1. Contrarian says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mick gin mill in question is frequented by off duty cops and/or NYFD; hence the hands off treatment. Get every barkeep and employee checked out by Immigration and deport any who don’t have proper status. See if they can find work in the so-called Emerald Isle with 20+ percent unemployment.

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    You mean 1 str8 guy took down 4 gay men? No please no. No No No. With all the time spent in the gym. No No No. And young Gay men have such attitude and arrogance. You mean 4 arrogant Gay men are brought down by one idiot str8 basher? The crisis is not in Gay bashing, the crisis is with Weak Gay men.

  3. says

    So, Ya Seez, me and Mugsy was at the joint, you know the one with the pansies, ya seez and So Mugsy says “lets kick some Pansy Patooty!” So Iz sayz ,”yeah!” So we did. Then so you seez, when went down to the other joint. The Mick bar and had O’Reilly rustle up some gin and a coupla floozys and went back to the flophouse before heading out to Minskys. Ya seez?

    “Mick Bar”? Really Baby Face?

  4. GIO says

    Guys, we all know what the “bigger man” is supposed to do when confronted in a situation like this one but it is obvious that the “bigger man” tactic is not working because they continue to kick our asses. These were FOUR FUCKING GUYS and they couldn’t even react in any way, shape or form? If we don’t start standing up for ourselves, this will continue to happen!

  5. Buck says

    And yet, again, I am amazed at my fellow gays’ inability to stick to the subject. Instead of commenting on the story at hand, this thread devolves into a snipefest of queens trying to put each other down.

  6. JT says

    But, seriously folks, I do think this Blake Hayes and company should drop this because, rightly or wrongly, the NYPD IS always blowing off the more “trivial” crimes (when injuries are not that severe), and take this as a learning experience. Enroll in some courses and learn to kick ass.

  7. chrisnyc says

    wow, people on here are homophobic straight people (how’s that gay link gonna look in your internet history), or really self-loathing, i wish i was straight “butch” gay guys.

    i bet you all go around blaming rape victims too and thinking if we all had guns there’d be no crime. Getting verbally into an argument with someone who threw a lit cigarette at you and called you a faggot does not mean you should be prepared to fight. Getting into a fight could easily mean one or two people get seriously hurt, who was the victim could amazingly become the aggressor and suspect, and you don’t know the size or physical training (military or police service) differences between the people.

    If you get cut and bleed from a man punching you and the police say they can’t do anything, that’s bullshit. I see kids locked up, under 15, for much less every day. these cops, and I will say midtown north cops generally seem annoyed at handling regular calls…i guess they like big fancy Times Square assignments fighting terror more.

    Gay guys should be prepared to defend themselves, as should everyone, but it IS the police department’s responsibility to try and prevent those incidents from occurring, and when they do, to fully investigate and appropriately charge those involved.

  8. Tom H. says

    The depiction of the victims here as weak is really creepy.

    An attacker accompanying violence with derogatory references to race, ethnicity or perceived sexual orientation should be charged and prosecuted whether he attacks one person or many.

    Derek and Sargon–your responses in this and the other thread are dripping with self-loathing.

    Derek–get professional help for your father issues. We can’t help you here and they’re derailing the discussion of the police response to this incident.

    Sargon–you’re just creepy.

    And contrarian–inserting your anti-Irish sentiment into this discussion just makes you an asshiole.

  9. Mike says

    I don’t see anything wrong with this really. The NYPD can’t go arresting everyone who throws a punch. I mean what are you going to do, arrest people for slapping someone in the face?

  10. says

    Miles you have it irght–they don’t want to take reports. No incident, and no paperwork!

    I called 911 after the same thing happened to me in the West Village–the cops wouldn’t arrest the guy; they said “someone has to be lying unconscious in the street” to make an arrest.

  11. tkm says

    my partner was incarcerated on riker’s island and the Corrections Officers harassed him on a daily basis, called him a fag and taunted him in front of the other inmates. luckily Senator Duane and his staff assisted me in having him transferred from the facility. i’m not surprised the nypd did nothing to help these three guys. it’s very scary when law enforcement does more harm than good. i no longer trust the police department

  12. Mark says


    There were FOUR SMART, SOBER, FIT, ABLE BODIED Gay guys NONE of whom were drunk, high or in wheelchairs, NONE of whom were in any way prevented from fighting back. Their “attacker” was one DRUNK guy with impaired consciousness and reflexes. AND THEY STILL LET HIM BEAT THEM AND INTIMIDATE THEM.

    One of The Gays could have called the cops while the other two or three fought back and/or restrained the basher until the police arrived. What did these guys think was going to happen BETWEEN a call to the cops and the cops arrival?! That the basher would just stop his attack and politely wait?! RESTRAINING AN ATTACKER IS A MEANS OF SELF-DEFENSE. TO RESTRAIN AN ATTACKER YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO FIGHT. YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO SUBDUE AN OPPONENT WITH LITTLE OR NO SERIOUS INJURY. Not very hard to do. Especially if it’s one old drunk guy.

    How many Gay guys who go out in groups actually make an action plan like that? How many even care to?

    It is lazy, arrogant and self-entitled (not to mention self-loathing) to live in a large dangerous city where anti-Gay hate crimes occur on a demonstrably regular basis WITHOUT any means of self-defense.

    I’m tired of Gays who are so fucking deluded by PC bullshit they feel ENTITLED TO PITY AND PROTECTION FROM OTHERS. No one ever got their full civil rights by feeling self-entitled. They had to fight.


  13. wbnyc says

    this is insanity. people are seriously saying that the most credible response in this situation would be for the victims to start throwing punches? why? why do you think that’s ok? i’ve lived in NYC for 20 years and i don’t live on that planet!
    no matter what is said, no matter how many epithets are thrown around, you never NEVER EVER let it get to the point of physical violence, and if it DOES happen, then you CALL THE POLICE. period. what don’t you get about that? why is that not your first response?
    for all you people blaming the victims, i’d like to know how many fights you’ve been in. and i’d like to know how many times you’ve walked the streets of NYC late at night. i’m shocked by very little, but honestly, if any of you out there who are judging and blaming the victims (who obviously ALL go to the gym, right? wtf is that about?) and you’re gay – hey, the next time someone hits you? don’t bother to call the police. that will be one less hate crime reported. thanks.

  14. JT says

    WBNYC : Lived in NYC most of my life. Born here too. Twice in my life have been attacked by multiple queer bashers, both times turned the tables and beat the crap out of them. You’re suggesting if one is physically attacked to just let yourself get pummelled, then (if you’ve survived) call the police? I don’t live on THAT planet.

  15. says

    @TOM H.:Can someone hand me a napkin, my self loathing is dripping.

    Oh brother. The actual real story here is FOUR people getting their asses kicked after mouthing off to a drunken asshole. Not the police response.

    Sorry my dad had common sense bro.

  16. kody says

    I was seeing this guy who was a skater dude. He was totally ‘out’.
    Other skater dudes that messed with him would usually find themselves totally effed up after he wasted their asses. The best thing was, after they were down, he’d shout at them, “You just got your ass beat by a faggot”. I’ll always love him for that.

  17. brandon says

    Some of you are so ridiculous. Calling these guys cowards is insane. Yes, I’m sure the three of them could have beat the shit out of this one drunken man (because they were GAY and so they spend ALL THEIR TIME at the gym. WTF?). And then, where would they be? Locked the fuck up.

    “They should have fought for their rights.” Yes, because kicking this guy’s ass would have led to marriage equality. *Rolls eyes.*

    Many of you need to pay better attention to the video. Three men did not get beaten up waiting for the cops to arrive. Apparently, only one punch was thrown, and one man was shoved, and then the police showed up “almost instantly.” What exactly were they supposed to do differently?

    Because all these “REAL” men (and one creepy bitch) seem to have forgotten, let me remind you that we live in a society. Hitting is not OK. The NYPD didn’t even take this guy’s name. The officers are totally in the wrong.

    Also, Derek is a moron. No, I couldn’t resist.

  18. gwyneth cornrow says

    Blake is cute. I’d protect him.
    But blaming the victims is never a good thing: in a just society no one should have to resort to physical violence. That said, this is anything but a just society.

  19. says

    This is a really sad thread of comments.

    I’ve physically taken on gay bashers before and it did nothing to raise awareness on the issue at hand. It solved nothing, and in the end made me feel like a Neanderthal for stooping to the basher’s level. Cheers to Hayes and company for bringing exposure to where it’s needed.

  20. CKNJ says

    I think what a lot of people trashing the gay guys that got attacked seem to ignore in their headlong rush to call these guys useless sissies, is the fact that the asshole that threw the punch was at a pub where more than likely he had all his knuckle-dragging buddies with him… imagine the free-for-all that would have ensued when a whole bunch of fellow drunk morons climbed into, and REALLY hurt, the gay guys? That is wise? I don’t think so. It’s different if this would have been an isolated incident on the street as opposed to a pub situation. All you strong-talk butchies… don’t tell me you would not have been hesitant to throw a punch if you knew the freak that attacked the guys probably was surrounded by his fellow neanderthals!

  21. Rann says

    While of course you should always try to defend yourself if attacked, those of you who feel the need to blame the victims, attack them further and call them names are ludicrous and it is unnecessary! I hate it when people in comments do that. It was wrong that this happened. The police response was wrong and now your attitudes and comments are wrong. I think as was said in one comment this all happened very fast and they had little time to “fight back”. Do you think they just cowered in the corner with their hands over their pretty faces? God, stop thinking the worst about crime victims!!! What does that say about you? Guess you think the 16 year old who was beaten to death in Chicago got what he deserved for “not fighting back” too.

  22. loiseau says

    @joshua ackley and all with similiar sentiments:

    100% AGREED!

    Speaking as someone who grew up in the inner city and got my gay lil ass into more fights than i can remember, physical violence solves nothing.

    they were assaulted, they immediately called the police. that, in my opinion, was one of the wisest things they could have done.

    that being said, note to all gay men: time to take up self-defense.

  23. Mark says

    Why is it Gay guys TERRIFIED of fighting?

    Why is it Gay guys think a simple fight is an end-of-the-world catastrophic event? A traumatic fight to the death?

    Listen up: MOST FIGHTS ARE OVER IN 10-30 SECONDS. That is because one of the guys usually knows what he is doing and either intimidates or subdues the other.

    Is not hard to defend yourself. Even if you get roughed up a little how can anyone live in a world where they let random people attack them all the time, anywhere?! What kind of self-loathing mindset is that?! What kind of fucked up bizzaro world is that?!

    Pocket Knife.
    Pepper spray.

    Jesus, where do The Gays get the idea they can’t lift a finger to protect themselves? Women fearing rape are better protected than you precious Urban Gays. Wipe your own asses and STOP expecting everyone else to do your job.


  24. wbnyc says

    JT, stop being obtuse. Of course no one is suggesting that. Protect yourself. But call the police and get them involved immediately. I’ve seen horrible things happen from just one punch thrown in a moment of drunken anger. Violence should be the last resort.

  25. walter says

    more revolting commentary from readership === Andy you really should forgot your profits from commentary addiction (hits) and turn this comments section off

    they are doing more harm than good

  26. Mark says

    HOW “SELF-LOATHING” IS IT to expect everyone else to risk their own safety for YOU, protecting and defending YOU, fighting all your fights for YOU? While you do NOTHING at all?

    HOW “SELF-LOATHING” IS IT to insist upon and indulge your Urban Gay Fantasy? To live in crime-ridden cities, under constant threat of physical attack, surrounded by those who hate and resent you? Without even ANY interest in developing ANY skills to fight back and defend yourselves? Without even acknowledging this danger?! Talk about a glaring case of cognitive dissonance.

    HOW “SELF-LOATHING” IS IT to expect cops to be YOUR personal security crew despite their record of indifference?


    GROW UP.

    Time for the truth: if you act Gay, walk Gay, talk Gay GREAT. More power to you. BUT YOU ARE A TARGET. YOU BETTER LEARN TO FIGHT GAY.


  27. Mark says

    @ Joshua Ackley

    I live just outside Washington, DC in what is referred to as an “inner-ring” suburb. Prior to that I lived in three of America’s largest cities. Before moving to the DC metro area I lived in Manhattan for 10 years.

    Contrary to what many might think the “inner-ring” suburbs are diverse, safer and filled with Gays.

    I know the cops should have done more for these guys. I also know it’s not wise to make calling the cops your one and only plan. Usually you gotta make that call AND THEN fight or at least try to defend yourself until the cops arrive.

    What if these guys hadn’t had cell phones? What would anyone do without a cell phone? I really think that if 1) Gay guys get attacked so frequently, and, 2) the cops (and bystanders) respond so indifferently, Gays really ought to think much, much more about how to protect themselves.

    It is remarkable they do not.

  28. Derrick from Philly says

    After all the anti-black comments over anti-gay issues on this blog we finally get an anti-Irish slur…and that aint right either.

    Anti-Irish slurs are just as stupid as anti-black slurs which are just as stupid as anti-gay slurs.

    Hey, Contrarian: don’t let President Obama hear you say what you did–he’s part Irish-American. He’ll kick your….

  29. Chitown Kev says

    The law abiding thing to do in this situation is to call the police if they feel physically threatened. However, given the historical response to gays by the police, I wouldn’t have faulted them if they had kicked the drunk’s ass. So, I see both sides of this actually.

  30. mcNnyc says

    OK so the NYPD thinks physical assault and possible public DRUNKENNESS is not a serious crime but the original story also mentioned the the attacker SLAMMED t
    one of the victims so hard into a car that it was DENTED.
    OK so there is now damage to PROPERTY !!
    I would think that they could take down the info so an innocent car owner can have it AT LEAST
    THIS just smells bad for the NYPD.
    All this bitter snipeing about what Blake needed to do to be a real powered GAY QUEER HERO is disgusting.
    If the NYPD is called and on the screen and ANYONE who is involved should be able to request that GODDAMNED REPORT be made.

  31. DR says

    Good God, some of you just make me physically ill. If some neaderthal shoves one of my friends and “slams him into a car” or “puches him in the face”, I am going to beat the living tar out of him (or at least try to).

    Grow up and act like MEN. Don’t stand there and let some jackass shove you around waiting like a damsel in distress for some straight bouncer to come and save you. Walk away or defend yourselves, but STOP BEING VICTIMS.

  32. Davey says

    I can’t believe some of you are shocked that these guys got beaten up by one man. I recall a story on this site where a GIRL beat up a gay guy and the reaction was the same “he shouldn’t have to fight back, it’s uncivilized”.

    the pink elephant in the room?

    the majority of gay men are physically incapable of defending themselves. They like to talk “smack” like women but can’t fight like men.

  33. Bayley says

    Drek….you have some violence AND homophobic issues as evident by MANY of us regulars on towleroad.

    Your response to virtually all gay bashings is “toughen up fags!”…..

    I’m sorry your family hated you for being gay, and you’ve had to fight with inner struggles with your sexuality…the more civil posters here won’t stand up for a thug mentality of violence begets violence. We’ll take it to justice where it will be rightfully dealt with in a courtroom.

    Enjoy fighting your battles in dark alleys trying to prove to yourself that you’re a “strong gay man”

  34. says

    This is SO funny! My family has never had an issue with my being Gay. LOL! wow, I simply said that my dad taught me to walk a way from fights and if they followed you, kick their ass. Sonow I’m self loathing? THEY SHOULD HAVE WALKED AWAY SINCE NOT ONE OF THEM HAD THE ABILITY TO DEFEND ANY OF THEM. Why is that self loathing?

    Methinks the ones who hve issues with my statement are the ones with los problemos.

    Btw, do any of you even know what self loathing means? It’s like the Towleroad version of “Socialist”. Boring.

  35. JT says

    So Derek Washington cites his father’s advice and….that equates to him having “father issues”? And he’s self-hating? Sometimes I gotta wonder why guys like him bother to be involved in gay activism at all.

  36. JT says

    And, yes, these guys should have walked away from the drunken idiot. Why are they standing there mouthing off to him?! What did they think might happen? And they were so shocked by what he said?! What coddled lives do these out-of-towners live? Don’t they realize they’re in NYC now? Things are rough here! And Manhattan is easy, compared to Brooklyn and the Bronx. What will these three guys do next, jump into the lion cage at the Bronx zoo to tease it and then get shocked when they get bit? And thinking that the cops blew off this incident just because they’re gay has no merit. I KNOW how many cases, where injuries are far worse than this, the NYPD blows off. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for them at all. There are truly serious assaults going on all over NYC and elsewhere that deserve our attention.

  37. Zach says

    And once again, this forum proves how those opposed to gay rights simply have to direct their followers to sites like this to prove why we shouldn’t have them. Great to see the victim is to be blamed for his actions, not fighting back etc. I’m assuming if he or one of his friends had been beaten into a coma some of you would be happier? At least he fought back.

  38. Male says

    It’s almost like some dirty little secret that gay men can’t defend themselves and that by challenging it, you’re “betraying” the gay community.

    Isn’t the fact that gay men are unable to stand up to bullies the real problem?

  39. Mark says

    Exactly. Gay men are “unable to stand up to bullies”. Have any Gay men bothered to ask why? Does it bother any Gay men they keep getting attacked and killed?!

    As a man I’m embarrassed.

    As an avowed “man who has sex with men” I’m disgusted Gay men keep letting this happen to themselves.

  40. JT says

    Well……sometimes we do,though, Mark. I can bring up those incidents involving myself, and some others. It’s just that those cases will never be reported or make the news.

  41. says



    Growing up in a machista Latino environment where one was derided for not being some big cocked Neanderthal beating everyone up . . . because otherwise you weren’t a MAN, I’d think that after coming out and moving to a diverse and culturally sophisticated city such as New York that I would be able to put these narrow gender expectations behind me. Oops, I guess not.

    Just because one has a penis doesn’t mean he has to have a black belt in street fighting. And the truth of the matter is, if someone comes after you like that, you have no idea if they’re carrying a weapon or you are being ambushed or whatever. Yeah, throw a punch and take a risk that you seal your doom with that.

    My personal opinion is I wouldn’t have engaged these guys in the first place. These men were hanging out outside a BAR . . . how smart is it to say “did you flick your cigarette at me?” to someone who most likely is in a state of intoxication? Not very.

  42. Jon says

    I’ll admit, they should have fought back, but you have to remember, they didn’t know whether this guy was carrying a gun or knife. But yeah, if I see some unarmed jerk, I’d do my best to defend myself if he started some crap with me.

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