1. scar2 says

    That definitely topped the backhand pass he hit on match point against him at Wimbledon last year. It also made up for that whole Serena debacle the day before. I hope he wins his 6th US Open in a row today.

  2. mike says

    All, obvious comments aside, that WAS a great shot! I happened to be in BestBuy looking for a DVD for a friend’s birthday and everybody in the electronics section watching the screens just CHEERED! It was breathtaking (the crowd reaction AND the shot)!

  3. Georgy says

    Well, I happened to be in front of the TV at my place, and let never be said that home is the safest place to be, as I nearly choke to death with my popcorn. I could have been murdered by Roger, and nobody’d had suspected him! What a life…

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