Rare Yellow Hairy Malaysian Spider Named for David Bowie


The Guardian reports on Heteropoda davidbowie: "The giant yellow – and very hairy – spider…is the most recent discovery of German spider specialist Peter Jäger, who has found 200 new species in the past 10 years. Most
of these arachnids are endangered, and by naming spiders after
celebrities Jäger hopes to attract public attention to the dangers
facing each species. 'It is working against time,' he says. 'Along with
the species, we are also quickly losing genetic resources that have
evolved over more than 300 million years.'"


  1. j in mtl says

    that is DEFINITELY something you should put after the jump, for those of us who are arachnophobic! I won’t be able to visit Towleroad for a week.

  2. castaway says

    This an amazing creature!!! …and photo!!! An incredible honor for Mr Bowie I would say.

    Not to brag but I’ve found 3 previously unlisted species for this little island where I live (not new species to science but new for this little rock). We also have several endemics, as in found nowhere else on earth!!! One was named in honor of the NGO I worked with as a Peace Corps Volunteer. An honor indeed!

  3. Brad says

    What a nasty little creature. Endangered or not, I’d stomp the hell out of it.

    For those of us terrified of spiders, it’s a nasty little image to get out of your head. Thankfully those fuckers don’t live in the USA.

  4. says

    What a beautiful spider! This queer entomologist gives eight thumbs up!

    And Brad- Huntsmen Spiders are common all over the world, including the USA- luckily for you, they’re completely harmless, so your stomping ability would be just smiting beautiful, endangered and completely innocuous animal…

  5. cmh says

    IT is an amazing looking spider. They freak me out. I usually save them though and take them outside.. figure they will eat bugs or get eaten.