Chaz Bono Shaving His Face for the First Time


Chaz Bono is one of this year's OUT 100.

OUT Editor Aaron Hicklin sent over this photo and told us the magazine's starting to roll out this year's honorees.

Says Hicklin of the shoot with Chaz (above – click to enlarge): "He's the first of 100 people we shot, our annual roll call of honor, which this year was photographed entirely by Jason Bell, and themed around school given that adolescence is the time when most of us start coming to terms with our sexuality and who we are. Given that Chaz is transitioning, we felt shooting him in a boys bathroom was a powerful representation of his real identity, albeit with a touch of humor. Chaz was obviously up for the concept, too."

Chaz will be appearing on Entertainment Tonight this evening. He tells ET: "I shave about once a week now. It kind of started to come in just like peach fuzz. I always wanted to
shave. It is a very natural process. For my birthday I got a lot of
shaving stuff….Still not anywhere near what I will look like, but really for the first
time I am feeling much more comfortable with how I look physically….The most important thing about this for me is that my outsides are finally starting to match my insides…I feel like I'm living in my body for the first time, and it feels really good."


  1. RJP3 says

    There but for the grace of God go I.

    So much confusion in one life…. poor dear.
    Even as a small child there was so much confusion behind this person’s eyes.

  2. qjersey says

    No diss to Chaz, but that is a stupid pic.

    Peeing standing up does not make you a man.

    I always find it ironic that trans men get so excited about shaving. I can’t stand the hair on my neck and hate dragging sharp metal across my face.

  3. Guest says

    I wish “him” the best but I’ve never really understood the automatic link between trans folks and gay men. I have no understanding of what he is feeling/going through and it’s rather foreign to me.

    I relate much more to straight men than to transgendered people.

  4. josepe says

    i admire his/her bravadura

    is hard to understand the whys, but is her choice, she soon will find out is hard to be a man as well,society(us) we need to chnage our old ways.

    wherever you go there you are

  5. says

    FYI, it’s “him.” Not “she” nor “her” nor “him/her.”

    Using the wrong pronouns is a bit like straight folks talking about being gay is just a “lifestyle.” Just sayin’…

    We now return you to your regular thread.

    As far as shaving, yeah Chaz may well get tired of it down the road, but I assume most of you guys probably were thrilled when you got your first stubble when you were a teen. Same thing.

  6. Dishy says

    Kian – wow I just reread my comment any I cannot believe I called him a HER ! Thanks for bringing my attention to that – it’ll take some time with the pronouncs since I remember when he was born 40 years ago!

  7. Chris says

    Lenad, I still remember when I first shaved. It was Christmas morning. I was 12. Mom said borrow your fathers razor and shave, you’re too untidy looking to go out in public. By 18 I had to shave 3 times a day if I wanted to stay tidy looking so I quit.

  8. Steve says

    I agree that out of our community, trans people are the ones that I can empathize with the least. That being said, we’re still the Queer community and I’ve tried my best to learn about their struggle and what they go through.

    I wish Chaz the best, give him my utmost respect, and thank him for being a good role model for other trans people out there who need someone to look up to.

  9. Merv says

    “Is it really that hard to respect his wishes and refer to him with male pronouns?”

    Actually, yes. Many of us have been familiar with this person for decades, and an association with the female gender is indelibly programmed into our brains. Even with the best intentions, it’s very difficult to suddenly change from saying her to saying him.

  10. Badly Drawn Boston Boy says

    There is some debate here as to the gender, pronouns and how to address a transgender person. What really is politically correct? I am trying to be open about this, but have never fully understood why transgendered people have been grouped with gays and lesbians.
    Can someone even fully explain why they are considered part of the gay and lesbian community? I’m not being mean, or prejudice here – I seriously want to know why someone who needs to physically ‘change’ their body via surgery is encompassed in a group of sexually healthy individuals. I know I’m going to get many of a-hole answers – but if you have a solid argument – I would love to hear from you. Email me.

  11. wo0t says

    That’s so awesome, i can’t even comprehend being born into the wrong sexed body, that must be the single most confusing thing to happen to a person. Life would just never be right no matter what you did.

  12. Haven B says

    We’ll know Chaz has become a “real boy” when he starts complaining about what a pain shaving is. Yea it was cool when I was 13. But the appeal wears off quickly. I can’t think of any grown man who *likes* shaving.

  13. galacadet says

    @Badly Drawn Boston Boy: because, like gay folk, their existence expands the boundaries of what are traditionally considered “normal” sexuality and gender roles. And it’s nice to feel welcomed by a community of others who can speak to a similar experience of accepting and being happy in one’s true identity, even if they can’t relate 1:1.

  14. Joe Marrazzo says

    “I wish “him” the best but I’ve never really understood the automatic link between trans folks and gay men. I have no understanding of what he is feeling/going through and it’s rather foreign to me. ”

    Understanding what trans people are going through, I find as a gay man, is not hard at all. While I am comfortable with my gender, I do understand what it is like to feel different, I do understand societal pressure to conform, I do understand the freedom of accepting one’s true self.

    I also understand the feeling of someone saying “it’s rather foreign to me” and using it as an excuse to be ignorant or purposefully hurtful about my life experience.

    What I don’t understand is how any gay person can feel angry or hurt by anti-gay attitudes because that person does not understand us or doesn’t care to, then turn around and act the same way toward trans people. It’s quite mystifying to me.

    You have the ability to be a better person in the smallest of ways. It’s an achievable goal, I urge you to go for it.

  15. Trans person (not out) says

    Link between trans people and gay/lesbian people:

    We are born with three sexual sides to us.
    1. Our physical gender
    2. Our mental gender
    3. Which gender we are attracted to

    So….if everything goes to plan we should be either male body, male brain, and attracted to females, or female body, female brain and attracted to men.

    If any one of those things differs from what nature considers as the ‘norm’ then we are either gay, or trans. Both are basically one of those things out of sync if you like.

    Sometimes you’ll get both!

    I am trans, but attracted to the opposite sex. So if I were physically what I wanted to be I would be gay! (and proud of it!). However there is still way too much stigma with being trans so I’m not out for fear of how the public would react to me. It’s VERY hard!!!! I can’t wait until being trans is as accepted as being gay is. Hopefully one day it will be, although I fear that will be too late for me.

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