A’s need to look in the mirror and work on that attitude because NOBODY will ever want to be around your angry asses!

  9. Paul R says

    Thanks, David. The entire notion of Grover Norquist’s cock has ruined what started as a promising Sunday.

  10. billy says

    Kathy Griffin did nothing to defeat Prop 8 before Election Day except appear in a silly video montage.

    All of her appearances at rallies with her camera crews and homeless gay youths were after the proposition had passed.

    Because some dumb bitch runs around yelling “where are my gays?” all of you assholes think she’s a valuable friend.

    David Ehrenstein says that Kathy Griffin “understands more about gay politics than many gay people.” Please David, enlighten us. What the fuck are you talking about?

  11. Philip Wester says

    Count me in with the crowd who cannot understand where the heck Billy and Jake are coming from. Really? Kathy wasn’t around leading up to the election? Towleroad featured several articles about her speaking at anti-Prop 8 rallies!

  12. william says

    brian woodson, i agree with you. is our sexuality a preference or an orientation? people seem to be thrwoing around “lifgestyle” a lot these days as well. wtf is with that? people are just so ignorant.

  13. Matt says

    jesus, I guess because she didn’t take an assault rifle into Sacramento she’s not fierce enough of an advocate. She’s fine by me, especially compared to some of the actually GLBT people in entertainment that do jack shit for the cause. Plus I think she reps it well for the Irish-americans =]

  14. Matthew says

    Even if she didn’t speak out before the vote, do you really think that she should be hated by starting now? I mean, give me a break. Sometimes it takes people getting outraged before they start speaking up, which is not even the case with Kathy. How about we be thankful for those that support us and not be so damn dramatic over idiocy.

  15. Joe O. says

    Completely bizarre to see criticism of Kathy Griffin’s commitment to equality. I wonder if those comments are actually fake.

  16. Troy M says

    “Bitter, table for one…” c’mon, ya’ll, get off the cross I need the wood… why are you vilifying someone who’s been as pro-gay as Kathy Griffin? I find her standup hilarious, I think she is spot-on in her commentary about gay culture and gay life and I think going from D-List to (almost) A-List is amazing. Why are you hating on her?

  17. Brad says

    She’s a great friend to our community. At first I didn’t understand such hostile comments, but considering it’s here, I totally get it. Bitter bitches rule this site.

    BTW, her book is hilarious.

  18. Scott says

    What the fuck are you faggots talking about? I was personally AT two No on 8 events BEFORE the election that Kathy spoke at.

    I don’t care if you don’t like her, big fucking deal. But don’t lie to try and make your point.