1. Rick says

    Who can forget his turn in “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”?

    He was a handsome man, skilled dancer, good actor. I am sorry to that he did not make it to old age.

    Life is so brutally unfair at times.

  2. Jason says

    To this day, when I get into a gay funk and feel like the world is against me, I get a big bottle of wine, a blanket, and put “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar” in the DVD player and set it to repeat. I cry every time that Stockard Channing tells Vida Boheme of the New York Bohemes (Patrick Swayze), “I think of you as an angel.” Then Vida replies, “I think that’s healthy!”

  3. Hank says

    Patrick Swayze had a special place in my adolescent imagination because he played the super cool older dude intensely bonded with the younger pretty boy in movies that were basically male love stories: Coppola’s Outsiders, ( one of the great movies) & Youngblood, ( both w/ Rob Lowe) and yes, the immortal Point Break, opposite Keanu.

    In real life it seems he was a lovely man.

    Good bye, be free …

  4. A Different Andy says

    A true gentleman – not a loudmouth or unlikeable. Just a beautiful movie star. There needs to be more like him. Though there will always be one and only.

  5. Michael @ says

    The first of November of 1989, I flew to West Berlin to smuggle some Western currency to friends in East Berlin I’d made on an earlier trip. Hungary had stopped cooperating with the Soviets and were refusing to stop East Germans pouring out from behind the Iron Curtain through their borders…and “hard cash” versus the virtually worthless East Marks was an asset.

    Overall, the only Western films allowed into East Germany were ones showing the West negatively, but, possibly as a cultural side effect of Gorbi-ism, “Dirty Dancing” had finally been allowed to be screened in East Berlin, two years after opening in the US.

    My 20-something straight friends and their circle were MAD FOR the movie for it wasn’t just a romantic movie with cool music and dancing to them but Swayze’s and Grey’s fighting against class and convention to be allowed to love each other was, to them…all the more for Jennifer Warne’s line “We saw the writing on the wall as we felt this magical fantasy”….the story of living behind The Wall and having every aspect of their lives controlled by the State…with cool music and dancing.

    One guy I met had seen it over 20 times, and a party I went to with them featured another treasure…the soundtrack LP [technically illegal in the GDR] that they played over and over.

    “Now with passion in our eyes
    There’s no way we could disguise it secretly
    So we take each other’s hand
    ‘Cause we seem to understand the urgency”

    As chance would have it, I was on a plane back to San Francisco when The Wall suddenly “fell” and many of those who’d seen Swayze’s movie through the eye of hope were dancing on top of it. But I’m going back to Berlin in November to celebrate its 20th anniversary with my friends and remember the times of our lives.

  6. Dback says

    I worked in a movie theater summer of ’87, and I do not exaggerate that I saw the last 20 minutes of “Dirty Dancing” some 30 times minimum, since it was still on after we shut down the box office and snack bar. It was always a treat to listen and watch audiences react to the big final number.

    I’ve always thought that an actor or actress should have at least three separate, kick-ass roles to be considered “iconic.” Swayze had many fine performances, but for me, “Dirty Dancing” “Ghost” and “To Wong Foo” were his “big 3.” He excelled in a musical, a drama, and a comedy.

    A lovely man, and a great talent. Thank you, Patrick, and blessings to your wife.

  7. says

    Another talented star gone. May he rest in peace and may his death be an inspiration in finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. As he said earlier this year “I want to last until they find a cure, which means I’d better get a fire under it.”

  8. walter says

    He really really was good man – I think that beyond his very fun movies was the real draw and why people responded to Patrick.


    Lets not forget that in addition to “To Wong Foo”, “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost” … he starred in 80’s fun classics like THE OUTSIDERS, RED DAWN and the TV super-hit Mini-Series – NORTH AND SOUTH.

    He also had a great role in Donnie Darko!

  9. dctopman says

    I hope Kanye West doesn’t go to Patrick Swayze’s funeral…”I’ll let you get back to your eulogies in a minute, but I just gotta say, MJ had the best death of the year! the best death!”

  10. mark says

    A local oldies radio station with a just barely under the radar “christian slant” wouldn’t even mention To Wong Foo while discussing Swayze’s passing this morning.

    I had kept the station in programming for traffic reports.

    I have now sent it off to memory oblivion.

    He was graceful and beautiful.

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