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Hairy Baby Does 'Single Ladies'


The version of "Single Ladies" I never imagined, but now can't possibly look away from.

Yeah, baby!


(via slog)

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  1. I would put a ring on that any day!

    Posted by: peterparker | Oct 2, 2009 2:26:28 PM

  2. Youtube might as well stop accepting new videos. This guy has won the internet.

    Posted by: crispy | Oct 2, 2009 2:32:39 PM

  3. Go to his YouTube Channel and watch "If I Were in Porn" another Beyonce parody

    Posted by: Qjersey | Oct 2, 2009 2:33:44 PM

  4. Quite wrong, but oh so right. I'd have him out of that nappy quickly.

    That sounds very wrong.

    Posted by: Midland | Oct 2, 2009 2:39:25 PM

  5. Guess he lost the bet.

    Posted by: Tom A | Oct 2, 2009 2:42:42 PM

  6. damm is he sexy or what? woooof

    Posted by: Disgusted American | Oct 2, 2009 2:43:48 PM

  7. He's sexy...kinda' Arabic looking. I think he might prefer CRISPY to me, though. Story of my life...well aint nobody here in the office but me--time to open my flask.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Oct 2, 2009 2:44:50 PM

  8. the only bad thing is that it looks like a doodie diaper :-(

    Otherwise, sublime.

    Posted by: Jeff in NC | Oct 2, 2009 2:45:50 PM

  9. What a STUD!

    Posted by: GM | Oct 2, 2009 2:50:16 PM

  10. That's one hot baby. Where can I buy him or one like him?

    Posted by: Maverick69 | Oct 2, 2009 2:50:45 PM

  11. moving beyond redundant -- funny 15 minutes. thanks andy.

    Posted by: ricardo | Oct 2, 2009 2:54:05 PM

  12. Sorry, but no. He knows how to move, and that is kinda sexy. But the droopy diaper and pacifier? Not so much.

    Posted by: JR | Oct 2, 2009 2:58:48 PM

  13. Attractive dude, but grown men dressed like babies will never not be creepy.

    Posted by: Dan | Oct 2, 2009 3:13:01 PM

  14. I'd put a cock ring on it.

    Posted by: Strepsi | Oct 2, 2009 3:16:33 PM

  15. Is that a David Vitter campaign video?

    Posted by: sam | Oct 2, 2009 3:19:33 PM

  16. What is with these Beyonce parodies?? Am I missing something that is so iconic and of the moment that it is entering legendary territory??

    Posted by: Rowan | Oct 2, 2009 4:22:40 PM

  17. That is really good in ancreative SNL way. Very well put together and great camera work and editing. A lot of effort in this one and the guy has the moves down pat! I am impressed. Only negative thing is the droopy diaper and the fact I am not into men as babies. But still a great funny video with a talented sexy guy!

    Posted by: Rann | Oct 2, 2009 5:01:23 PM

  18. derrick from philly

    I'm going to vote that he looks persian

    Anyway; cute guy, funny, but adult diapers are creepy

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Oct 2, 2009 5:13:35 PM

  19. Hot guy- but why the baby get up?!

    Posted by: jaragon | Oct 2, 2009 5:29:19 PM

  20. All of y'all who complain about the grown man in diapers are just plain scared...scared that y'all will have to change them diapers, that's all. Well, too bad. You want the cute man? you'll have to deal with the cute shit that goes along with him.

    Come hea', Diaper Daddy.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Oct 2, 2009 5:35:00 PM

  21. I dated a guy for awhile that liked to wear diapers, so that image doesn't shock me, I've seen worse.

    Posted by: davefromtampa | Oct 2, 2009 6:13:25 PM

  22. Jaragon, the baby get-up is because it is a spoof of the dancing baby video that was all over youtube this week, seen here.

    Notice the same leg shake a little bit in...pretty cute!

    Posted by: PWG | Oct 2, 2009 6:14:33 PM

  23. yup, lost a bet. Was getting into it though. go you gurl

    Posted by: Mike Hipp | Oct 2, 2009 7:05:58 PM

  24. Yeah it's a parody of a parody... it's funny!!! Pretty witty

    Posted by: dom | Oct 2, 2009 7:08:31 PM

  25. This song kind of sounds like a cheerleading routine.

    Posted by: Another Andy | Oct 2, 2009 7:16:26 PM

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