1. dizzy spins says

    wow, i dont watch the show but i was looking forward to this scene. But this guy is such a bad actor, it wasnt even hot. He looks like he’s smelling dog shit! Is that how he acts all the time?

  2. MT3gkxhs says

    The kiss was slightly lame – not much more than a lip-brush, but the follow up line about kissing other guys was GENIUS! The way he said it was perfect.

  3. sparks says

    I thought it was funny! Would’ve liked a longer kiss, but that fit the scene and the last line was clever.

  4. Steve says

    You know, I’d considered starting to watch this show. But after seeing the acting that guy did, there is no WAY I would watch it regularly.

  5. MIke B says

    The kiss was horrible but the line was fantastic. Ed buddy – you need to work on your technique!

  6. Gregoire says

    Oh please, lighten up, nighttime soap operas aren’t about good acting.

    And the fact that its a gay kiss isn’t what’s shocking. (We’ve already seen that on Gossip Girl with Twink Van Der Woodsen.) It’s the fact that its CHUCK BASS doing the kissing.

  7. Aaron says

    While I’m sure this storyline was used mainly for shock and ratings, the character Chuck is in fact bisexual in the books. And ultimately ends up in a relationship with a man.

  8. DR says

    Did not know that Aaron. Too bad the show will probably never go that route.

    Never watched it, this isn’t making me run to watch it. I’m not offended, but not really finding the scene all that interesting, either…

  9. Brian in Texas says

    You cant judge the quality of acting on this show just by watching that short clip of other clips badly edited together. It’s out of context because Chuck was “pretending/acting” to be interested in that guy and Blair was “pretending” to be shocked because she was part of the game they were playing. So the whole point was for them to be acting/pretending badly in that scene.

  10. jakeinlove says

    Uh Brian. You really don’t have to watch much more of the show to catch that the ‘acting’ in the entirety of the show is poor. Using your analogy. It’s as if these actors were pretending to act – oh wait, they are.

  11. Tim says

    Gossip Girl is the best show on television, questionable acting skills and nails-on-a-chalkboard Rufus Humphrey aside. What I would like to know is what bar were they at when that pseudo-kiss happened? I would happily kiss Chuck or his friend there.

  12. rrr says

    Tim: I understand this show is a guilty pleasure for many, but best on television? How do you figure?

  13. 9/11=Inside Job says

    Who cares. Chuck is as gross as the beady-eyed pigboy Taylor Fartner.

    Now if Nate or Dan had a male-on-male kiss, that would be hot!