1. jeffreychrist says

    Did I just read, “She reminded me of a young Madonna – with more exuberance and emphasis on the art rather than the marketing”?

    Did he actually – with a straight face – use ‘art’ while praising Lady Kaka? Absurdly state that Kaka is more *ahem* ‘art’ than ‘marketing’?

    Isn’t he too young to display such shocking signs of senility?

  2. sparks says

    Like the song.
    I’m just amazed someone with THAT much botox can still smile. Very impressive! đŸ˜¡

  3. JonJon says

    Michael Bolton is a homophobe…at least 10 years ago he was. I’m sure anybody willing to dig, can find the evidence. Screw him.

  4. Maverick69 says

    Mildly surprised. It’s pretty good and I’m not a fan of Mr. Bolton. At least he’s not screaming like his older songs.

  5. Jedd says

    I’ve never really understood why we’re supposed to hate on Michael Bolton. I’ve always liked his songs. I wasn’t a raving fan but I thought he sang good.

  6. says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH this is sooo wack im bumoin it. not even cliche american chart toppers can bring back the sexiest failure of all time!