News: R-71, Gordon Brown, D.C., David Hockney, Will Young, Toronto


Justice Kennedy refers R-71 names case to full Supreme Court?


Excitement over Thai AIDS vaccine fades: "Now, two other analyses of the trial data suggests that the results
could have been due to pure chance, and therefore the vaccine may not
have conferred protection to people after all. The additional data are
published today in the New England Journal of Medicine and will be more
fully discussed today by researchers attending an AIDS meeting in Paris."



Twins wreak havoc on X-Factor with their cover of "Oops, I Did It Again".


Toronto chosen for World Pride 2014.


Man pleads guilty to 2008 gay bashing in Springville, New York.


Prime Minister Gordon Brown backs opening Parliament to gay weddings: "The Prime Minister will insist that it is unfair only heterosexual couples can marry inside the Palace of Westminster. Mr Brown will be speaking at a Parliamentary inquiry into how to
increase the representation of gay people, ethnic minorities, women and
the disabled at Westminster."


Joss Whedon to direct Glee.


Daniel Radcliffe purchases third NYC residence.


Threats on President's life up 400%: "The Boston Globe reports that a new internal Congressional Research Service report and government sources say there are an unprecedented number of death threats against President Obama — and that the Secret Service is insufficiently funded and staffed to deal with them."



Astronomers find 32 planets outside our solar system.


Transgender woman found strangled to death in her flat in Brighton, UK by firefighters responding to a blaze. Police have arrested a 42-year-old man: "The body of Andrea Waddell, 29, who had a masters degree and worked
as a prostitute, was found just before midnight on Thursday by
firefighters. The man in custody, from Brighton, was held on Saturday night, police said."


Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski used his $500,000 prize to fuel his oxycodone drug-dealing business.


Elvis hair: it sells for $15,000.


John Mayer releases augmented reality music video.


More of Lance Bass in the boxing ring.


Character on Law and Order: SVU to come out of the closet.



Inside David Hockney's iPhone obsession.

D.C. activists oppose phase-out of domestic partnerships, fearing that failure of same-sex marriage law would leave gays and lesbians with nothing.


Singer Will Young guest edits Attitude magazine: "Explaining why he took on the job, Will says: 'The first time I
bought Attitude I was 15 and Chris O'Donnell was dressed as Robin on
the front cover. I didn't know it was a gay magazine at the time. It is never easy adjusting to being different but things have changed so quickly over the last 10 years. I dedicate this issue to the people who were at the forefront of that change by being brave enough to be themselves."


Adam Lambert album to be called For Your Entertainment.


Fashion chat: Paul Smith blabs with Simon Doonan.


Lesbian couple attacked in Brighton, UK: " The couple, who are aged 18 and 22, were walking hand in hand at about 3am on October 7.

When they turned towards the three men shouting homophobic insults at them, two of the men attacked them, punching them both in the head.

Even when the young women begged the third man, who had a large brown dog, to stop his friends, he did not intervene."


  1. ricardo says

    “It is never easy adjusting to being different but things have changed so quickly over the last 10 years.”

    “I dedicate this issue to the people who were at the forefront of that change by being brave enough to be themselves.”
    plus que ca change, plus que ca reste la meme.

    if things have changed so much, one wonders why robertson was so stifled in a sense. beached whale in malibu??

    the obama quote is horrible yet one can bet that there are no queer people in that count even though — let us wonder about plenty.

  2. Eric26 says

    Politeness is not Crispy’s first language, right? Please note that I am inexplicably directing my question at nobody instead of Crispy himself (for added rudeness).
    Anyhoo, go Toronto World Pride 2014! It seems sort of odd that the World Pride preceding Toronto’s will be in 2012 in London (hmm I wonder which will be better) and then the next will be in 2019. World Pride is relatively new though so I guess that sort of explains it. After Toronto’s the plan is to hold it every five years.

  3. sparks says

    Geez it’s about time Daniel found a place in West Village. Finally somewhere he can let his hair down and hang out with his gay friends, who are obviously more entertaining than his hetero buddies! He’s a bold little nut and I like that.

    @ the twins on X Factor? Un-fugging-believable that they’ve made it this far. Behold the power of tonedeaf teenaged girls willing to spend hours dialing in votes.

    @ Lance Bass – I’ve never been attracted to him and I’m still not. But his body is coming along quite nicely.

    @ increased threats on president’s life. No surprise there. Sadly it’s just proof how much prejudice still exists in this country.

  4. jimmyboy says

    Rodney Wollam

    Uhm, it is called investing his money. he is obviously betting the housing market has hit its lowest point and is investing his $$$ on the assumption 5-10 yrs he will make a nice profit as vs putting his money into the stock market….though going up still has a lot of people feeling jittery

    smart but not. property is cool to invest in but…. NOT YET….there is another big wave of foreclosures coming due to unemployment.


    X factor is a comedy show right? Those 2 are a comedy act right? playing up the cheesy homoerotic twin thing with giving a necklace to each other and the horid sinnging for laughs right? Oh, they think they are serious and teenybopper girls think they are serious and are burning up the phone lines keeping them on the show.

    The sun has finally sunk below the horizon never to shine again upon the british empire……..If there was ever any doubt………..watching the twins getting as far as they have in a british talent show provesbeyond all shadow of doubt that the sun shall never ever EVER shine again upon the british empire. The apocolypse has come and the last bell has rang. Great Brittan is DEAD

  5. Brian says

    I don’t know about Great Britain being dead, Jimmyboy, but those two couldn’t sing their way out of a wet paper bag. I had to turn it off halfway through. Atrocious doesn’t come close to describing their “talent.” Painful to both watch and listen to.

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