1. Derrick from Philly says

    He’s sexy…kinda’ Arabic looking. I think he might prefer CRISPY to me, though. Story of my life…well aint nobody here in the office but me–time to open my flask.

  2. Rann says

    That is really good in ancreative SNL way. Very well put together and great camera work and editing. A lot of effort in this one and the guy has the moves down pat! I am impressed. Only negative thing is the droopy diaper and the fact I am not into men as babies. But still a great funny video with a talented sexy guy!

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    All of y’all who complain about the grown man in diapers are just plain scared…scared that y’all will have to change them diapers, that’s all. Well, too bad. You want the cute man? you’ll have to deal with the cute shit that goes along with him.

    Come hea’, Diaper Daddy.

  4. PWG says

    Jaragon, the baby get-up is because it is a spoof of the dancing baby video that was all over youtube this week, seen here.

    Notice the same leg shake a little bit in…pretty cute!

  5. Jersey says

    I have a cute as hell co-worker who’s fearless that I could see being talked into doing something like this, just for the laughs. The guy in the clip is adorable.

  6. Dave Churchill says

    What about that apartment? The Ikea rug? The supergraphic on the wall? The framed prom photo on the shelves? HAS to be straight- on the other hand, anyone who can keep that sucker in his mouth for that long is my kind of guy.

  7. says

    the ultimate best thing about all these never-ending Beyonce routines is that it totally jumps her shark… we won’t have to put up with Beyonce’s omnipresence much longer… much like the welcome fizzle to J-Lo’s career we’ve enjoyed for the last few years.
    Hip hip hoorah!

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