1. Glen says

    Susan said she dreamed of meeting Elaine Paige. Susan, you could do harmony vocals for Elaine any day. Soooooo looking forward to her debut CD.

  2. excy says

    Pleasantly surprised. I LOVE “Wild Horses”. Restrained orchestration. Susan’s voice sounds so clear. This is a very emotional, intimate version of a great song. Bravo!

  3. Rick says

    She had me singing along with her in less than 30 seconds. Great job. Too bad she could not be persuaded to cover an even better ballad, “Moonlight Mile,” from the same Stones album.

  4. MackMike says

    Though I appreciated “I Dreamed….,” I must admit that the hype lowered my expectations considerably. I was SO wrong! What a lovely rendering of a classic pop/rock ballad. Once again, Susan Boyle utterly defies expectation! Gorgeous.

  5. Mark_in_Belgium says

    Wow . she’s got control of her vibrato that singers half her age would envy. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

  6. Chris says

    …..good for Susan Boyle, but with easy listening versions of their classics being covered perhaps the Stones will now be inspired to finally write that great country/blues album we’ve all been waiting for since Some Girls.

  7. says

    Wow. I was really afraid that she had spun out once and for all, and that what she summoned up in that first audition was in the nature of a one-off.

    Clearly not true; she’s been carefully, very sensitively produced, and the result is lovely, moving, and far, far more sophisticated than I would have expected.

  8. OttoErotica says

    Gee, I thought she was just a crappy mimic with bad taste. (the next Elaine Page? I cringe)
    I’m honestly impressed and would even consider buying (ok, pirating) a cd. So very interesting. Clearly, all that pathos and crazy wasn’t an act, but experience she can tap and channel into something beautiful. she might have to give the old tin horn Elaine a lesson.

  9. james says

    A little too paint-by-the-numbers for my taste but better than I expected… I have to agree with Unruly, The Sundays did a much better version.

  10. mason says

    i love the sundays version. it does emote for me. but it emotes for a time and space that i’m not in. their version is from my youth.

    this definitely will be the version for my after-youth.

  11. Brenda says

    Well, so much for a one hit wonder!
    After hearing her Cry Me A River, I knew this would be good but it’s incredible. Such control and feeling.
    This woman can SING!

  12. aiden says

    OMG…Im speachless i never ever thought id be listening to susan boyle tunes, but this is just a stunning and hauntingly beautifull cover of wild horses. It has seriously blown me away & has to be heard to be believed…forget the su-bo hype just chillax and listen…its gorgeous

  13. pollyanna says

    Beautiful! Her album needs to come with tissue coupons. She depicts such rich emotion I feel my cells. I see klenex sponsorship. This reminds me of Tori Amos; minus the crazy. Thanx!

  14. rasp says

    to be honest, there hasn’t be true singers who made it bid in a long time…so for someone who can actually sing, i’m all for it….

    great voice, great song!

  15. gr8guyca says

    I feel like I have to do a double-reverse to truly appreciate her talent. Is she famous because of the contradiction between her appearance and her voice or does she have a voice that stands up on its own merits? I have to imagine this song performed by a beautiful 20-year old girl to factor out her appearance. And you know what? She’s got a great voice and would be a recording star on the merits of her voice alone. I suspected that after hearing her earlier recording of “Cry Me a River.” This confirms it. It was also a wise management choice to release this song first. It breaks her out of the “Broadway singer” mold and makes her a mainstream recording artist. Way to go, Susan!

  16. Nick Courbet says

    Total rip off of the Sundays version of WIld Horses. Unbelievable!!! The Sundays had the innovation to change the Stones classic.If only people had heard this first, they would realise this is just a cheap imitation of that.

  17. says

    Holy cow .. gotta give credit where it’s due guys… That was pretty damn good .. who would have guessed. You rock SB !

  18. alicefay says

    Or maybe it is a compliment to the Sundays and the way they performed the song. No matter who did the version first, it is still stunning.