Ewan McGregor: I ‘Quite Like’ French Kissing Jim Carrey


Ewan McGregor was spotted greeting a man with a kiss yesterday in New York. A friendly kiss.

However, he's not opposed to the more intimate kind. The L.A. Times recently asked McGregor if he thinks America is ready for his prison romance film I Love You Phillip Morris.

Said McGregor: "It seemed to go down very well there at Sundance. It's a love story, an
escape movie and a comedy, all about this man who goes to incredible
lengths to be with the man he loves. I like it because it's a gay film,
which is to say it's a film about two men in love, and I think that's
an important element of it. But it's not a film about them being gay.
They just happen to be gay. I also got to French kiss Jim Carrey a lot,
and I quite like that too."

That film is due out in February.


  1. Rafael says

    Finally an actor who is confident enough not to have to say that the kiss was the most painful experience of his life. What’s the big deal? They are acting, right.

  2. Donovan says

    Ewan McGregor is the coolest. He’s always been affectionate with men and women and unabashed about how he’s perceived. As far as I know, he’s straight, and I do believe that. I remember seeing photos of Ewan at a “Star Wars” premiere giving Hayden Christensen a quick kiss – and it was Hayden who looked uncomfortable with the intimacy.

  3. princely54 says

    If you ever have the chance to watch his travel series (“Long Way Round” and/or “Long Way Down” where Ewan does a long motorcycle trip over hazardous terrain) you will find that he is one of the most genuinely sweet guys you would ever want to meet. He kisses men and says “I love you” all the time in a very unselfconscious way. Seems to be a truly nice person.

  4. says

    I love Ewan so much.

    I think my dream man would be his character in Moulin Rouge singing “Your Song” to me. I cry every single time.

  5. Dazzer says

    Yep, Ewan is very straight and very secure in is sexuality. But if you really want to see him get it on with a guy, you should check out The Pillow Book. He goes further than just French kissing a guy there and afterwards said that his co-star Yoshi Oida was one of the best kissers he’d ever performed with. He’s a great guy.

  6. Jerry says

    Oh, yes, Jerome in Pillow Book is definitely one of my dream guys, but that film is so full of cock that I have difficulty avoiding distraction so that I can make such decisions.

  7. British says

    I love that Ewan doesnt give a shit. He’s happy if those he loves are happy. One of Scotlands finest exports!