Mika Labels Himself: ‘Call Me Bisexual’


The coy until now pop star Mika tells Dutch magazine Day & Night to call him a bisexual if they feel the need to label him:

"I've never ever labeled myself. But having said that; I've never limited my life, I've never limited who I sleep with. So, whatever. (…) Call me whatever you want. Call me bisexual, if you need a term for me."

He also recommends the label-less route for everyone else:

"There are ways of being a role model without having to always having to establish yourself with a label. Let's say if you're a 16-year-old guy, and you're not sure about your sexuality, you should be as free as you want…Having a role model who makes you feel like it's alright to do whatever you want, without the pressure of a label, I think that's a good thing as well. I think there's a million different ways to do it, there isn't only one. And I hope I'm right."

And guess what? Today, Septbember 23, is Celebrate Bisexuality Day!


  1. kujhawker says

    While I don’t think one has to publicly label themselves and that a young person needs time to explorer themselves. You do need to be able to label yourself. It may not be a simple label like gay or straight. It may be quite complex. But you do need to spend time examining yourself and figuring yourself out.

    Otherwise you end up a clueless 40 something having know idea who you are and what the hell youa re doing with your life.

  2. Rovex says

    I may be wrong, but isnt this ‘dont label me’ crap the purview of the young? Labelling things is how we formed language in the first place, without labels we would be silent. Mika.. your a guy, who i assume does have sex with humans exclusively so here are the options, gay, straight, bi. There are no other options. Sure its a sliding scale, but with only 2 poles there are only 3 basic labels.

  3. James says

    Why can’t he be bisexual?

    There are definitely bisexual people in the world. I suppose we feel compelled to identify with one of the poles – gay or straight – and I believe that only makes “straight” people who do have occasional same-sex feelings uncomfortable and not willing to act on their feelings, for feeling of being labeled “fully gay”. Conversely, gay people who occasionally (or frequently!) have opposite-sex attractions feel pressured to not act on them, or are not taken seriously.

    Let’s all be queer!

  4. flucht17 says


    and i’m not going to take gays “who occasionally (or frequently!) have opposite-sex attractions” seriously in any way because i don’t believe actual gay people have them.

  5. clint says

    What’s the deal with all these douchebag kids? Oh well, whatever. Sure, he might say “bisexual”, but which is the entree and which the dessert? Which is the steak, and which the candy? Which do you need, and which do you just enjoy? Only if you must wake up to both or go unfulfilled can the label “bisexual” honestly and truly be applied. It’s not just whom you’re able to have sex with, but who you need next to you when all the extra fun is done.

  6. Zach says

    All this love and support, and non-judgment; who wouldn’t want to be part of this great community?

    You all make me sick. Why wouldn’t we want to work toward a society where we don’t have to obsess over which a gender a person sleeps with? Why does someone have to declare a side? What kind of fucked up outlook on life is that?

  7. DR says

    I appreciate what he says, but my concern is this:

    Until the heterosexuals out there stop making “gay” a dirty word, we need labels for the kids growing up and coming of age so they know who to identify with instead of identifying and hoping based on stereotypes.

    And I despise the word “queer”.

  8. VestibuleSublevel says

    I’m disgusted by the posts here. Get off your high horses – don’t tell me you’ve never withheld the truth for some personal benefit. And I’m sure many of you were in the closet before.

    Sure, lament about how sad it is that people don’t dare to come out, or that coming out is not always the best thing one can do for himself. Why be so mean to someone else just because he can’t or won’t admit he’s gay?

    Fuck you all.

  9. Timmeeeyyy says

    Uhm, he’s not calling himself bi, did you read the interview? He’s the person who gets to define who he is, not us. Aren’t gay people arguing for the right to define ourselves, not be defined by the general population’s stereotypes? Isn’t he just doing that on a personal level? Why is it important to you how he defines himself? The dynamic is really no different than straight people telling gay people they are just confused. He knows who he is, you don’t.

  10. JeremyToday says

    Honestly, I don’t even know what to write. The responses of you lot are so entirely judgmental and close-minded that it shames me as a gay man.

    So what if 99% of “bisexual” guys end up identifying as strictly gay. Who the fuck do you think you are to DEFINE THEM during that interim period?!

    You DO NOT have that right. And when you try and assume that right, you’re no better than the homophobic straights that try to condemn us all.

  11. Blurgle says

    I just read an article in the New York Times about middle schoolers who were brave enough to come out. Middle schoolers! Imagine the courage it takes to do that. Those kids – I don’t know how they’re doing it, but good for them.

    This guy doesn’t have the courage of a twelve-year-old. “You can call me”. If you are it, own it.

  12. says

    I’m sory, but as a straight women I wouldn’t want to date or be in a relationship with a man that has sex/or likes men in a sexual way. No thanks. He doesn’t need to state any fact to me because there is NO such thing in my opinion as a bisexual male. YOU ARE GAY!! Quit it with this confusing bullshit. Mika you’re an asswipe for this one. F U!

  13. Krakenbwool says

    So why is it okay when women brag about being bisexual, while somehow men have to be either straight or gay? It’s narrow-mindedness like this that makes men in Hollywood so paranoid about anything that is said about them that.
    I’m a girl, and while I don’t like Mika, I do like men who admit attraction to other men, bisexual or gay. Who says guys can’t have a little fun?

  14. gc says

    Mika’s sexuality is no one else’s business. I think (at least part of) the reason he never wanted to label himself is because he didn’t want to go through the judgment and shit people would give him for not seeing love and sexuality in black and white. Maybe he was afraid of the reaction straight people would have to a queer man. But I bet even he wouldn’t expect the kind of hateful vitriol being spewed from some (most?) members of his own “community.”

    No wonder he wanted to keep his sexuality to himself. Shit, with gays like these, who needs homophobic straights?

  15. Noah says

    Certainly, bisexuality is a valid sexual orientation. Who knows why this cutie told the world he is bi. None of my business. However, I have always disliked (probably abhor) the term “label free.” There is no such thing. We are programmed to label things. It’s in our genes. It’s a part of being human. It’s ironic that even “label free” is a label. I am “fill in the blank with whatever innate characteristic.” You are classifying yourself. Don’t worry, it’s only natural. The only “problem” I have ever had with bisexual peeps is when they employ their “we’re superior to gay people because we can play both sides” bullshite, retard logic. If it wasn’t for courageous gay men in this world (past, present, and future), then there would be no gay rights movement. Period. Bisexuals have less to lose. Heterosexuals have nothing to gain. So, I guess what I am trying to say is, I’m proud to be GAY!

  16. nic says

    i like mika. but, i have a thing for skinny white guys. whether he is straight, gay or bi makes no nevermind to me. i will never get to lay him. he does not hold my future or anyone else’s future in his hands other than his own. i am astounded at the negativity toward someone who may be gay from people who crave acceptance from the “normal” world. i think that queers forget what being queer means: eccentric; off-center; out of the norm. “queer” is not a pejorative unless we allow it. there are millions upon millions of people who don’t meet normative criteria. left-handedness is not normative, neither is red hair, nor are blue eyes. by extension, shaekespeare and einstein were extremely queer. so were da vinci and michelangelo. normality is not something i would ever aspire to. mika has a right to define himself the way he wants. it is the height of presumptuousness for anyone to begrudge him that.

  17. gomez says

    “and i’m not going to take gays “who occasionally (or frequently!) have opposite-sex attractions” seriously in any way because i don’t believe actual gay people have them. ”

    Posted by: flucht17

    and you would be wrong about that. trust me. but stay inside your little insular all-gay world, mary.

  18. SAMUEL says

    Gosh, these people who ‘reject labels’ get you all worked up, huh? What is this assumption that he can’t be bisexual? What he is talking about, I think, is not straight-on bisexuality, but queerness.
    ‘Homosexual’ as a discrete condition is really very recent, coming out of Foucault. I disagree with the idea there are only two (or three) sexualities: homosexual, heterosexual (bisexual). I mean, if you want to embrace gender essentialism maybe, but what about the intergendered/intersexed, or when you like a woman who dresses as a man, is that homo or hetero?
    Essentially, pull your heads in you close minded gits.

  19. Starr says

    @Blurgle: Did you even read the article?

    “Kera says she was 10 when she realized she was interested in both sexes. “It was confusing for a while, because for some reason I thought that you had to be straight or gay, and that you couldn’t be both,” she told me at the coffee shop. “So I thought about it a lot, like I do about everything, and I went online and looked up bisexuality to read more about it. I realized that was me.”

    I found your comment astonishingly cruel. I don’t know anything about Mika, but I’ve known several bisexual men. Why would bisexual men want to come out to the people on this thread?

    And the hell with all this Elton bullshit. David Bowie told the truth about being bi, then went back in the closet for a few years because he got so much shit about it. So much for the public being more comfortable with bisexual men than gay men.

    @Huh?: Why has no one called this bitch out? Okay, I will. Fuck you, you homophobic cunt.

  20. MNG says

    Doesn’t he mean pansexual rather than bisexual? there is a very fine line between the two, but the pansexual label sounds more appropriate for what he is describing… idk

  21. crazyaboutmika says

    I love Mika’s music, Mika’s voice, Mika’s world and I do not care about his private life; all I need to know is what a wonderful singer and great human being he is! l only want him to be happy as much as he makes me happy with his songs!

  22. Siobhan says

    The only reason I scrolled down far enough to comment was to have a little chuckle at the way they’ve formatted the magazine title so that it reads like “GAY & NIGHT”. Lovely.

    But then I had to wade through two pages of self-loathing biphobia from (one assumes) a largely male, albeit gay and straight, audience.


    Firstly, who cares what he identifies as, or why he chooses not to identify as any one particular thing: the point of the article for the LGBT community, surely, is that he’s okay with people making assumptions. Call him whatever you want, he knows what he is, and he’s okay with what he is.

    If only you lot could say the same.

    Secondly, as a bisexual female with a ton of gay friends (mostly female, some male): I get whole “nobody’s really bi” thing thrown at me a lot. Second verse, same as the first. This shit is not new. But I’d really love everyone who has a theory on this to STFU JUST FOR ONE MINUTE before they repeat the boring cliché that bisexuality is a halfway house for people who are afraid to come out fully and consider that although that might apply to them, and many other people they know, that does not mean it is a universal rule, and it does not mean that bisexuality cannot exist as a type of sexuality apart from that.

    Maybe we bi people should start blaming the gay idiots who temporarily take on our sexuality because of their half-assed attempts at being true to themselves, instead, and then we’d have less of this bullshit thrown at us from within our own goddamn “community”.

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