1. Strepsi says

    … he forgot to add a smile and a treasure trail to die for.

    Honestly, he’s talented at sport, hot, fuzzy, funny, and courts his gay fans – -even having a gay club night for them — what athlete does that? LOVE him.

  2. david in iowa says

    When Webster brings out its newest edition, all they need to do is use that Attitude cover for the word, “beefcake”

    Ben C takes hot to a new level. I am making the mag cover my screen saver.

  3. mike says

    Um, WOOF! WOOF! PANT! PANT! PANT! Ben, don’t worry about a thing. Your body is great. But, what’s even better is your heart. That will take you farther than anything else.

  4. Dback says

    Ben, I couldn’t love you more if I could count every one of your abs and obliques. You are so adorable, and your self-deprecation and humility only makes you hotter.

    Now,’scuse me, I need to go buy ATTITUDE.

  5. Dego says

    Ben’s a celebrity in the true sense of the word as in one who is and should be celebrated. He’s consistantly polite, humble, talented, accomplished and yes, friggin gorgeous. Damn he is the ideal man.

    Oh and @ Pittsburgh Jeff, nice photos of the Greenpeace G20 protest on your blog. It’s been rather quiet from my perspective. the local media had me concerned the city center would be in flames by now…

  6. Brian says

    OK. Yes, the guy is fucking hot as hell. But “huge”? Come the fuck on! I really hope Attitude was talking about his dick there, because there’s nothing “huge” about him. He’s got a very sexy, athletic body. If that’s “huge,” I hope I can get my body down to “huge” someday.

  7. Bill says

    First of all, Attitude magazine is a heterosexual magazine. They can claim they are a gay magazine all they want but the fact is they put haterosexuals on the covers 9 out of 10 times. Magazine covers are the most valuable space on a magazine so they are saying haterosexuals are more valuable than gay people.

    Second, there is no courage required for a haterosexual to say he or she endorses equality or anything related to gay people. Sure they’ll get a few hate mail and that’s it. The hate arises when actual gay people endorse equality or say anything related to gay people. Haterosexuals are fine when they are making the decisions but with gay people it’s a different story. Haterosexuals want you to be silly, docile and subservient.

  8. Timothy says

    Bill: Lighten up, Mary.

    Oscar in Miami: I completely agree; Ben somehow manages to be a hottie hunk (as opposed to ‘really cute’) while remaining adorable. I need to get into Rugby!

  9. wbnyc says

    i think GALORE’S comment might have been misunderstood. Ben C is hotter than hot, but as hot and gorgeous as he is, Attitude has seen fit to airbrush him. so very wrong! i say the more Ben the better! he’s a great example of the kind of body that people can aspire to, and the kind of body gay men don’t see enough of in major publications. bring it. enough of the skinny twinks already.

  10. Michael of the Green says

    I love it when a guy looks unnatural wearing clothes. Those pants in the first photo are fine, but it’s like someone dressed up their pet in people-clothes. Shake those things off! He’s born to be naked.

  11. JOSH says

    DAAAAAAAMN! Can…can I lick you? Please? Just little bit? PLEASE?!

    Ahem. And by a little bit, I mean HEAD TO TOE!

    Talk about looks that could kill, I just had a death by orgasm!

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