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Watch: Lourdes Like a Version in Madonna 'Celebration' Fan Video


The second video for Madonna's "Celebration" has been released, this one featuring fans shot on tour in Barcelona and Milan, and also that "Like a Virgin" cameo by Lourdes.


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  1. I know there are going to be some hateful comments as was seen in the other post that featured lourdes...

    But she is a gorgeous girl and can't wait to see what she does with the talent she possess.

    Posted by: MissNee | Sep 17, 2009 2:29:34 PM

  2. omg that was soooooo fun!!! wish i was in europe during the shoot cuz i would have been there for sure.

    Posted by: sean | Sep 17, 2009 2:35:01 PM

  3. Before the hate starts - that was really kind of adorable. :-)

    Posted by: MT | Sep 17, 2009 2:40:54 PM

  4. Her videos are so lazy now.

    Posted by: fred | Sep 17, 2009 2:42:04 PM

  5. Lourdes is absolutely beautiful! Who would make hateful comments about her? No way. She rules.

    Posted by: KL | Sep 17, 2009 2:44:14 PM

  6. it was only a matter of time for Madonna to start pimping out Lourdes and turn her in the next version of herself...after all cheek implants, botox and face lifts can only go so far. Wonder if Lourdes has already come across a copy of "Sex" and saw what her Mommy was up to 15+ years ago.

    Posted by: Marica | Sep 17, 2009 2:45:02 PM

  7. Um, MISNEE: I wouldn't necessarily qualify Lourde's performance as demonstrating any "talent."

    Moving around in a wedding dress and lip syncing (rather unconvincingly, might I add) without looking at the camera is just fun-and-games in my books.

    Any (brave) 13-year-old can do that!

    Posted by: Smokey | Sep 17, 2009 2:45:08 PM

  8. I love Lourdes. Her dressing up as Mama was a great idea - but why was Madonna dressed up as Debbie Harry?

    Posted by: ottoerotica | Sep 17, 2009 2:47:09 PM

  9. u can't hate on Lourdes just becoz she's so rich and happens to be madonna's daughter ! she's so pretty and talented!!

    Posted by: jake | Sep 17, 2009 2:47:27 PM

  10. Awwww... they finally plucked her eye brows.

    Posted by: uwyoalum | Sep 17, 2009 2:47:48 PM

  11. Lourdes is really beautiful but Madonna could have chosen a less...skanky look for her 12 year old daughter. Wasn't that whole look about being a "boy toy" and how sexual she was? Not really appropriate for a pre-teen.

    Posted by: Rita | Sep 17, 2009 2:49:29 PM

  12. This video is so much better, and watchable, than the crap original one. Thank you however edited this!

    Posted by: ABandy | Sep 17, 2009 3:01:15 PM

  13. Loves it!

    Posted by: Tralfaz | Sep 17, 2009 3:36:54 PM

  14. i don't think anyone is hating on Lourdes if they criticize her WHOREBITCH pathetic excuse of a mother. Lourdes had about a 10% chance of living a normal life, but i'd say it's down to 0%. now. i'm predicting rehab by 16. the first time. Madonna should have her kids taken away, not be allowed to keep buying more. did i mention Madonna's a whore and bitch?

    Posted by: casey | Sep 17, 2009 3:39:24 PM

  15. Too many straight men in that video.
    Just sayin'.

    Posted by: Drew | Sep 17, 2009 3:41:09 PM

  16. i think lourdes is beautiful. it's also great to see the gays represented/featured in the video :)

    Posted by: nicholas | Sep 17, 2009 3:58:09 PM

  17. oh pish posh! Lourdes looks adorable and I'm sure Madonna will do everything in her power to protect her.

    Posted by: Meadow | Sep 17, 2009 4:39:51 PM

  18. Finally the brows have been tamed!!!

    Posted by: Bittercup | Sep 17, 2009 4:45:27 PM

  19. Meadow: you really think Madonna is PROTECTING her child by having a TWELVE YEAR OLD dress up in a skanky wedding outfit emulating her skanky whore mother? what flipping planet do YOU live on? 12 year olds should be protected by, er, um, being PROTECTED and not being put out in the glare of the public eye wearing WHORE lipstick like her WHORE mother.

    those kids should be taken away. give them madonna's millions for the future, but give them a chance at a real life, not some skankarella's idea of one.

    Posted by: casey | Sep 17, 2009 4:59:57 PM

  20. Lourdes Father lives on my block and I see her often, she seems like a nice kid and he is very protective of her. No matter what you say about her Mother, who I happen to like, they are doing a good job with the sleaze that feeds on celebrities. Much better than the Lohans anyway.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Sep 17, 2009 5:09:33 PM

  21. I thought that was Brittany Murphy

    Posted by: rhydderch | Sep 17, 2009 5:49:41 PM

  22. I wonder if that's the original "Boy Toy " buckle.

    Posted by: Latebrosus | Sep 17, 2009 6:04:33 PM

  23. Lourdes aside none of these people is the least bit funny or interesting to watch, never mind build a video around. This is like being a fly on the wall in a boring drag queen's bedroom. Drag queens, wow - bfd. The entertainment factor is waaay overrated. So says I, and so say my hot gay buddies.

    Posted by: Marie | Sep 17, 2009 7:47:48 PM

  24. Ah, Lourdes is so cute and sweet. Love her smile!

    Posted by: FunMe | Sep 17, 2009 7:50:29 PM

  25. Smokey:

    What you don't realize is i'm talking about more than just this video...mmm'kay honey?

    Posted by: MissNee | Sep 17, 2009 7:57:52 PM

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