1. MissNee says

    I know there are going to be some hateful comments as was seen in the other post that featured lourdes…

    But she is a gorgeous girl and can’t wait to see what she does with the talent she possess.

  2. Marica says

    it was only a matter of time for Madonna to start pimping out Lourdes and turn her in the next version of herself…after all cheek implants, botox and face lifts can only go so far. Wonder if Lourdes has already come across a copy of “Sex” and saw what her Mommy was up to 15+ years ago.

  3. Smokey says

    Um, MISNEE: I wouldn’t necessarily qualify Lourde’s performance as demonstrating any “talent.”

    Moving around in a wedding dress and lip syncing (rather unconvincingly, might I add) without looking at the camera is just fun-and-games in my books.

    Any (brave) 13-year-old can do that!

  4. Rita says

    Lourdes is really beautiful but Madonna could have chosen a less…skanky look for her 12 year old daughter. Wasn’t that whole look about being a “boy toy” and how sexual she was? Not really appropriate for a pre-teen.

  5. casey says

    i don’t think anyone is hating on Lourdes if they criticize her WHOREBITCH pathetic excuse of a mother. Lourdes had about a 10% chance of living a normal life, but i’d say it’s down to 0%. now. i’m predicting rehab by 16. the first time. Madonna should have her kids taken away, not be allowed to keep buying more. did i mention Madonna’s a whore and bitch?

  6. says

    Meadow: you really think Madonna is PROTECTING her child by having a TWELVE YEAR OLD dress up in a skanky wedding outfit emulating her skanky whore mother? what flipping planet do YOU live on? 12 year olds should be protected by, er, um, being PROTECTED and not being put out in the glare of the public eye wearing WHORE lipstick like her WHORE mother.

    those kids should be taken away. give them madonna’s millions for the future, but give them a chance at a real life, not some skankarella’s idea of one.

  7. patrick nyc says

    Lourdes Father lives on my block and I see her often, she seems like a nice kid and he is very protective of her. No matter what you say about her Mother, who I happen to like, they are doing a good job with the sleaze that feeds on celebrities. Much better than the Lohans anyway.

  8. Marie says

    Lourdes aside none of these people is the least bit funny or interesting to watch, never mind build a video around. This is like being a fly on the wall in a boring drag queen’s bedroom. Drag queens, wow – bfd. The entertainment factor is waaay overrated. So says I, and so say my hot gay buddies.

  9. Matty says

    Not a fan of madonna, but Lourdes is awesomely adorable. As far as the eyebrow comments go, we ALL looked awkward when we hit puberty, it part of growing up. I’m sure some of you still look just as bad, so give it a rest.

  10. Mark says

    Ok. Let’s trot out the children and start whoring them early. If Madonna can’t be famous anymore maybe she can grab some vicarious fame for inventing a persona and career for the equally untalented and unremarkable offspring.

  11. S.N.S. says

    This pathetic,warped,obviously disturbed megalomaniac excuse for a mother has gone on and on about not letting her daughter date until she’s 18,doesn’t want her wearing revealing clothes(can you say HYPOCRITE?),doesn’t want her kids in the spotlight,won’t let them watch TV or use the internet,yadda yadda yadda,but it’s ok to dress a TWELVE-YEAR-OLD like a PROSTITUTE in front of millions of viewers??And how will this make it easier to “protect” Lourdes and keep her locked up until age 18???God,this greedy,histrionic FREAK has a sick,warped sense of parenting.I don’t believe she is at all capable of love,except for loving her God damned self.She NEVER derserved to become a mother.And no,I’m not hating on poor Lourdes.God help that child.

  12. Brad says

    Lourdes is a tad bit young to be trotted out in such cheap, prostitute gear I have to agree. It’s one thing to do it when Madonna was the age she did it originally. It’s another thing to dress a preteen like that.

    That’s awful Madonna. But something I would half expect, knowing your attention getting antics.

    Sad, just sad

  13. josepe says

    i’m happy we have come to a time and age where being an artist donesn’t mean anything to anybody, you just have to be related or hang with somebody famous so we (commoners)can worship them.

  14. says

    Wow, what a bunch of pathetic and hateful CUNTS some of you are. When exactly did Madonna do something to YOU that such mean things need to be said about someone who has ALWAYS been there for Gays. WAY before it was fashionable.

    Jeez, I’m embarrassed for you.

    P.S. Lourdes is well on her way to being a gorgeous young woman.

  15. mb00 says

    Put the daggers back in people. She’s just a kid and it’s just like 5 fucking seconds in her moms video, it’s not like she’s drunk off her ass and making porn.

  16. wonky says

    Hey, Casey, normally I don’t like people comin’ down on other people, but you are soooo right.

    Although this “video” (somebody’s running out of promotion budgets) is better than the incredibly unoriginal, cheap, undignified, and VERY badly performed original—it’s amazing what a few “common” people can do to improve a concept—I don’t see where this even merits a second, albeit improved, look.

    I’ll pray for Lourdes with my Buddhist gong, also that Madonna takes her little chickenwalk dance to the alien planet to which she rightly belongs, where she can pick at her crotch in peace.

  17. Kim says

    Madonna says she doesn’t allow her children to watch television, be on a computer, or read the magazines and newspapers. But here she is whoring her daughter for publicity. If her daughter could watch television, she would hear how her mother is whore and a homewrecker.

  18. jinftl says

    The scenes with Lourdes are adorable….it is like watching a young Madonna play dress-up as Madonna. If you are Madonna’s daughter, you probably have the best dress-up-as-mom options in the world! From all accounts, Madonna is very protective of her kids and is quite a strict parent. We already have seen Lourdes speak French, the girl is probably learning the same level of discipline Madonna has maintained (unlike most of her counterparts) throughout her career. The video is fun and the song is great. Lourdes is not 2, if she didn’t want to do this, it’s not like the bills wouldn’t get paid. Mommy just grossed the highest payday of any solo artist on tour for her Sweet & Sticky Tour – $400 million. If this were another ‘more liked’ artist’s daughter, folks would be saying how ‘precious’ this is. It was her summer vacation and she got to be an extra in her mom’s video. Call child services!

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