Snake with Leg and Clawed Foot Found in China


Not how I'd want to be awakened:

"Dean Qiongxiu, 66, said she discovered the reptile clinging to the wall of her
bedroom with its talons in the middle of the night. 'I woke up and heard a strange scratching sound. I turned on the light
and saw this monster working its way along the wall using his claw,'
said Mrs Duan of Suining, southwest China."

It's apparently a mutation and not some kind of new, undiscovered, stuff-of-nightmares species (or Photoshop creation, though I'm suspicious). Still, I think it'd be 'lights on' for a few weeks after that experience.


  1. GM says

    I call bullshit. Mutations are small, incremental changes that build on existing structures. There’s nothing in a snake’s DNA the simple reordering or mutation of which would result in the growth of a clawed foot. That would be like a human child born with wings.

  2. Dan says

    There are residual genes in a snakes genome that might code for legs and feet, so it is not like a human being born with wings because we have never had wings in our evolutionary past. A snake with a leg is more like a human being born with a tail.

  3. Gerdis says

    I would have a total “come-apart” if I woke up and found that critter climbing up MY wall. The house would be on the market the next day. I don’t like reptiles much. Last week I picked up a flower pot in Pensacola and spied a tiny lizard. I frightened the neighbors.

  4. says

    I am not convinced. Looks suspiciously like the Python has eaten a small lizard and the snake’s belly has ruptured enough to allow the lizard’s leg to pop out. Pythons often rupture when they bite off more than they can chew (if they could chew, which they can’t, but work with me here!)

  5. MajorTom says

    The leg does indeed have a shadow. You can actually see part of it on the spherical joint out of which the leg protrudes. It points from the base of the leg towards the bottom right corner of the image at about a 45 degree angle. That is consistent with the direction of all of the other shadows in the image.

  6. AJ says

    100% genuine photo, but 100% not a freak mutation. The snake has eaten a toad and the side of the snake has ruptured (or was cut by the photographer) the leg of the dead animal that is inside the snake is popping out (you can even see the bulge of the body of the toad at the base of the leg, squeezing out!

  7. Jen says

    I can’t say for sure about the picture, but what about the part of the story where the woman claims the ‘claw’ was actually functional and climbing up her wall? Whether it’s a toad’s leg or a vestigial limb, I doubt it would actually be functional.

  8. Voice of Reason says

    If that’s the leg of another animal, then why does it have the same scale pattern as the rest of the snake? And when they say mutation here, the don’t mean the small scale time consuming mutation of the entire species, they mean a mutation like a human baby born with gills, an extra finger/toe, or a tail, or webbed feet. It all happens naturally and is very well recorded fact.

    Tsim Fuckis is a Youtube user that has progeria, and a penis growing out of his stomach. Do you think that he ate a penis and it ruptured his stomach, or that he is photoshopped?

  9. Disco Barbie says

    It’s sad how all these evolutionists get so stereotypically belligerent when defending their hoaxes… until they are proven wrong. This is a snake with a leg growing out of it, just like the Piltdown man, Nebraska man and peppered moth hoaxes were real, huh? And of course, when the evolutionists are caught hoaxing, they just pretend it never happened. Dueling Banjos needs to be the evolutionist’s anthem. They can go hang out with the flat earth society.

    This is a dead snake whose stomach has ruptured from the claw of an animal it ate. The bulge where the skin has been expanded from its body is quite apparent.

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